Aug 2016 Rads anyone?

Hi I have just found out I will be having 4 radiotherapy sessions through August, the last week being a booster week. I am going for my planning next week. I went to see the Radiologist today and he explained lots. He did say they catch a bit of the lung and this can give you a cough. I was also advised about the soreness and tiredness. If anyone else will be having their radiotherapy in August it will be nice to keep in touch and be on the journey with others.

Hiya mine starts on Monday so 3 weeks of mine will be in august. I’m also having the booster week at the end. A friend has just started hers and she says it is a piece of cake so fingers crossed!


Its good to hear your friend is doing well. Its the unknown isnt it. I have just heard today that I am starting on the 8th August 4 weeks including a booster week. Lets hope its a piece of cake, that sounds good. x

Hi, I’m Lesley, I start the first of my 15 sessions on 27th of this month, next Wednesday, last one will be 17th August.  Not sure when in August yours start?  I’ll possibly be finished or nearly by the time you get started.  Shame as I agree, it would be nice to go through the journey with someone who is going through the same thing at the same time for moral support, as I don’t know about you but I’m pretty anxious about it.  All the very best xx

Hi everyone, I’m due to have 3 weeks of radiotherapy and 1 week of boosters. I have my planning appointment on 29th July so they don’t expect me to start until 15th August. Good luck to everyone starting soon.

Cat x

I went for my planning and  tattoos yesterday, which was fine. I was worried about holiday my arms up for a while and getting uncomfortable but it seemed quite quick. I am set to start on the 8th August now. I was just reading a forum in America and they were recommending coconut oil. Has anyone else heard about this. I have a bottle of Aloe vera ready to use.

I have 6 sessions under my belt and 13 to go. So far I don’t have much side effects apart from my left breast feeling s bit achy at times. I agree that the most time consuming part of it is getting to the hospital and waiting to go in! The actual treatment is fine you go in and lie with your arms up for 10 to 15 min ( or less I am both breasts so slightly longer) and the machine buzzes about and that’s you for another day. The radiographers are very good as well at making it as stress free as possible xx

Hi Kim, just wanted to wish you good luck for Monday as its your first one.  I’m now 8 down 7 to go.  No side effects so far just a bit of pinking.  Really tired but that’s probably down to lack of sleep due to hot flushes/ sweats all night.  I was terrified my first few times but the actual treatment (once they get you in place) is over really quickly.  For me, and looking at past threads it’s the same for everyone, it’s the travelling there, hanging around and travelling back that’s the worse.


Get the  one over and you know what to expect, also you’ll find it gets quicker as you get into place once you get used to it.  Remember to cream up and drink water xx

Getting myself all organised for the start of radiotherapy on Monday. I am getting myself worried about my lung. At the appoitment the consultant said that the radiotherapy would catch a bit of my lung and this is unavoidable. He told me that I may get a cough with this.  I have read posts and spoken to people and nobody else seems to have been told about the catching of the lung. I am wondering if its the position of my tumour - top clevage. Has anyone else been told it will definitly affect the lung?

Hi Kim,  how did it go today?  How is everyone else that has started doing?  I’m now 9 down 6 to go.  Boob getting very pink and itchy and sharp stabbing pains, only last a few seconds but pretty Intense while they last.      Had twinges over the weekend but nothing like what I’ve been experiencing this afternoon.  Had some reassurance from someone on the site which has put my mind at rest a bit, will tell the radiologist about them tomorrow.

I did it and was ok. I got a bit upset when I first went in but pulled myself together and laid very still while the machine moved and buzzed. It was quick although I did think I could feel something through my boob but maybe my imagination. I am worried because I have not been moisturising and have got all this new cream to use but the radiographer told me not to use anything that I have not used before.i wish I had tried it out before now. I am worried that I won’t moisturising now and my skin will be bad . 

Hi everyone 

How are you all getting on? I am down to 7 to go yeeha. 3 regular and 4 boost… is the boosts just targeted at the site where your cancer was or stronger does anyone know?


Kim well done on getting through it! Don’t worry about the creams. like you I was told just to do what I normally do and use what I normally do. Well “normal” as things are at the minute! As I had stopped using deodorant just b4 radio and didn’t moisturise my boobs before all this… My skin is okay so far although my nipples are sensitive and sore. the older male radiographer gave me some cream- diprobase to try and I think its helping. That was quite amusing a 50 plus man advising me about my nipples we both laughed!  have also gone braless the last few days which I think is helping, wearing cotton tops too. (I am being treated in Glasgow)


Onwards and upwards!  X

Well done Kim, first one is the worst.   I have been slapping on Cetraben 3 times a day, I already used so knew I was ok with it.  Radiologist said today that my skin was holding up remarkably well so I was pleased.  Asked about the sharp pain I experienced yesterday afternoon and evening, they said it was nothing to do with the rads and to speak to my BCN.  It was ok this morning but has just started again.


Sandy, I haven’t been booked for any boosters (don’t know why?) but someone I speak to everyday who started same time as me is down for 5 days of boosters when we finish.  She told me that the the “normal” rads target the tumour site and the whole breast and the extra boosters just the tumour site.


