April 2024 chemo starters

@gromit12 What a wonderful milestone!!! Well done you x


@belle1 Ive had similar issue with pain after EC into a vein, they described to me as if the inside of my vein has been burnt. It’s 6 weeks for me now and better than it was but still painful. I find heat helps and if I exercise it (I throw and catch a ball) it feels better for a good few hours afterwards.


Congratulations @gromit :clap::partying_face: and at least if you never eat spam again it won’t be a great loss :thinking: I’d miss a ginger biscuit though :disappointed: here’s hoping the next week is kind to you, :heart:
@kartoffel you just couldn’t make it up could you, such strange side effects :woman_shrugging:
@ivegotthis01 hope you are ok xx

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@isthisreal it’s sore isn’t it! I’m hyper mobile in my arms so really feel it when I fully straighten them (as I tend to overextend without realising). Yeah I’ve noticed that too - I’m using my arm as much as possible and still doing weights sessions etc as it does ease off once I’ve warmed it up properly☺️ it’s an incentive to keep moving at least!!

Hoping an extra 2 weeks rest for it if I get chemo in the other arm tomorrow will let it ease a bit🤞🏻


Gosh i am so far behind!!! I’ve missed so many messages

So i restarted yesterday

I had phesgo first which if im honest made me go hot and cold and hot and cold again so it slowed things down again but we persevered and got both the abraxane and the carboplatin in. Both were given super slowly but went in nice and easily with no drama.

I know that anxiety is feeding into my whole process so i hope that going forward this gets a bit easier.

Today ive been largely okay! Had very sudden onset diarrhoea this morning and some bone aches!? Nausea has been mainly at bay so far but ive had about 3 naps and i feel exhausted now. Just about to do my filgrastim injection and i think thats it for meds except some metoclopramide before bed!

How is everyone else doing after treatment today?? Lots of you seem to be changing to a new treatment for cycle 4. Very best of luck with it!!


@elle16 yet again, we have the same thing going on. The bruised flesh thing is so odd, especially on the neck and face. No actual bruising but it just feels like it.

One thing I’ve found makes a HUGE different is Kéfir. I took it in cycle 1 and noticed I bounced back but had nothing to compare it to so couldn’t be sure. On Cycle 2, I broke and couldn’t face it and I didn’t feel fully recovered for Cycle 3. It was such a slog. On Cycle 3, I took it very very quickly and had no gut issues at all and my energy levels never plummeted to the same depths. I also didn’t mentally nosedive as much. Cycle 3 has been hard but it has felt like the cumulative effects got me of all three cycles rather than that particular cycle being the issue, if that makes sense.

My gag reflex is so sensitive these day that I was grateful that I lost all taste for a week of this cycle and could glug kéfir without tasting it. Just in case, I have M&S Belgian chocolate milk to glug straight after though and it works!

The Tesco kéfir (a Polish brand on with green lid) is the best. The posher brand ones have less good bacteria in them. Also, I take prebiotics too. It amazed me the difference it made on the two cycles where is featured. Everything was better after kéfir.

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@swk1981 Ive heard great things about kefir. I’m going to give this a go as tastebuds are practically gone although sense of smell has increased(weird)so hopefully won’t taste anything.
How much of this do you take a day

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@pollyanna1 same here with smell! My taste is just coming back at Day 15 of Cycle 3 EC but it went on Day 3!!! I’ve lost so much weight because there’s just no point in eating rubbish food if you can’t taste it! :joy:. Before this I gained 2kg since the start from eating toast and barely moving through exhaustion.

I drink two mouthfuls of it. Then a glass of chocolate milk as I’m not a dairy lover so must mask the taste. I’m basically 5 years old :woman_facepalming:t2:

Apparently loss of taste is a thing with Docetaxel too. It’s funny having no taste though as it rewired your whole relationship with food and I realised that I mostly crave protein during recovery from a chemo cycle. Before my taste went I was quite linear “I’m hungry” then “Oh, I’ll eat toast because it’s safe from a nausea point of view.” This time I’ve been roast a whole chicken and having it with edamame beans. I’m like some steroid taking gym bunny…without the abs or gym habit.


Good morning @swk1981 , I’m meeting some friends today but once I get home I’m off to Tesco for kefir, I’d never heard of it before I’d joined here,

Unfortunately for me even though I can’t taste it’s not stopping me eating , I’m constantly trying to find the food that I’m going to taste or that’s going to make me feel better :woman_facepalming: nothing tastes and nothing makes me feel better so it’s onto the next one :joy: I’ve also found that on my worst sick days I crave carbs , mostly things I would never normally eat, I gained 2kg between chemo 2 and 3, feel like I’m at fat club when I get on the scales for appointments :joy: the constipation doesn’t help either, I have actually lost the 2 kg since round 3 but I think that’s because I’ve slept more and don’t eat when I’m asleep plus the nausea was a lot worse this time ,
Fortunately im not overweight but I am conscious of gaining weight as I’m aware that once I’m full menopausal I might find it tricky to loose it again,
Hope ladies who had treatment yesterday are well and managed a good night sleep, and everyone has a good day today xx


@elle16 I’m with you on the carb craving! I’ve put on 3kg since I started chemo :scream: the team weren’t concerned and were happy that I’m eating lots of carbs. But I’ll end up like a hippo!! I was at Slimming before chemo, but have frozen my goal- and to think I was concerned about losing weight!! Had a really rough evening yesterday with nausea, and even started ondansetron early. Went to bed propped up after watching late night TV and even as a steroid bunny I slept for about 5 hours and do feel a lot better :crossed_fingers: just had some Weetabix to get all the morning meds in- I’m rattling!!! Now back in bed :crossed_fingers: Hope everyone else is doing ok. And someone is chemo day today, sorry chemo brain has hit- so hope it all goes well. Laura xx


@elle16 that’s exactly when I gained it too and it was because of toast and Pringles.

