Areola tattoo


I had a mastectomy and reconstruction of the breast and nipple. I am now looking to have an areola tattoo - ideally in or around London. I would be grateful if anyone could share recommendations of tattoo artists with expertise in this area.


Amy works in Haywards heath , but she is truly amazing.

This is who I plan to go to for my tattoo…

Kally is in Hertfordshire and I’ll be travelling from North Yorkshire to go and see her.  I’ve picked her based on a recommendation by a friend who is a PMU artist (my friend specializes in brows, particularly corrective work after disasters with poor work elsewhere).  According to my friend, Kally is one of the best in the country (and I trust her recommendation).  

A piece of advice I was given - ask about what body position you’ll be in when they mark the area before starting.  This should never be lying down.

Hi London Lady,

I myself had a unilateral mastectomy (left breast) with implant reconstruction and had a 3d areola tattoo with Laura Jane Powell, known as the ‘pixel nurse’.

She is london-based and both a clinical nurse specialist and a certified tattoo artist. I was extremely pleased with the results, identical to my right natural breast. 

I cannot praise her enough and would recommend her to anybody who needs an areola tattoo. 

Here is her website.