hi everybody,
A bit worried about next week, dont feel i have done as much training as i would have liked my energy levels have been so low this last few weeks ! i am looking forward to the challenge , i just hope i can make it, is anybody else feeling a bit apprehensive ?
galen x

Hi Galen

If it’s any consolation - I am feeling just as apprehensive. Which day are you climbing? I’m doing it with hubby on Saturday and I know I haven’t done as much training as I should have done. training was hindered by the fact that I have not long spent just over a week in hospital with pneumonia (which in iself has me slightly worried !!).

However - I am like you - I am looking forward to it - if I reach the summit I will be extremely proud - if I don’t - well at least I tried !

Best of luck - if you’re climbing saturday I’ll see you there !!


Just to wish you both all the best. I am contemplating climbing the stairs!

Love Debsxxx

Best of luck to both of you - Go Girls !!!

If good wishes and positive thoughts help you will both reach the summit.

Love and hugs



Hi girls

without wanting to be a killjoy and i know we’ve never met but right now I would be happy to pay extra for magz175 not to bust a gut over this

i really think that with everything that has gone on you need to be very careful about what you do … I have had some ideas for you - which i think you should seriously contemplate …
* drive as much as possible i.e. get lifts - never done it so don’t know if that will work - are there roads?
* get friends and family to be substitute magz175’s
* eat beans for breakfast (jet propulsion)
* work out how far you are supposed to walk and give yourself a month to do it (only do it flat)
* I’m sure there are other ideas …

quite frankly magz175 I am very worried and would feel very relieved if you were to inidicate that you are going to face up to the fact that IS NOT A GOOD IDEA FOR YOU TO WALK TO THE TOP !!!

sorry if I’ve ppppp’d anyone off but that is how I feel
love FB xx

Hiya Fiz

ha ha I knew you’d be worried. (and you haven’t pppppppp’d me off !!)

I have checked with my onc - and with the attending physician who treated my pneumonia - they both say there is no reason why I shouldn’t do it (other than that I must be completely bonkers !!)

My eldest daughter, who is a born worrier (along with half my in-laws) says I shouldn’t do it - and is getting herself in such a state that if any one ends up ill over this it will be her!

I have been walking loads - either short trips just locally, and in our local forest which is reasonably hilly (though obviously nothing like Ben Nevis!). Went out on Saturday walking on the flat and me, hubby and youngest daughter (10 yr old) managed to cover 3miles in just under 60 minutes (which considering that 3 months ago the 600 yds to the corner shop would have killed me I was quite impressed with haha).

I promise you Fiz that if I think I’m struggling - I will stop. There are guides with us - and if they think I’m not coping they will ensure that I turn round and descend - BCC wouldn’t allow anyone to endanger themselves - even in the name of charity.

But, that said, even though we have never met, I’m sure you know how stubborn (and resilient) I am - and I AM going to do this (hopefully!!).

If I can get a signal at the top - I’ll post a mesage to let you know I’m okay lol!

Thank you for your concern - but Ben Nevis here I come!

Magz xxxxx

just want to wish you both the best of luck with you climb, I live very near Glenshee and as much as I can manage is getting out of the car and into the coffee shop for a sit down and Glenshee is only a wee monro…go for it girls

Good luck take care and go for it.
Jackie XX

hi margaret
yes i am climbing saturday with my hubby, i have my herceptin infusion this wednesday which is unfortunate as its my 11th and really makes me ache !! anyway like you sheer determination and supporting each other will get us through but like your family i think my parents will have a sleepless night, i hope you have a relaxing week and get your strength up and feel upto it, look forward to meeting you, have a safe trip
love galen x
ps, thank you everybody for your kind words of support , i will propbably shed a tear as i think of you all if i make it to the top !!

ok ok ok … good luck!!! … looking forward to the message from the top … love FB xx

Hi Galen

I’ll look out for you on saturday then - we’re being picked up at the airport - I’m only 4ft 10 so easily spottable (well not amongst a load of tall people but you know what I mean haha). My next herceptin is the week following Ben Nevis, it’ll be my sixth - so this wednesday I’m just at hospital to have my hickman line flushed - and to hopefully get the the reults of my kidney ultrasound. Have you received your very fetching Challenge T-shirt yet? They’re quite nice actually - I’m impressed at how optimistic they are - as it already says ‘I climbed Britain’s highest mountain’ !!

And Fiz - you’ll get your message (either from the top or somewhere near it lol!

Magz x

Galen & Magz,

Way to go, girls… it’s not such a bad walk to the summit if you take it easy. Hope you get good weather, which is kind of key to the whole thing… and gives you the greatest view from the top!

Drink loads of water on the way, rest when you need to, we’ll all be thinking of you.

Good luck.

L x

hi margaret
im 4ft 11in , ha ha im the one with the t shirt to my knees !! see you saturday, hope wednesday goes ok for you, was thinking of going for a walk this morning but its too cold !!!
see you saturday
galen xx

Hello everyone
Good luck with the walk. I am doing it on sunday and dreading it. Agree with you that the tshirt is very fetching although i was a bit miffed that the address label had XL printed on it!!! Gave the postman a chuckle.
I hope that all of you who are doing it on saturday take care and have a good day.
Anyone getting the 1015 flight from Gatwick on Saturday.
Take care everyone

Good Luck for Sunday Hilary - I’ll probably still be sitting up the top trying to get my breath back when you get there haha!

Best of luck to everyone that’s climbing Ben Nevis this weekend.

I made the silly mistake of checking the weather forecast for Saturday…torrential rain, wind gusting up to 110 mph, 2 inches of snow…oh the joys…

Anyhow - that’s me signing off until after the climb…Fiz - I doubt I’ll get a signal at the top with the weather how it is but I’ll get a message on as soon as I can lol

Margaret x

I’ll be waiting for it!

love FB xxx good luck!

Good luck to all climbers are we mad or what?

I’m climbing on Sunday and after seeing the weather reports have bought extra clothes!!! I think Sat looks worse than Sun and that looks bad enough. Do you think they will let us do it? I am nervous but I’ll be gutted if they call it off.

Google Ben Nevis weather you’ll be shocked. All my training in the sunshine is NO preperation for this.

I’m making my own way up by car so see you all at the hotel. (Now that looks nice)

If it’s cancelled we’ll have to be sponsored for how long we can stay in the pool (or bar)


Sandra x

Just checked the events section of this site and the weekend is definetly still on despite the horrendous weather.

The route may change it’s under constant review. Thats reassuring.

I’m going to get packed now.

Good Luck


just to let you know - the saturday climbers have been advised that as wind speed at the summit will be in excess of 120 mph - they are changing the route and we can only go to 2000 ft - we cannot attempt the summit - very disappointing but necessary i guess

… I’m so sorry for you guys after all the prepapration … but 120 mph up a mpuntain is a tad worrying … shame they can’t delay by a week - like chemo!

good luck
love FB xx