Arts Project


Anatell says on 20 May 2010 16:53
I am looking for women to take part in an arts project I am doing about being a woman with cancer. I intend to produce and exhibition of photos, art and poetry/monologues. I also want to create a calendar and prints from the photos we are going to take. If you want to take part please contact me. I want to create something wonderful, creative and positive but honest from our cancer experiences.


Hi Anna

Great to hear from you. Hope you doing okay! I would be interested in helping out in any way possible. Just let me know what you would like help with and I’ll do what I can. Sounds very positive!

Great stuff

Krissy xx

Basically I am looking for women willing to have theri photo taken, style to be discussed with each individual. If any one feels unable to have photos taken, they can do a piece of art, poetry or a monologue. I intend to brig it all together for an exhibition. We will sell calendars and prints of the work to raise further funds for cancer charities and to raise awareness…


Would you prefer a photo to be taken and sent over to yourself?

no we have a photographer lined up to take the pictures, they are going to be quite edgy, modern and arty, but complimentary…but also reflective of the effect cancer has on us as women… Show off our bald heads and scars with pride and beauty…

No probs. Just what I like to hear. Honesty and straight from the heart.

there is no other way, is there? Look how beautiful Sally from Coronation street looked amazing last week on GMTV…

hi i would be willing to take part as well

Thats brilliant, what I will do is give it 2 weeks for women to come forward then I will send out a mass email to everyone who wants to be involved…

It’s exciting stuff!!

Sounds interesting. Will give it some thought. Do you need email addresses pm’d to you?

I’d be interested in this - please count me in!

Hi Anatell
I think I would be interested, sounds a really interesting and creative project. Can you post a few more details, or are you waiting for interest first? You mention scars-are you wanting naked photos? (not sure if I would or not…)Also are you only wanting women having active treatment- I finished chemo/surgery/rads last year.
C x

Sounds interesting, I’m not very photogenic tho!! I do try writing poetry… Would like to know more. x

Anna, can I add my name to those of the interested - I look forward to hearing more details when you’re ready to circulate the information.

Debs x

I would like some women who are prepared to show some flesh, but it is not neccessary. You do as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. If you don’t feel you want to be photographed you could do a sketch, poem, embroidery, monologue, maybe even a funky kitted piece. Get creative and artistic. But it has to be a reaction to your cancer, good or bad, pretty or ugly. Be true to yourself…



Oh and you can be in or out of treatment, it doesn’t matter as long as you have experienced cancer.

Thank you for all the interest shown so far it’s brilliant x

Hi there

I would be interested in this too (and well done for thinking of it!!)

Shenagh xx

I’d also be interested in this-sounds excellent

hey am willing to show some flesh !!!