Aug 2016 Rads anyone?

Sue I meant to say hope you’re recovering well from your lumpectomy…remember the general anasthetic will be in your system a while so rest when you feel the need and be kind to yourself x

I had my op on 8 June, saw consultant on 23 June and he prescribed Anastrozole.  He didn’t give me any guidance on when to start so I started taking it a few days later (as soon as I took the letter to GP and got a prescription). I wasn’t on the site at the time, if I had been I would have held off starting until I was at least halfway through or finished rads as he didn’t tell me anything about the s/e.  Started rads on 29 July, by that time I was awake most of the night flushing and sweating (made worse by having just come off hrt).  Having said that, I now think, the sooner I start the sooner I finish.


just got back from 13 out of 15.  Got the weekend off, then just two more to go.  I will be so happy when I’ve had the last one.  I have to say though that once you’ve got the first few over with before you know it your on the home stretch.  They tell me my skin is holding up well, it’s pink and itchy so last night I took an antihystermin ( not sure of spelling) tablet as they advised and it helped.  Getting twinges and sometime stabbing pains which I can cope with.


have a good weekend all xx

Hi Kim, poor you, I know the feeling so well, so tired but can’t sleep because of the sweats.  My boob also started to get achey and a few twinges about 5 sessions in, reading others threads I think it’s par for he course.  I didn’t get any pinking until about 7 in.  Now I’m very very PINK and VERY itchy.  They tell me skin holding very well though.  Have you started creaming?  I know you were worried about using something you hsvent tried before in case of a reaction.  How about using one of the recommended creams several times a day somewhere else and  make sure your skin is ok with it, then if no problems you can start slapping on your boob.  Try to get some rest over the weekend, I’m still not getting hardly any sleep but making do with lots of lays downs when I can xx

Kim, forgot to say, I got 2 chillow pads off Amazon, pop them in a plastic bag in the freezer a couple of hours before I go  to bed then put them inside pillowcase (2 seperate pillows). I turn the chillow side down towards the mattress and when the first “biggy” kicks usually sbout half and  a half after going to bed, flip the pillow over, lay on my back and I find it really helps.  Trouble is it doesent stay cold for that long once you’ve used it but does seem to stop the flush/sweat after a few minutes.  I save the second one for as long as I can.  I know I wouldn’t be without mine now.  I’m hoping to go and stay with my sister soon for some R&R (she lives by the sea) and I’m going to make sure they are the first thing I put in my case xx

Hi Katkit, Kate?  No, the oncologist is not the breast consultant.  The oncologist usually decides on the best form of treatment after surgery I “think”. I’m certainly no expert, I knew nothing before I was diagnosed, I am learning as I go along.  To be honest, I don’t really want to know too much as I find it all very frightening.  When I saw my consultant for my results after surgery he told me, no chemo, but rads and Anastrozole  (gave me a letter to take to GP for prescription)   I asked him how many rads and he said that would be down to the oncologist and I would be sent an appointment in the next 2 weeks.  I then saw the oncologist who told me how many rads, told me I’d be on Anastrozole and would prescribe them, I told him I’d already started them.


Hope you are ok and enjoying your weekend xx

Hi Katkit, I’ve popped in from the July rads thread - I finished my booster treatment on 9/8 after starting rads in July. I think the radiology consultant you saw may have been the Oncologist - I’m at QE B’ham and was prescribed Tamoxifen and Radiotherapy by the Clinical Oncologist. I was seen a few days prior to treatment starting, half way through and have a follow up in October. If you have the name of the person you saw, try Googling them - I did with mine before I went to the appt in the hope there’d be a picture so I’d recognise the person I’d be speaking to. Made me feel more comfortable during the appt. the other thing I do prior to apps is write down my questions and take them with me and refer to it during the appt. No one minds and it’s reassuring to me that I’ve got answers to my questions - may be worth a try - helps me feel more ‘in control’!! 

