April Showers - Radiotherapy

Hi Anyone starting radiotherapy in April? Shall we have a thread to share our progress & experiences. Inhad a CT yesterday and will have my first session of radiotherapy on Monday 13 April at 5:30pm. I called this thread April Showers as we will be showing our breasts on a regular basis for a while.

Yep - I have my planning meeting next week so hopefully should have a date not too long after that. xx

Hi Sunflower i start my radiotherapy on April 7th for 15 sessions went a couple of weeks ago to be tattoed!!!and came away armed with a massive tub of aqueous cream have you had chemotherapy? i have been on this forum since Nov when i was diagnosed only through a routine mammogram surgery in December (lumpectomy) thankfully no spread to lymph nodes and clear margins but had to have chemo because i am Her2 pos so am currently having Herceptin for a year as well Love Judi 



I’ve requested to not start till 20th April but haven’t had anything back yet. Hoping to get something this week as its been over a week since seeing the onc.


Best wishes to everyone starting in April (and those finishing soon :slight_smile:  )

Hi ladies, just had my planning, posted update on Marching together thread, and start 8th April, so good idea Sunflower. Been taking anastrozole now for just over 2 weeks and will be taking for probably over the 5 years as it seems they have now found it to be more beneficial. Well, we can only be guided. Hope you are all doing ok, love hearing from all. Have a great weekend. Lol xxxxxxx

Ooh, lots of familiar names on here, hello lovely ladies :slight_smile:


I’m also on the March thread but my treatment isn’t due to end until 17th April (have done 12 out of 25 so far) so I hope you won’t mind if I nip in here occasionally too to see how you are all getting on.  I wish you all well and look forward to hearing how you are all doing.



Isn’t it great that we can nip in and out and always be welcome. And, Sharon we need you everywhere! Lol xxxxxx

I’m a long time lurker but never posted before. I’m due to start 15 sessions plus 5 boosters on 13th April. It seems to have taken forever to get to this stage of treatment (was diagnosed last July) so am looking forward to finally getting it done

Yes going to my planning tomorrow, starting after Easter. This is the most difficult stage for me I think. Not knowing what effect it’s going to have on me x

Great It seems there will a few of starting / finishing radiotherapy during April.

Ollisj6 - I had a routine mammogram on 6 Jan, then was called back for a further mammogram & biopsy. I was advised I would have a WEL & SN on 13 Feb, results showed clear margins. I won’t be having Chemo or any hormone blocking treatment. Only, I don’t mean that lightly, radiotherapy treatment & then annual mammograms.

I wasn’t given any aqueous cream, but was recommended to use it. My hubby & son, who are both seafarers without any tattoos, think it’s hilarious that I now have 3 tattoos, even though they are minute!

Sharon - yes, I agree we need you everywhere xx

Nebsnminty - We will be starting treatment the same day. Please keep us posted.xx

Eileen728, Judithvr6, Pandorra1, happywanderer & Nenya please keep us posted on your progress too xxx

Hi ladies, hope everyone is doing ok. I still keep getting shooting pains in my boob and made worse today because I did some vigorous cleaning. Any Body else similar. Somebody mentioned they still couldn’t hoover? Or excuse for the oh to do. Must be honest though, haven’t been doing my exercices as not sure how long we should go on for. Appreciate tips. Be good to compare our rads. Also, I wasn’t told to start using e45 before treatment, will it help? Thanks my special friends lol xxxxx

Starting on April 9th for 3 weeks. Surprised to be starting on a Thursday, but I suppose I get a rest after two days. Came home with prescription of letrozole and big pump pack of diprobase cream, to start using immediately, twice a day in prep for the rads :slight_smile:

Sunflower, it will be good to compare notes, my appt is at 9.20 on the 13th so just a few hours before you!

Although I am having a full set of treatment - 6 lots of chemo last year (should have been 8 but it was cut short due to nerve damage in my fingers and toes), WLE and SNB in January, followed by another op 3 weeks ago to remove the coil marker that should have been removed first time round (long story don’t ask!) and a year of herceptin injections, I can honestly say I’m not looking forward to rads. Can’t quite put my finger on why but I suspect that now I’m nearing the end of active treatment my brain might start to comprehend what I’ve just been through. So far it’s just like I’ve had a bad cold - some cold, eh? - but of course it’s been far far worse.

Anyway, I’m glad I will have all you lovely ladies to get me through it. Pandorra, I still get shooting stinging pains but as I’m not long post surgery, I assume that it’s just the nerves starting to knit themselves together again?

It’s interesting the different approaches hospitals have towards moisturisers. I asked mine at my planning appt what they recommended and they told me that the radiotherapy guidelines have just been updated and the view was to encourage ladies to just carry on using whatever moisturiser they usually use. The worry apparently was that you could possibly have an allergic reaction if you switch to something new rather than use something tried and tested. Anyway, they didn’t supply me with anything so I’ve just bought myself some E45 and hopefully that will do the trick.

Hi all,

I got my planning letter today. Appointment is not till Monday 20th April.

I wonder if they misread that I requested to not start till the 20th as to not even have the planning till then.


Looks like I’ll be a Maybe baby.

Hi Judith, that’s quite likely - they probably assumed you were away until that date. Certainly I got my planning appointment 3 days after being referred by onc and that was Boxing Day, so can’t see any centre having such a long wait. You might be as well to give them a call to see if planning can be brought forward since most centres take at least 2 weeks after planning to actually start treatment so it will really be dragging on for you.

Good idea kitt,

I’ve just phoned and been told my treatment itself starts weds 29th. That actually fits in quite well with getting back from ‘running’ the London marathon and having a day to rest before the radio roundabout starts.

Happy to now know the actual start date… and I’ll officially be in April showers :slight_smile:

Oh good you’ve got a date, there’s nothing worse than waiting to get appts in your diary. Good too that you can stay on this thread :-). My rads won’t finish until 11th May so we’ll be overlapping for a bit

Got a call today from a charity that provides transport for radiotherapy, that’s next thurs and Friday sorted, what a relief, only about 25 miles to drive instead of over 60. What a blessing :slight_smile:

So pleased for you. That will take some of the stress away. There are some fantastic people around aren’t  there. Happy easter lol xxxxxxx

Looks like I’ll be a Maybe baby now, as i’ve got to have another WLE on 15 April, margins not quite clear last time. Hoping I might get away without another one but compared to some, I’m fortunate. My hospital, Leicester Royal Infirmary has a group of wonderful volunteer drivers who take people backwards and forwards for their rads. Such a boon and takes so much stress out of it all, especially as parking is an absolute nightmare there, even though OH has a blue badge, and we live a goodly way from there. Don’t want to subject him to the drive for 3 weeks, as he had a heart attack last year and has other health issues. I’m still having underarm pain from node removal so not driving much. Hugs to all xx