Aug 2016 Rads anyone?

Thanks Kate. After a visit from friends and colleagues today. I’ve been convinced to stand down all work worries and just stay away from the office. They are a lovely bunch. Lesley, I’m so glad you’re all done and I hope that lunch included a large bottle of wine. I think the tiredness is creeping up on me, visiting family’s care has left me exhausted!! Sue I’m hoping we may get to start rads at the same time and can draw on you August mob’s wisdom! Xx

Still waiting on my results too, so hopefully will hear soon. I think the postie is worried I have a crush on him, as I open the door waiting for my oncology appointment every day! I have bandages off on Fri, so hoping to know more then when I see the BC nurse. I had made a cut flower bed this year, but they haven’t made it indoors yet. People have been incredibly lovely. I’m worried the family will get used to curries, cakes and cookies deliveries! Xx

Well Sandy, hopefully by now you will have finished your last one, congratulations and well done it’s a wonderful feeling isn’t it?  Enjoy your lay in tomorrow.


i enjoyed my celebratory lunch yesterday but was glad to get home and air the boob.  Even though I had to go out braless I was still very uncomfortable and even a soft cotton camisole chaffed.  I felt exhausted when I got home and felt unwell later (two large glasses of wine may have contributed to that).  Today is not much better, bit of post rad blues kicked in.  Strange itching feeling under the skin in my scalp at back of head has been bothering me the last week or so and gradually getting worse, not sure it’s it’s anything to to with the Anastrozole, or am I becoming a hypochondriac?


i was going to go into town for a mooch round the shops today but felt too tired and low.  Think maybe I’ll leave  it for a while.


Anyway,  that’s enough whinging from me (here is the only place I feel free to have a good whine) I hope everyone is coping ok, if not come on here and join me in the moaning xx

I think I’ve commented on the wrong thread! Hope you’re all doing much better today. I’m thinking no more painkillers other than a G&T today - I hear quinine maybe good for hot flushes …

Hope you enjoyed your calorie free afternoon tea Sue and are feeling ok xx

Hi and I hope everyone’s having a nice weekend. Hve hd a walk to my allotment today…it’s my little sanctuary and lovely fresh beans, cucumber, cabbage and broccolli. Oh and apples. Luckily hubby came down shortly after to catry it all home! Cabbage is blanched and in the freezer…beans were for dinner and apples will be blanched for future use…apple pie/sauce/crumble…
I’m 4 treatments in and have to say by Friday I was really tired, like in my limbs heavy and tired. Though the journey in is a bit hectic/busy, the treatment itself is quick, after the qst which they go through everything and make I was yawning all day on day 2. The radiologist said even though it doesn’t seem like much is happening and it’s quick, the body is really working hard so it’s all normal. They were really sweet and changed a couple of the times for me as I started a yoga class on Fridays and there was a clash so I have all my times set which helps if I feel like seeing people and also have a formal sickness review meeting at work to sort out…blehhh…
I’ve been using Aloe Gel, from Holland and Barret…currently buy1 get 1 half price. It seems to be working fine for me and had used it before. If anyone gets it just check as there are a few aloe gel mixes…I went for the double strength with nothing else in it. Have then used organic coconut oil in the evening.
Deodorant wise I went for the Body Shop…no perfume, aluminium etc though not using on my right side during treatment…but have slapped a bit of coconut on instead.

I’m going to tuck myself up and have a read and hope the weathers alright for a stroll tomorrow. Am finding it very easy to just sit and mope or get frustrated at the things I want to do but don’t have the physical energy or strenth for …am still having moments of trying to strike the balance of taking it easy but not seizing up and going into a flump! I don’t know how everyone else is but I feel there are days when I feel in control and others where I just think WHAT to everything that has happened in such a short space of time…
Good to hear about everyone else and hope some of the stuff I’m saying is useful to others and am not coming accross and a winge-bag… I know I appreciate hearing how everyone’s doing so again thank you all.
Right now where’s that remote control for a good film to put on…
Night all Kate x

Maybe we should start a thread on what to do with vegetable gluts?! It’s cucumbergeddon here …

Hahaaaa…yes my neighbours have been getting lots of gifts. One friend told me you can pickle them…though I don’t find that appealing. I’ve done a bit of cucumber crowd control eating little ones fresh off the plant. One allotment pal picked 72 the other day…
Actually could probably make a refreshing soothing skin pack, also slices laid on the eyes refreshes and soothes. I’ll see if I can find a recipe as it’s very cooling on the skin! May try some later!
Sue I got the coconut oil online from, there’s different sizes and I started with a small tub to see how it was. Go for the organic virgin cocnut oil. You can get similar in health food shops but I buy essential oils from this place and always get quick delivery and good quality products. Am going to experimen making deodorant and soap powder…keeps me busy!!
Hope everyone has a good Sunday
Kate x

Hello ladies, well you all put me to shame, busy working on your gardens/allotments and baking while I’ve been moping about!  