My skin which was very pink and itchy has really started to heal amazingly fast - copious applications of cream helps hugely. Good luck and I hope you all have a great weekend. Jay X

I’m so glad the chillows are helping Lesley and a good idea to have one on standby, You’ve inspired me to do the same and online shopping good therapy for insomnia - This weather is making nights worse for me and I still haven’t started on Anastrozole! Pat, I was relieved to hear you’re doing ok on it so far.
I’m still hoping I will have a treatment plan soon. I expected to be joining you lovely August rads stars by the end of this month and not doing well with the limbo. I know I’m not fit to work emotionally but concerned the long wait will end up taking me to half pay - or maybe it’s easier to worry about finances than what may be next! Xx

Simple soap should be sponsoring this site! Thank you for heads up on HR. I will be fine if no chemo, but now it’s potentially in the mix, I’m overthinking in the wee small hours! Luckily my team are hugely supportive but know I’d be vulnerable in my role if at work at the moment to unpredictable nature of the role.
Definitely Anastrozole, regardless of anything in between. Hopefully I’ll be one of the lucky ones with side effects. Cool bath sounds lovely, but oh for a few bubbles! I hope you’re enjoying the same beautiful weather with you. Xx

Hope everyone’s having a relaxing Sunday…how are you all a…am just back from a weekend with sis in law and ma in law…a nice calm change of scenery!
So much info here, thanks so much for sharing tips and explaining things…it’s true… it isn’t an area no-one wants to learn about but it helps.
I ordered a Cool Pillow Pad from Mapilns…will let you know how it is…description says that movement makes it cool down…watch this space!
Hope everyone is doing alright as we go into a new week and enjoy the rest of your Sunday
Kate x

Hi, Kate, I think you start rads tomorrow 16th?  Just wanted to wish you all the best.  I expect you’re nervous (I know I was!) but really, once they get you in position you just lay there and really it doesn’t take long.  There are a few bleeps and zapping sounds though.


Had my penultimate one today and saw the nurse after.  I showed her my rash under boob and also my nipple which is sore, swollen and looks a funny colour.  She gave me some gel to apply in case of skin breaks in coming days/weeks but advised to me to put some on my nipple now.  I am so looking forward to not having to go there everyday and start getting back to some kind of normality though been warned Effects will continue for a while, but at least I won’t be getting up at the crack of dawn and not getting back till lunchtime.


Hope everyone else is doing ok and ticking off the days, (it became the highlight of my day) or if you haven’t started yet not getting too anxious about it. Xx

Well that’s me done.  Sore, itchy and very very tired but I haven’t got to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning and endure the long journey there and back.  Been told to expect skin to get worse before it gets better but they said its held up really well (apart from a very swollen and painful nipple).  


Table booked for lunch at my favourite restaurant tomorrow with husband and friends to celebrate.


Hope everyone is doing ok xx

Lesley that is brilliant well done what a relief it must be. I had 7/20 today def pinking up nicely. I have not been sleeping with hot flushes and hip pain. I got in a real panic today about my hip pain and spoke to the dr today and am having a bone scan and CT, more waiting for results now . 

Does anyone know whether you get help with travel to and from rads or is it just in certain circumstances?

Lesley - huge relief at finishing your rads. Well done you for getting through. Let the healing commence. Since finishing on 9/8 I’ve started to heal well on the outside; inside is taking a little longer!
Sue255, your hospital may have given you information on travel to and from appointments - the QE B’ham certainly does. If you’re struggling then ring your specialist nurse who will help you get the assistance you need. Take care and I hope it works out for you. Jay