My biggest treat now is crossing the sessions of my list and seeing it getting shorter and shorter. Xx

I had my 2nd today which was fine but feel totally washed out, really tired and not up for anything other than laying in the bed. I am sure I shouldn’t be feeling like this yet. I know you can feel tired at the end as it cumulative but I am just at the beginning. I am not sure if it’s everything catching up with me, I am not sleeping that well since tamoxifen and the hot flushes. When did the tiredness kick in for others ? 

Looks like I will be starting radiotherapy sometime in August so been reading your comments in preparation :slight_smile: hope everyone is managing and not feeling too tired. Waiting for my CT scan date so will let you know more soon :slight_smile:

Good luck Bonsai - and Lesley I think you hit 2 thirds today, so thinking of you xx

Hi everyone,

This is my frst posting on here and I really appreciate everyone sharing their experiences and advice.

I had an early BC diagnosis end of May after a routine mammogram, lucky for me they’ve lowered the age as I didn’t notice any lumps or bumps. If I went after my 50th the tumour would have grown and treatment would have been more intense.

So began my breast conserving treatment and on 23rd June, I had a Lumpectomy - 8mm tumour and 1 lymph node removal, all this within 5 weeks of the routine mammogram.

My results were clear and my radiotherapy is starting next week 16th Aug, 3 weeks and boosters in week 4. Plus Tamoxifen for the next 5 years which I haven’t started yet.

I feel like I’m prepared and know what to do and what’s ahead but there are a lot of different creams and gels people use, part of me feels in control, the other part feels bamboozled and is still catching up with everything that’s happened! 

I’m keeping an open mind and hope the radiotherapy’s straightforward but also know that side effects may happen and think I will just need to see how I go and adjust accordingly.

I’m off work, the whole thing has knocked me sideways and been an emotional roller coaster. I don’t do being ill very well and asking for help has been tough along with managing family members, friends and colleagues reactions and fears can be quite exhausting. I’m the mum, sister, wife, daughter and colleague who supports everyone and has the solution or the right advice, no one’s used to seeing me like this and we’re all trying to make sense of it. Then there’s the fear of what if it comes back or happens again.

Thankfully most people have been encouraging and supporting me to take the time to be well and healthy. Unfortunately a few think if I’m smiling and functioning then I should get back to work, they don’t see the me sleeping on the sofa during the day and sitting up at night stressing. I’ve hardly ever been off work and just appreciate the time to relax, focus on being healthy and reassessing things but then I feel if I’m ‘alright’ I should be back at work and then give myself a hard time…at the hospital I was told 2 weeks off after surgery should be enough and to plan the radiotherapy around my work hours. I also feel that I don’t want to take up precious time of the staff at the hospital asking daft questions as I’m ‘alright’ and there are others more in need of their time.

This may not have been the right thread and I seem to have gone off on a right old ramble…I guess I needed to get stuff out of my system so thank you if you’re reading this!

All I intended to say was about my radiotherapy starting and to share experiences as well as to say thank you as the advice on here is really helpful! 

I should go to bed now…got a bone scan tomorrow followed by a cuppa with an old friend!


Hi Sue & Lesley
Thank you so much for your wise words and advice. The journey isn’t too bad to Barts just very busy but I’ve tried a few different routes and opting for the calmest which is a bus… I’m guaranteed a seat and can be comfy with my headphones on.
Thanks for info about the creams…am getting sorted for it and am sure it’s the anxiety building while waiting.
I haven’t been moisturising my boob as the wound area is still a little red and a lot of scar tissue but have used aloe vera and cocnut oil before with no problems so perhaps will go with that…and a lot of water!
I think an early night and trying not to over think things is my plan for today!
Thank you again and hope you’re all.going along well with everything. Kate x

Hi katkit
I haven’t been on the forum for very long either but I’ve found it an amazing help. I’m often on my iPad in the early hours because like someone said its the worse time isn’t it for your mind to stew over everything.
I hope your radiotherapy goes smoothly. Lots of good advice from folk on here. Only had lumpectomy yest so not ready for my rads yet. Please let me know how you get on. I’m sure you’ll be fine. Take good care.
Sue x

Hi Sue
Thanks, yes night times are when my mind goes into overdrive! And I can feel the fretting hour starting again!
Now I’m starting to worry about the Tamoxifen…have held off starting it and the radiology consultant said start anytime…now or after the rads…it’s up to me.
I’m also a bit miffed as I haven’t seen an Oncologist…my experienced friend said I should have seen them. I saw the surgeon when I got the diagnosis and before the surgery, BC nurse once and Radiotherapy consultant who gave me my surgery feedback as they had messed up my appointments and ended up seeing her before I got the feedbck so feedback apointment from surgeon was cancelled.
So is the oncologist the surgeon? I am confused…do I need to see them? I saw my BC nurse once when I was diagnosed and sometimes get a reply from my emails from her.
Maybe because results were clear and treatment is now preventative that I should just get on with it.
Radiology team are lovely and I have some good friends who have helped me to ask relevant questions and a super gp.
Must be the evening coming that’s starting the the mind off! Erk and thanks x