Puce boob has now gone back to red thankfully but rash underneath and cleavage no better and poor nip is still massive and throbbing, stabbing pains continue, but there’s a limit to how much whinging I can do (even on here). Think I’ll have to call my BCN for some advice.  I’ve only seen her once and that was when the consultant gave me the diagnoses so it’s about time I called her.  Will try to hold off until Tuesday though as its my birthday tomorrow and although only got a quiet lunch with husband planned I certainly don’t want a visit to the breast clinic to spoil the day.  The strange itching sensation under my scalp is much improved since I’ve started taking the antihistamine tablets regularly so that’s one positive.  


I hope everyone going through their rads at the moment are doing ok and enjoying ticking the sessions off the list and watching it get shorter, and those finished are healing well xx


Hi Lesley,
I would definitely get in touch woth BCN, they are there for you. Do you have a drop in clinic there, Barts have one for anyone wants to be seen without an appointment.
I hope it eases up and you get some relief.

Not really doing much at the allotmemt…a nice walk and making a to-do list; one of my sons has become passionate about it so am very lucky he does a lot of the hard work. I get as far as picking cucumbers and beans and sitting in the shade!

Happy birthday for tomorrow as well, enjoy your lunch xx

Enjoy your birthday tomorrow Lesley and I hope BC nurse can help, although I know you’re at a distance from hospital. I shall raise a glass of my favourite cucumber recipe (thinly sliced over ice and gin with tonic!) to you. I should add I was lucky to get the veg planting done before my diagnosis and now I just dish out orders for picking!! Xx

No Kate, no drop in, but a few days after my surgery I had a seroma and rung my BCN and left a message on her answerphone, one of her colleagues rang me back and told me to go to breast clinic and said they would fit me in for draining.  Had to wait 3hours but that’s not so  bad.  It did come back but it was close to when I was seeing consultant for results so waited and he drained it  again.  Janey, it’s not where I had to go for rads it’s my local hospital fortunately.  Still going to try to wait it out until Tuesday though, really do not want to got to hospital in my birthday.  Thank you for birthday wishes, won’t be one of my best ones but at least I’ve finished rads, that’s a huge bonus xx

Lesley you poor thing it’s sounds very sore. I hope it settles soon. I am having my 11th / 20 tomorrow, boob has a rash but not too sore at the moment. I am plastering on the aveno cream. I am also having a CT scan tomorrow so nervous about that. 

Good luck with scan Kim, and well done, over half way with rads.  Keep us posted with results of scan.  Glad you’ve found a cream that suits you xx

Happy happy birthday Lesley. Enjoy your lunch out and hoping you get a good night’s sleep later, as a special present!! Xx

Thank you Janey.  Change of plans, we ended up having brunch with some friends then hit the shops to spend some of my birthday money from my husband (new TK Max just opened in town) then I was was so tired we came home and I had an old lady nap, got a better sleep than I do at night!  Just had a takeaway and a couple of glasses of wine.  Decided not to ring BCN but go to GP early in the morning and get an on the day appointment instead as will probably need a prescription for the rash which is getting worse.  Nipple doesent seem as painful tonight but that could be down to the wine.  Hope you’re doing ok and enjoying your cucumbers xx

Morning glories! Lesley that sounds like a perfect birthday and I hope you spent frivolously! I’m off to our local cancer support charity today for my first group. I rang yesterday to see if it was worth going without a treatment plan but was told yes. I’m gong to choose my alternative therapy treat wisely but not look at the wigs just yet! Kate, do you think they would think me off if I turned up with lots of cucumbers?!
I’m beginning to feel mighty fed up with the wait, although I have finally got a date for an oncologist of 2nd September. I spoke with my GP yesterday who has had a copy of a letter suggesting chemo rather than the Oncotype and you lovely people are the only ones who know. I don’t want to say it out loud at home. Yesterday an additional woomph, as my oldest friend chased up her 3 year mammogram on the back of mine, had it last week and was recalled for today. Sleep wasn’t my friend last night but I shall look forward to what my Mum calls a “Nanna nap” later! Kate hold onto that idea for a cucumber boob mask - on the back of another thread, if you could make it for big boobs, it would be snapped up! Xx

I think a cucumber mask for boobs sounds good. I raided our cucumber this afternoon for my eyes as didn’t get much sleep and laid on the bed with slices over my eyes!! Back at work this eve after op. Bit apprehensive but should be ok. Just that my do is is on Thursday at mo. Hope everyone’s had a good day. Glad we can giggle too on here even if it’s about big bras and an overdose of cucumbers!! Xx

Sorry meant focus is on Thursday! See what I mean.

Good evening cucumber ladies,  oh Janey, that is not what what you wanted to hear!  Still, it’s not definate yet is it?  That’s the worse though, you just have to go along with what they say and just sit or lay there while they do things to you and take the control away from you.


Well, went to the doctors this morning, got there as they opened the doors and asked for an on the day appointment, got booked in with the specialist nurse.  As someone on here said, they don’t know anything about RT, poor lady nearly passed out when she saw my boob.  She said, oh your so burnt.  Told her, not bothered about the burning, it’s the rash and the swollen nipple which has a greenish hue I’m bothered about. In the end she asked a doctor to look.  Got a prescription for canestan for rash and assurance that nipple is not infected.  The good news is, consultant sent results of bone scan through and although some thinning nothing major, been prescribed vit d and calcium tablets twice a day and another scan in 2 years.


Hope everyone else is doing ok xx