It’s the Mlekovita Kefir. It says Kéfir Natural Polski on the front.

I’ve lost the weight (and more I think) this cycle and am hovering around 60kg now but have been so worried about gaining weight and menopause hitting, especially since I’m now at 6 weeks since I had a period and I’m so regular. I feel like my ovaries have given up and died after Cycle 3. I don’t want more kids at all but it all feels a little sad if I’m honest. Irrational since I don’t want my ovaries and they tried to kill me by feeding cancer but still it all feels like the end of an era. X

Hello all, hope you’re doing ok @gromit12 well done on the half way mark!!! Woop woop :raised_hands:


@swk1981 thanks for the kefir tip, I’ve toyed with it in the past but hadn’t heard anything linking it to chemo. I’ll try anything really :sweat_smile:
@elle16 , like you my lack of taste isn’t stopping me eating so I chuckled to read your post as I’m doing the same :wink: I all but stopped exercising (apart from walking) since my mastectomy in February and am eating whatever and whenever I want - who’d have thought that would make a menopausal woman put on weight? :joy::joy:
Have finally woken up this morning without the awful indigestion and although I’m still feeling sick, it’s starting to ease. I hope I have some energy today, I’ve found this week to be the toughest. I hate the idea of sitting around “wasting” days, it really affects my mood for the worse. Hubby has woken up with a cold… so I’ll have to send him out into the garage for the day :rofl:


I hear you with taste, carb cravings & weight gain this time round :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

So I was in bed at half 1 this morning & up with the lark at half 4 :face_with_peeking_eye::face_with_peeking_eye: had breakfast & meds, & been & got more anti sickness tablets as I clearly canny count yesterday (8 tablets left in pack, 3 days off tablets 2 twice a day DOES NOT equal 8 :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:) & I’m just home having took Alfie a good walk with his ball. Washing is on & thinking off cleaning the kitchen - never felt I had this much energy before with steriods so this is new - however yesteday felt very sicky so meds taken. Let’s see how the day progresses.

I asked about my veins & got told mine are ok & no need for a port or picc line at the moment, I did have a bouncy vein, but they managed to get the cannula in, they are keen if they can to continue this way as reduces risk off infection :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging: I guess everyone is so different.

Hope everyone’s ok today ?

On a completely different note, has anyone done a cruise off Norway at all ? Or any other cruises ? I’m planning on taking my son next year once this is all over with, he’s obsessed with Vikings & I think this would be amazing for us - any tips or advice appreciated :heart_hands::heart_hands:

Have a great day all. L Xx


Laura its this Laura who’s on same day as you yesterday.

I’ve also had weetabix for breakfast today (must be a Laura thing :rofl::rofl:) & had issues with feeling sick, sleeping & steriods, they have make me feel like am heading for a night out - see how the day goes.

On the plus, looking ok for only having 3hrs sleep :raised_hands::raised_hands:

Hope the day gets better for you. L xx

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@swk1981 I’m with you on the kefir. First two cycles of EC I drank it and had no nausea. This third cycle I didn’t drink kefir and the nausea has been unreal! I think it helps settle your gut which can only be a good thing. So, I’m back on it now. I don’t mind the taste - it’s like a sharp natural yoghurt. They do flavoured ones too if people really can’t hear it though, Emma


Oh ladies you’ve really made laugh this morning :joy: glad I’m not the only heffa,
I have times when I can’t physically swallow and I still eat as I just swallow the food down with water, ( what’s wrong with me) even think it’s my body saying that’s enough now love stop with the eating :joy:
Oh well, I’m still on the mission to find the food I can taste,
I’m on day 14 following 3rd chemo and I still can’t sleep at night, go to bed fine , fall asleep but then I wake up anytime between 2am and 4 am and start wondering round the house, do go back to bed and sleep till about 6.30 but just can’t break the habit of getting up in the night , I’m also so hot :hot_face: never had this during the night before so think maybe menopause signs but I’ve actually still had 2 periods since the start of my treatment but no specific timing between them it’s just like bang here you go have a period you chunky monkey :see_no_evil:.
Well I’m off to the garden centre and lunch with my friends now, hope you all have the best day you can :heart:


I’ve never heard of Kefir before will need to look into that. 3rd chemo session almost finished…. 30 mins left of the cool cap then it’s home time☺️

Just re: the cruise- I haven’t been on one but I use someone for all my holidays and she’s really into cruises herself. If you have Facebook her page is Not Just Travel - Lynne and Scott Friery. She’s brilliant and I’m sure if you’re struggling she could give you pointers and help you find the right thing for you!


Will stalk I mean look her up just now, thank you :grin::grin:

So, you show be on defrost mode now - hope today went ok & side effects go well as well xx


Aren’t the weigh ins just before chemo the worst? It’s like an added extra that you really don’t need. I too put on 3kg between cycle 2 and 3, God knows what I’ll weigh by cycle 4 (as I shove a brownie in my mouth).
@elle16 - the night sweats are awful. I had never had them or hot flushes but had to come off my HRT when diagnosed with BC and now they are constant! Yet another unforeseen side effect I could do without x