Anyone up for a Feb meetup in Bristol area?

Glad you had a good day Anne - you’re sounding very inspired and positive.

Looking forward to next week

Lesley xx

Belated Happy Birthday Anne
Love Debsxxx

hanks for the welcoming messages. happy birthday for yesterday Anne, glad you had a good one.Looking forward to meeting you all.

Met up with the white dog today. It is amazing, you knid of assume on this site, that everyone is as ‘ordinary’ as you. When it turns out to be someone famous it’s quite a shock.

So ~Lesley it’s been a honour to have lunch with you today, I’m not often surprised, so that was quite good for me. All I can say is that you are someone whose work I have admired for some time. I do hope we get the opportunity to meet again soon.

Best wishes

Thank you, always nice to hear from one of my fans …

Hahaha!! Celeste, you’re totally raving mad!! Having said that you weren’t lying when you said you were the spitting image of Carla Sarkozy - but I think those heels were a bit impractical for dog-walking …

Bet the rest of you who are coming to the Bristol meet up are getting worried now! It’s all right, we’re quite safe really, lol!

Thanks for the nice comments.

Am very intrigued now about the Bristol meet - so we’ve got a Carla Bruni(as was)lookalike and a celebrity in our midst!! What to wear - what to wear?!!!

Looking forward to it!!

Anne x

Well this means I will be there by hook or crook. I will be the fat bald one with nice shoes!

Great that you’re going to be there Debs - it’ll be great to meet you at last and put a face to all those witty comments. xx

So as not to intimidate the fat, bald and non famous, I suppose we shall have to wear special disguises!

I suppose we will :frowning:

Great that you’re coming too Debs, looking forward to meeting you - and your shoes!!

Lesley xx

Well I am getting exited, can’t wait to put faces to names.
Love Debsxxx

I hope you all have a great meet up. Curious now about Lesley…are you famous??


Jane, I think infamous might be a better description. But Celeste thinks I’m a celebrity so who am I to argue?

Hi everyone,
just want to say I will be at the meet tomorrow and look forward to meeting you all.
I may not be posting on here again, I think I will be kicked off the site.
Just in case I would like to thank all those who have answered my posts and helped me through the past 4 years, although I did not post myself I did log on once a week to see what was happening. Well actually my husband did, he gently guided me through until I got the hang of it.
See you lovely ladies tomorrow.
Love Debsxxx

Debs, Why do you think you maqy be kicked off the site. I have always found your posts informative and often funny, just what many of us need. Love Lesley xx

Looking forward to tomorrow’s meet-up. Just a reminder of the Cafe Rouge address:

85 Park St
Bristol, BS1 5PJ
0117 929 2571

I have booked a table for 9 …

Best wishes,


Looking forward to it Lottie - thanks for booking etc, see you in the morning!

Lesley do you want to come with me or is your chaffeur doing the usual

Just got back - overwhelmed with such auspicious company. Quite amazing. I was just expecting well, - ordinary women, little did I know. I’ve found it very enriching!

Looking forward to the next meet up in Bristol. I do hope others with secondaries can join us - if only for autographs!

Good to hear you had a good time. Mind you, the London meet up of ‘ordinary’ women was pretty enriching too…too cool for autographs…