Flower tattoos

Hi, I have had a double mastectomy with reconstruction for DCIS last surgery November 2022. I’d like to have some flowers tattooed across my scars / breasts and wonder if anyone has any tips or recommendations as feel a bit vulnerable just walking into a tattoo parlour!
I’m probably posting in the wrong place… apologies x


Hi @vivian50,

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You might find the following thread about tattoos helpful, there are some recommendations there and if you want to reply to any of the posts I’m sure you’ll get some more answers :slight_smile:

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Thanks I’ve had a look but it seems to relate to nipple tattoos. I am interested in tattoos of flowers across my breasts / scars, any recommendations?

Ask your surgeon they prob have a local recommendation specializing in Mx tattoos. Best of luck

Some of the tattooists recommended on that other thread for nipple tattoos are obviously experienced dealing with BC patients and will likely also do more artistic work so it still might be worth checking those . Xx