Apri 2016 chemo starting? Please join!

Hi all


I am new to this forum, and new to everything else linked to Breast Cancer too.

However, I do know that I am due to start chemo mid April, and having read up on the chemo thread about advice etc I then decided it would be good to get a thread going for others like me who are about to start…



So, drop in and say Hi… I am terrified about the whole thing, am going to read up on it all slowly but would like some cyber friends along the way for general sanity/sharing experiences/advice/anything else that helps!!


Anyone out there?!x

Hi Leo So sorry to hear about your diagnosis.  You must feel devastated.  You have come to the right place & some other ladies will be along soon to laugh & worry with you.  Chemo seems terrifying before you start, but it’s really not THAT bad, more of an endurance test of feeling a bit unwell for months. That said, there will be times during your chemo when you feel perfectly fine & can get out & about with your friends.  What are you having? FEC-T seems quite common. If you have any questions, the ladies on the preceding months will be more than happy to try & answer them.  My tips would be try & drink lots of water, especially before & after chemo & put onicolife drops or oil on your nails 2 or 3 times a day & carry a small hand sanitiser when your immune system is low.  Wishing you all the very best xx

Hi Leo,

Just dropping in from the March 2016 starters to wish you all the best.  You are in the right place for uconditional support. I suspect there will be other April starters, so you will not be “alone”. Check out the other monthly threads and see that there are no limits or boundaries to the things you can ask/vent about!

Take care, Mary xx

Hi Leo,


I’m from October 2015 starters and am seven weeks finishing chemo. It seems terrifying from where you are at present but it is doable and there are lots of fantastic people on this site who will offer encouragement and support along the way.


I second Bibi’s tips re water and OnicoLife drops. Fresh pineapple was my thing. Got me through the days when I could not taste anything else and it’s healthy too.


Wishing you lots of luck.


Ruth xx

Hi Leo. I start my chemo mid April! Also terrified and feeling very angry this is ruining all my plans for the year.
I’m 28, have 2 children…8 and 10… had a lumpectomy 2 weeks ago, currently going through ivf process to retrieve eggs before chemo starts as would like children with partner that has none…was going to start trying next year! I then have Radiotherapy. It’s going to be a slog but I think we can all help each other get through it!! Xx

Thank you for all these really supportive comments everyone… feel better already.

I am just really aware that I am going to need the support and advice, but equally I would like to try to get some sort of balance back as it is a bit like the “elephant in the room” syndrome… although at the moment it seems a bit like a zoo!!

I have a young family… so we have decided to go away for the week to Tenerife… I will then start the app’s Tec after we get back… I can’t quite get my head round mastectomy swimwear though… think I will be doing a lot of floaty kaftans instead!!!

All the chemo tips are really helpful… please keep them coming!

It’s great to hear that so many of you from monthly groups have managed to meet up, and the cancer free bit is the bit I can’t wait for too…

Love to one and all and thank you already for the cyber support!

Hi Leo and sunshine I’m starting on 6 April. Had WLE and ANC, 2/24 nodes with traces, 18mm ER+, HER2- grade 3 stage 2 removed in Feb. I’m 42 and have a 13 year old. I go to Florida on Friday, back 5 Feb start chemo next day. Going for my pre assessment tomorrow. I’m hoping to cold cap, what about you both? I’m terrified the whole thing has been a nightmare and I still have moments of abject panic but hope this is the key to no recurrence. Will be lovely to chat to you and others going through it together, love Sarah xx

Thank you guys xx

I hope those of you off on holiday have a lovely time! I’m back to work tomorrow until chemo starts…( i dont have a date yet, waiting for my oncology appointment) hoping for some normality. Not sure how it’s gonna work with a million appointments to go to, but we shall see! Anyone thinking of working through chemo?

I can’t make my mind up if I want to cold cap. I have quite thin hair anyway, so can’t imagine I will have much left if it thins anyway! Really can’t decide.

Anyone else having a PICC line? my cancer nurse mentioned that I will be having one. Googled it and then wished I hadn’t. Looks ouchy!!

