April 2017 starters

Hello, i joined the March starters but as time has gone on ive realised im going to be early April instead.
Ive had my treatment delayed as after being diagnosed TNBC i decided to try to get on a trial. The trial needs BRCA mutant as well as TN so im awaiting the results of that first.
Im really scared, I have no idea what to expect from Chemo. Im also having chemo before surgery and im pushing to have a PICC line put in as already theyre having trouble trying to find veins.
Good luck to you all.
Linda xx

Hi, i had my chemo meeting last Thursday and they said i will start in the next 2 to 3 weeks.  Have felt so positive but had a bit of a wobble the weekend as i know its not going to be long now.  Im fearing the not knowing…xx


Wow LouP it never occured to me that it might yet be another few weeks. Mind you I was diagnosed early Feb so I feel like ive waited long enough now.
Some days im quite confident that it wont be as bad as im fearing then i hear from women coming out the other side and i start fearing itll be far worse than im anticipating.

Thank you April 14 ladies for your helpful advice and reassurance. I have stopped working as my job involves working with violent children and physically as well as mentally im not uo to it but im very pleased to hear Im unlikely to be bedbound for weeks/months on end as my horrible imagination likes to tell me … especially at 5am haha
Ive just heard from the hospital and my chemo will start next week. Im having 7 cycles with the first 4 im also having a weekly chemo but its at a reduced strength so shouldn’t make me feel any worse. Im ok about losing my hair ( until it actually hapoens im sure ) im trying to look at chemo as being an army to help ne fight cancer as i cant do it on my own. Xx

The 5am wake up is the worst! Lol
Enjoy your little break before anything starts, im sure you wont often but i hope it occasionally takes your mind off of it :slight_smile: xx

Thank you that’s really good information. Im going to look up the bandana and hat websites now.

No im not going to bother with cold cap. I love my hair but ive accepted its going to go, ive had long hair all my life but I couldnt cope with the stress of hoping the cold cap would work plus I really dont like the thought of my head freezing :slight_smile:
Hope your Linda is evicted soon lol
Linda xx

I cant bring myselr to cut my hair before the time. A bit of me is fascinated to see how itll fall out but im sure that fascination will go away once it starts!
Ive got my plan now. Im having a PICC on Friday, picking up drugs Monday and first chemo Wednesday. Feeling scared but less so now I have the date. Initially im having 12 weekly chemos alongside 7 x 3 weekly. So itll be a long summer xx

Hi ladies I have just posted on the march forum but as my first chemo will be on Monday I think April is probably the better forum. I was diagnosed triple negative with no node involvement mid January and had a left mx on the 30th January all very quick and without any real problem however the path to chemo has been very Dificult and now just want to get on with it (but not) I am having a reduced dose 4 x fecT and Subject how that goes 4 x docetaxal with immune boosting injections in between sessions. Is anyone else having the injections? I have been told I can do these myself and certainly intend to do this. Not having cold cap and already have the wig ready and i was really impressed with it went to the McMillan center to arrange this and they were brilliant my sister reckons it looks better than my own. Good luck everyone with the start if this part of the journey

Hi onwards and upwards and everyone else.
I am starting my first chemo on Wed so officially still March but more April really.
I too am triple negative although I am having chemo before surgery so dont yet know about Lymph node involvement. Im having a PICC line put in tomorrow and Im assuming ill find out more from the chemo team but I do know im having a weekly chemo first for 12 weeks followed by FEC xx

Hi ladies, I am starting my first cycle on the 4th April, having 3 cycles of FEC and 3 cycles of Taxotere. I have had my hair cut short in readiness!! I am not going to bother about the cold cap either.
Look forward to being able to support each other through this journey :heart:
Take care
Tracey xx

Hi all, I’ve had a letter to say I start on the 3rd April, 3 lots of EC and then 3 lots of another one beginning with T. I’m currently in Spain for a few days which is nice before it all begins. I findi get upset with each stage but then when I’ve got my head round it, feel strong and positive again. Does anyone else feel like this?? Lou xx

Just want to wish Linda all the best for her first chemo session tomorrow xxx

Ah thanks Tracey. Im keen to get started now xxxx

Yes good luck Linda, let us all know how it goes xx

Hi everyone, I’m starting chemo this Friday…31st March, I just recently posted on March starters. I’m having 6 rounds of chemo, the first 3 EC, then the next 3 Docetaxel, I understand the oncologist has to go over all the side effects, even though you may only have a few, my biggest fear though was when she said in some rare cases, on Docetaxel the hair sometimes doesn’t come back!! I went numb! I know with all chemo treatments the hair can fall out, but I always thought it came back! Has anyone else has this treatment and the hair has come back? Eye brows…lashes…etc…?Xxx

Hi all finally started my chemo on the 27th March arrived for the allotted time at 2 but did not go in until 3.30 note to self check next time if there is any delay. Then had two nurses try to get a canula in which they did eventually and she went off to get the Meds then checked her system and said they did not have the signed consent form on the system and I would now have to wait 2 hrs for a doctor to come to redo the consent fortunately I had brought along my consent form ladies make sure you take yours with you just in case. Chemo then went without a hitch I am on 4 sessions of fec followed by T. Large bag of meds to go home with a sort of party goody bag fortunately I picked these up from the pharmacy first and was able to go through them with the nurse another recommendation as it does help when there are so many of them. Really not had any side effects no feelings of nausea just a bit light headed waiting for something to hit all the best to those starting this week it really is not as bad as you think it is. 

Hi everyone, I have my third date for chemo, let’s hope this goes ahead as had delays with wound not healing, 6th April, 3 Fec followed by 3 fec-t, thinking of everyone, good luck ladies. Although some days some will suffer with side effects of chemo, remember it is your friend xxc

Hi Yealand, I start on the 4th, think I’m having the same drugs as you, but I’ve not had surgery yet.  Hope you get on okay xx

Just a suggestion, but some of the other monthly threads have set up Facebook groups as it’s easier to talk in a group, would anyone be interested in that? xx