Anyone up for a Feb meetup in Bristol area?

Hi Sandra,
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Hi Anne ,

Me again I found your message and I have replied to you but I’m not sure if I pressed the right button to send it I hope so .If not please let me know.


Is it near Brown’s?

Hi Sandra,
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We’ll get there in the end!!

Celeste, I don’t know Bristol at all but LottieLemon suggested the Cafe Rouge and all I know is it’s in Park Street, near the University in the city centre. She might let you know more.

Hi Anne,
I have now managed to send you a private message I THINK!!


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Hi Anne,

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Hi Sandra,
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I thought I had successfully sent a message about the location of Cafe Rouge… but I can’t see it on the thread so I’ll try again. This is for the meet at 11 on Wed 25 Feb in Bristol.

The Cafe Rouge is at the top end of Park Street i.e. near to the junction with Park Row. If you put the cafe’s postcode BS1 5PJ into you will see the exact place, also this map shows nearby NCP car parks. There are meters in Berkeley Square very nearby, free if you have a disabled badge.

The venue is about a mile (maybe a bit less) from the train station (Temple Meads). Looking at the bus info on the web seems like the Nos 1 and 54/54A go from Bristol Temple Meads up Park Street.

The bus station is about half a mile.

Or there are taxis of course!

Hope to see you there…

Thanks LottieLemon - I’ve no idea where your last message has gone either!! I’m definitely hoping to be there on the 25th, looking forward to it.

Lesley x

I saw the entrance to Cafe Rouge as I whizzed past the uni yesterday. The only thing that worried me is that it looked very small (hard to tell from outside of course) - just wondering if Browns might be better. What do you think

I’m easy as to the venue as I don’t know Bristol so I’m happy with wherever people think best. we certainly don’t want to be cramped or uncomfortable so maybe if Browns is bigger that is better. As long as I know the address I’m sure I’ll find it.

Looking forward to it.


Hi Anne I have sent you a private message, hope you have received it


Hi Sandra,
Thanks for your message which I found. I’ve now sent you a reply.
Take care

Hi all,

I have checked out Cafe Rouge, it is big, goes back a long way. It is more reasonably priced than Browns, and they are easy about you staying a long time (in my experience!).

If we are going to have food (I guess so?) I can book a table in the quieter part of the cafe ??

How many of us are there? 4? 5?

If others prefer Browns then fine…


No - that sounds absolutely fine to me. I was only worried about the size,(as usual) but your detective work has reassured me. Fine work LL

Thanks for checking Cafe Rouge out Lottie Lemon. I think that there are 6 of us at last count. That is me,Celeste,LottieLemon,LesleyP,Aroma and Marmite.If you think it’d be better if we book LottieLemon then go ahead if that’s ok with you.Obviously numbers may change if there are health problems but we all know about that!

Take care,

Hopefully, can make wed 25th feb at 11am. presume this is central Brisol as will be coming in by train. Is there more than 1 station there? Can I get a taxi? Would love to come but can’t drive that far but the train is no problem.
Please keep me in touch

Hi Kate, that will be really great - the central Bristol station is Temple Meads and then it’s not too far to taxi from there to Park Street where Cafe Rouge is. Looking forward to meeting you.

Lesley x