Been hit by a bus again


as some of you know iv been dx with breast cancer… i had the lump removed on the 13th of may and 4 lymph node out …was ment to start chemo on the 10th of june… went to see doc to day for check up after opp and to have boob drained…

I was told today that the opp went well but because of the tuma was so big to what it looked like on the scans and mamo that it would be in my best intrest to have a mastectomy and have all my lymph node’s taken out …this was a blow to me once again…
he did say that this was up to me weather i did go ahead with this…

as he think’s this will be a better out come… i said straight away that if he think’s this is best then go ahead and do the opp…

even tho i was crushed …also i had 2 tumur’s that grew into 1 . invasive lobula carcinoma and invasive ductal carcinoma this was a smack in the head to …

i have to have my opp next wednesday… so not looking forward to feeling crap again…
i’m so fed up

sal x

So sorry to hear that you are facing more surgery. I hope it goes well.

Having two tumur’s that were diferant ?? is this bad or has some one else had this before ???

This is really hard news for you, I reaaly hope it goes well next week and will be thinking of you lots.

Big hugs

Oh petal, thats just sooooooooooo pants! Thinking of you and sending you a big hug!

Ali x

so sorry to hear you have to have another op Sal but at least it will be done soon. best of luck for Wednesday - don’t forget the ear plugs!!

I don’t know how common the two tumours bit is … i had invasive lobular but the full path of it showed lots of precancerous changes of both lobular and ductal types. I had mastectomy and first tier nodes removed and it’s been ok - full arm movement back the day of the op etc

Take care

Jen x

Thinking of you Sal - the ‘knowing’ about surgery is worse than the not knowing…
It’ll be fine though…
I had widespread high grade DCIS, then at an MRI scan they found another dodgy area which was biopsied and turned out to be IBC grade 3 … so that’s 2 types of tumour - the DCIS is non invasive of course. When I got my results back they tld me my tumour was 1.1cm whereas on scan they said it was 2.6cm. I asked about this too, and they said that the pathologist gets a ‘whole breast’ in fromt of him and uses the MRI and ultrasound scans to find the tumours… so it is actually possible that I had a third same as the second - though they say it’s unlikely, and it doesn’t really matter as all the tissue went in the mastectomy.

Any chance of immed. recon for you?? or you not interssted or it’s not available??

I had immed recon - it’s a struggle - I’m SO knackered - but worth it I hope!

good luck, thinking of you
Td xxx

Hi Sal
That’s a shame… I feel for you, I really do.
I had a mast 18 days ago, and Im feeling okish now. I lot better than I had thought I would.
I just hope that its all gone now.

And that’s maybe how you should look at it - that it will be gone.
I just keep trying to look ahead past my op… then past my results… and past my chemo (if I need it)… just to keep ahead of it and not let it drag me down.
It’s hard, and I have bad days too - we all do.
Be strong, Sal, and just keep looking ahead.
Lisa X

Hi Sal

moving goalposts is always awful as it is just so upsetting

There is another lady on here who was told she has to have a mascetomy when she least expected it - and it was obviously as upsetting for her

you must have gone in thinking you’d got your head round one thing and then been completely gob-smacked by what they said …I think you did really well to take it all in and then agree to go ahead all in one go!

From what you’ve said I would have made the same decision

Right now it must feel like all bad news but you have to remember that “thank goodness they’ve found it and are doing something about it”

We’re all stuck in the same boat on here in that we can only move forward from where we are now … we can’t chose to start where we want - and whatever plans are made are always subject to our ever changing circumstances … that’s the hardest thing as we all want all the answers now and to just get it over with and sadly that’s the one thing we can’t have near the beginning

it’s an emotional nightmare but just take it one step at a time - that’s what I do … forget the chemo for now and focus on getting through the surgery … I find breaking it down into tiny chunks works best for me …when I start thinking of the big picture it it all gets overwhelming …

good luck and we are all thinking of you
big hug>>>>> love FB xxx

I was diagnosed with Breast cancer 2 days ago. I am to have surgery on June 13 a lumpectomy. I still physically hurt from the biopsy. The 2 people that I have told, now treat me like, I received a death sentence. My mother has been sending her friends over to my house, to check on me.
Are you feeling alright? I’m already sick of hearing this. All I want to do is be alone. I already feel like a spectacle. Doctors probing, Mother worrying me. Husband walking on tiptoes. All I want is my normal life back.