Lesley, well done on finishing! Hope the rash and soreness clears up. Thanks for the good luck…yes I started today. My machine broke (I seem to have this effect…the CT scanner broke when I went to be measured up so had to go home and back a few days after! ) So a couple hours after they slotted me into another one. A new experience and a relief to know what’s involved…we shall see how it goes. Am using Aloe gel and Aveeno cream later on in the evening…slather slather!
Sue255, hope you’re doing well. Waiting is so difficult…I don’t know about you but all the what ifs were in my head…a friend told me “a pesimist is never disappointed”…made me laugh! The staff have to give us all the possible outcomes and actions just so we are aware.
Feeling tired… it’s part of it…it’s all physically and mentlly exhausting and we try and understand the processes amd learn about what’s happening. Remember as well that you’re not long out of surgery, the anasthetic is in your system for a while, add the emotions and worry and that your body’s trying to heal itself. So take rest when you can. I got into watching Monkey Business on tv…and snoozed when I needed…I haven’t slepf like that for ages…amd yes disruptive sleep at night but m trying to go with it! Luckily my daughters on holiday so there’s a spare bed I can retreat to…plus she has the nicest, most recently spruced up room in the house!!
They will give you all the info about the radiotherapy and a pre-appointment to measure you for the machine and explain what happens. They’ll check you’ve healed enough as well and anything you’re not sure about just ask them. I keep a notebook handy and write things down when I think of them. Do you have contact info for your breast care nurse…you can ask them about the processes as well.
You can ask Macmillan if they can support you with travel costs, though I asked today and here it’s means tested and as I’m on sick pay and hubby works I don’t qualify. Or ask the BC nurse about transport…may as well ask. Have you got your prescription exemption card…I didn’t know until a friend told me to ask…they weren’t forthcoming with that and it was a question in my notebook.

Jay, thanks I looked it up and yes the radiology consultant was in fact the Oncologist! Hoorah! And remembering to take my notebook with questions AND a pen to write the answers!

Janey I hope you’re doing alright and manage not to worry too much about work. I’m trying to worry in portions now…one worry at a time!

Am holding off the Tamoxifen until after treatment…I still feel tired and getting to Barts is tiring…straightforward journey but CROWDS to dodge and get through…that’s enough hectic for me.

I can’t believe how calm everyone is there…I’m sitting there feeling anxious and everyone else comes accross as fine and dandy…though after meeting the staff they do so much to put you at ease…so maybe in a week I’ll be Mrs.Calm!!

Night all and happy Weds. Lesley have a great time at your lunch!

Kate x

Hope you get some sleep Sue, try and think of the fun you’re gonna have tomorrow with your grandkids and block the worries.
Night x

Hope you get some sleep Sue, try and think of the fun you’re gonna have tomorrow with your grandkids.
Night x

Ooops… posted that twice! Falling asleep with fingers on the keys…not a good idea!
Have a good day everyone :slight_smile:

Goodmorning all,


So relieved I didn’t have to do the long journey this morning.   Sue, ask about travel, I was very lucky, my local health authority arranged travel for everyone, regardless of their financial circumstances as the nearest place that did rads was a long distance away.  I got picked up every morning in a car, and most days travelled with the same two people which as great as we supported each and became good friends (one was also a BC lady and one a prostate man).


Kim, I hope your hip is just a temporary thing, youve got enough on your plate at the moment without something else to give you pain.  Really hoping things improve for you xx


Kate, can’t believe your machine broke!  Think that would have put into a real panic.  I found the first few times scary enough at it was.


i was hoping that I would get a better nights sleep las night due to the relief that it was all over, but no, the draped flushes and throbbing good made sure I didn’t.  Still I did enjoy laying there this morning knowing I had a nice lunch to look forward instead of rads.


Jay, glad to hear outside healing well, just hope inside starts to catch up.  Keep us posted xx

Afternoon everyone!!


Only one more left!!! Hurray. Well done getting to the end Lesley you must be so pleased! I can’t wait to have a nice lie in on Friday I think it’s going to be raining so good excuse for a lazy day. I am feeling pretty tired at the moment so can’t really believe I can get any more tired but I’m sure I will from what I have heard… I had my breast review yesterday which went well said my skin is very good it’s just a bit red and expect it to get redder… My nipples though are still sensitive and sore so slapping on the cream and not wearing a bra. She also asked how I was getting on with the tamoxifen which I started before rads and touch wood apart from feeling very warm every now and then I’ve been okay. Im almost at 60 days. My heart goes out to you all suffering the flushes. 


 I also learned I was okay to have any massage I want which I was delighted to hear as my breast care nurse had advised against anything other than a head massage. There is so much conflicting advice! What has everyone been advised? I am looking forward to getting back to swimming once my skin clears and am definitely going to book a spa day (or two lol) once I have recovered.  I think we are to avoid the sun though until skin clears? 

  Have a great day xxx