Anyone up for a Feb meetup in Bristol area?


Great that you can make the Bristol meet-up.

Be sure to ask taxi for Cafe Rouge in *Park St*. There is another Cafe Rouge in the new Cabot Centre so room for confusion…!



Great stuff Kate - so pleased you can make it. Just in case you have trouble recognising me, I am a size 8/10, long blonde hair, and I’ll probably be wearing a designer suit, people say I look very like mme Sarkozy.

hummmm somethings happened to my nose - is this another side effect of bc?

Just thought I’d bump this up so that I can see who else is coming to Bristol and thank you for telling me which cafe rouge to ask for!!
so - it’s

or is there more or less??
Really looking forward to it and just hope the date of my CT scan isn’t then - will probably ask them to reschedule as part of my new policy of putting my needs first.

I think you should definitely be putting your needs first Kate. I’m still on for this - hopefully it won’t clash with any up and coming appointments. Have my three-weekly Pamidronate this Tuesday (along with a bone scan, oh joy!) and seeing my onc again on the 24th so it should all fit in ok for me by the look of things.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Lesley x

So glad you’re hoping to join us Kate. I’m really looking forward to it. Glad to read you were treated much better at your last treatment.
Things are looking up for me as my ex agreed to settle out of court at last minute and I’m staying in my home and it really will be just mine very soon which is such a relief. Just hoping for another good scan at the end of Feb to add to the good news!!
See you all on the 25th. xx

Anne, really pleased your settlement went well I was getting worried as I had not seen you post. Fingers crossed for your scan.
Love Debsxxx

Thanks Debs,
I am pleased but won’t relax until ex has been for the items he’s requested on 21st and until it’s all been implemented and the house is finally in my sole name. Ex is still trying to act up but hopefully it will be all truly over very soon and then I will be able to speak more freely!!

Hope you are doing ok too. xx

Just to let you know I have booked a table for 7 people on 25 Feb at 11 at Cafe Rouge. For coffee and lunch afterwards. I have asked for a table at the back section of the restaurant as there is more room. Booked under ‘Lottie’.

See you there, btw I am away next week…


Thanks Lottie - looking forward to meeting everyone! Have a nice time next week.

Lesley x

cos of train times and prices, I won’t be getting into Bristol Temple meads until 1150 so will see you shortly after that.
I’m also away quite a bit of next week as well
looking forward to seeing you all then

Look forward to seeing you in time for lunch Kate - it’s not all that far from Temple Meads so as long as the traffic isn’t horrendous you should be with us by 12.15 I would have thought.

Have a good time next week if you’re going away - half term comes around so quickly!!

Lesley x

Hey Kate - I’m coming with Lesley, shall we pick you up from station,? perhaps someone can take you back tho , because we have to whizz off to pick up Lesley’s kids.

Have a good time in Kent

Celeste, you’ve renamed me, lol!

I think I’ve found someone to pick my daughter up from school for me now but will still need to be back for when she arrives home. What time is your train back Kate?

What do you mean Lesley, is this the make up madness we spoke about on another thread?

It must be me then, lol!! I could have sworn I read something else earlier.

I’m definitely suffering from some type of madness but that’s nothing new

Hello ladies,
I have just read you thread and wonder if I could please join you.
i live about an hours drive from Bristol ( my son lives there ) and would love to meet you all. I have secondaries in my bones, dx last July and have just finished six cycles of Paclitaxel. Anne S I think you are the one who posted on my Avastin thread. Don’t want to gatecrash but would love to come. Rosiebear.

of course rosiebear that would be great. Probabaly a good idea to pm lottielemon so she can let the restaurant know.

See you there

Will do. Thanx

Looking forward to meeting you rosiebear.

Love your photo!!

Lesley x

That’s great you can join us Rosiebear. No-one is gatecrashing - the more the merrier! What a gorgeous photo - your lab looks just like mine!! They’re the most wonderful support aren’t they!!
Got over the hurdle of my first birthday yesterday,since ex-husband left and since secondary diagnosis and had a wonderful day with 3 really good friends - 2 of which go back 20 years! Strange to think this time last year I was blissfully ignorant of my secondaries and impending end of marriage but feeling good and positive today. Here’s to new beginnings!!
Love to all Anne xx