Hi Sal

I was originally offered a wle or mastectomy to remove one lump but I also had a cyst about 3cm away from this. I went back a week later after deciding on the wle, in the meantime the results from what had been drained from the cyst had came back. it was cancerous so the surgeon recomended a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction as the overall distance between the two areas was much larger. It was a massive shock as the decision had in my eyes been taken away from me. I am quite at peace with it now, I keep telling myself that I really don’t need it it’s not an arm or a foot or anything I can still function without it.

Have you been offered immediate reconstruction. Am having my op the same day as you so will be thinking about you.

Lots of love hugs and kisses



Hi Sal,
That is pants news honey but I suppose it is for the best. I had to have 2 ops although not as severe as your next one but you can do this.

My thoughts are with you.


Hi Deeladybird117

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care forums. I am sure you will get lots of help and advice from the many informed users of this site. You may find BCC’s resource pack helpful, it has been designed for those newly diagnosed. If you would like a copy just follow the link below:

If you feel you need to talk to someone in confidence, please give the helpline a call, the staff here are all either breast care nurses or people who have personal experience of breast care issues and are able to offer you advice and help or just a ‘listening ear’ The number to call is 0808 800 6000 the lines open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm and Saturdays 9am - 2pm.

I hope this is of some help to you.

Best wishes

Thank’s to evry one that replyed to me …

i will post you all on how i get on and look out for you to …

and to you Anndi hope all go’s well for you … i will be in my thought’s to on that day…
keep us posted on how you are feeling post opp and i will do the same …
bye for now lovley ladies…
sal xx

i am sending you all the positive thoughts I took in with me. i hope they help
love and hugs

Hi Sal

Sorry you’ve got to have another op but if it helps I too had 2 tumors at the same time. In my case it was 1 in each breast and they were both different (but same grade). Apparently it’s not that uncommon.

Because I’m young (33) and had 2 at once and involving both breasts it was recommended that I had a bilateral mastectomy (ie both boobs removed) which I did 3 months ago. I was out of hospital in a couple of days, started the exercises and have full function again now but I did only have a sample of lymph nodes taken which were all clean.Didn’t even need the morphine after the op was just a bit stiff.

I would make the same decision now for certain. I’m still recovering from the op now but it’s really a case of getting full strenght back as I’ve always been an active person. My body tells me that it’s still too soon to be doing things like pulling my entire body weight up but that’s to be expected.

Good luck with the op and I don’t blame you feeling fed up.


Hi Sal - I know what your feeling like. I too have had 3 ops in 7 weeks -starting with lumpectomy which didn’t give clear margins followed by SNB abd more excision which again wasn’t clear - the last one being the mastectomy (as you say a bit of a blow).

But like you it was the only option left to choose ( if choice actually comes into it)

But I am now 2 weeks past the Mast and feel much better than i ever thought i would although i still tend to try and do too much cos like most on here I’ve always been very active.
I thougth I’ve already managed 1 op I can cope with the rest. - Its a case of each day being a new one and making sure 'the glass is always half full. ’

But you’re entitles to feel fed up

We’re all with you here - good luck with the op.


So sorry for you but if its all taken away it can only help. I know its really hard, I had masectomy a few months ago and I had chosen quadmasectomy until talking to my nurse and then I changed my mind as wanted to do everything I could to reassure myself. Im 35 and was terrified of the surgery and how it would leave me as large chested and I can say now (cant believe Im saying this) that you do deal with it, I said I would never go out in public even with prothesis and Im now out and about fully using arm (all lymph nodes removed), and just started chemo and stil out and about - you can do this

Love to everyone else too and good luck

A big thank you to every one for the surpport and the forum’s that have been posted on here…

make’s me feel more positive and a tadge stronger…

i know life go’s on but at first it’s hard to get your head round it all. But with all the people around me it help’s and all the lovley ladies on this site make’s it all that bit easier

many thank’s and i will keep you posted and let you all know how i get on on wed… well give me till friday to get on here …as i will be creamed from surgery

sal x

HI Sal and ladies,
It sounds drastic sal well it is drastic but like leesha I,ve had the three ops now, the last one being a mastectomy with ld recon two weeks ago. I was devestated when my surgeon said “mastectomy”.
But I am chuffed to bits with the result.
Had to have an expander in so my new boob was very small until I went to the dressing clinic on Fri and got my first pump up. My cleavage is back and I was showing it off today!
My problem is pulling up my other boob to even them out. lol
I also went to my surgeon today and she informed me that the tissue removed did contain cancer so the mastectomy was the right option for me. Also that apart from five years on tamoxifen no other treatment is needed. I still can’t believe she said that its more than I could have hoped for.
What a journey its been Or a nightmare but I,m so glad I found this site and never felt alone. Sh** I’m rambling again.
Good luck, Positives vibes and loving thoughts being sent to everyone!
Take care Diane x