Hi All

Im from the Nov 15 sarters and just wanted to pop in like the other ladies and assure you that its doable x the advice I would add onto all the fantastic advice below is you may get a bit down a few daya after chemo if you do, dont worry it passes in a few days and may be the steroids working their way out of your system. I have had very few SEs and if I hadnt worked in healthcare could have worked at least part time, so when you read about side effects take note but dont worry everyone is an individual and you may not get them x

Sunshine I only recently had a PICC line fitted to get the last 3 of 12 weekly paclitaxel in me , my veins had survived EC and a few of those then started to give up. I waa very anti getting a line but now im the opposite. It hurt a bit being put in but nothing major and it settled within a few days no apart from having to cover it to shower or keep it out of the bath. I wouldnt know its there compare that to the stress I had every chemo of possibly being cancelled or delayed because they couldnt get a cannula in id say PICC all the way now. Just ensure you get something to cover it with in the shower ask your GP if they can prescribe a LIMBO if not you can buy one and if funds are tight I got an aculife shower sleeve from Ama*on which works( only needed mine for 3 weeks so wasnt spending more than a couple of pounds)

Jen x

and dont forget you are now entitled to free prescriptions get the form from GP or chemist so dont pay for any prescriptions you are given. The chemo hotline and your GP are there to help

Hi again all - just one more thing to help you on your way. Investigate things like the Haven, Maggies & other charities that offer free massages, reflexology, hypnotherapy & counselling to help support you through your treatments. The actual centre you have will depend on where you live, but they all just get you through it. Also Look Good Feel Better is a great afternoon of meeting others, having a makeover, a bit of a laugh & getting advice on creating eyebrows/lashes to make you look better. They also give you a lovely goody bag to take home. All the best ladies. X

I had my picc line fitted on Fri & I’m on my way to the hospital now for my first round of chemo, eeeek!
I’m grade 1, stage 3, her2 positive, 0/11 nodes oh & will be 40 in May ?
Will keep you updated, big hugs to everyone.
Loolyboo xxx

Good luck loolyboo, I’m heading for my pre assessment today. Hope it all goes well xx

Hi Sarah
Thank you and hope your appt today goes well too.
We were going to Florida for 3wks in April but through all this, have had to cancel - looking 4wd to going this time next year! We have 2 boys aged 2 & 9 who are keeping us v busy ?
Loolyboo xxx

Hi all…

Loving these posts so far, a mixture of advice, holiday plans and future planning and also the added craziness of small people… sounds like the perfect combination to me!

I hope all the pre assessments etc all go well for people, I haven’t had any info on this yet…

Was just wondering if we could collate a packing list of good things to take for a session, it what to do eat and drink before, and what to take with you…

I don’t know about anyone else, but I haven’t a clue and every time I go near the place I forget what I wanted to ask, even if I write it down! I blame it on a double baby brain, although apparently we will now have chemo fog to add to the mix as well… so I have no hope!!



Have a good sunny day everyone x

Hi everyone my chemo nurse was lovely info overload again, but tips she gave me were warm clothes and hot water bottle and blankets as I’m cold capping, paracetamol as I arrive to help ward off brain freeze, fresh pineapple to help avoid mouth ulcers, sweets to suck to avoid a metallic taste, and lots to do to keep your mind busy! Xx

Room for another?  Pre assessment 4th and starting  FEC-T 6th April, yikes! Grade 2, stage 2b with lympho vascular invasion, but of vs bolt  out the blue as plan has always been rads only. 

Hi all


i start my Chemo on 31 March, but thought I would join April group as you guys will be more in line with my treatment - had my NM Cardiac Ejection scan today, and am now having to keep 2 metres from my son ( which he is not happy about ) but it’s only for 24 hrs :slight_smile:  a bit all over the place re Chemo. Just don’t know how it will affect me   Good luck to everybody. Sx 

Hi all…

How is everyone doing? We have all gone a bit quiet! I am due to go off on hols in the am, and have just had my letter through for a pre assessment on the 8th then round 1 on the 14th… dreading it but trying to forget about it l for a week…!! 

I also have a PET CT scan before it all starts… don’t like the sound of if as I can’t go near small children for 8 hours after… could be interesting, anyone else had one?!


Big cyber hugs to one and all x

Leo,   have a fab time and enjoy :relaxed:.