Big bra help required

Hi all hoping someone can help me out I’m needing unwired bras,all of my bras have wires to keep my giant boobs up ,iv been on a quest to get an unwired bra that keep my boobs in the right place,i ordered a Doreen one and I looked like Madonna with cones on,i had to go to my Hosp app last week with a soft bra on they were almost at my waist I was like a bag lady,its a 40 by or I’d push then into a g when my swelling goes,support is what’s needed,anyone ?

Hi Kary. I had/continue to have the same problem - although thinking I may have to give up gracefully and buy a Doreen! In the end I went to Evans, although still not ideal they had cheap cotton bras. That said, they have a seam inside the cup, which is aggravating my boob now that the dressing is off. I resorted to bunching up a pair of cotton pants in the bra to ensure lift, separate and comfort when I was in bed! I did buy comfort bras which fasten at the front from one of the Sunday paper lifestyle mags - don’t!! They are dreadful and I have subsequently been bombarded with junk mail! Marks just didn’t have the right sizes available. I realise this is more an essay in what not to do! Good luck and I (selfishly!) hope you get loads of replies! Xx

Hi Kary, I’m in the same boat as yourself with larger boobs. I ended getting a soft one from Sevenoaks. I’ve not had rads yet so it’s ok at mo but might have to get better ones when I do. Please let me know if you find Anything decent. I had thought of those front fastening ones but won’t now I’ve read Janes post.

im always glad to be without the bra at home at the moment but maybe that will change once rads start.

its difficult isn’t it.  Good luck with the search,

Sue x

Kary. Your post made me chuckle! It’s almost 01.30 and struggling with sleep lately. I don’t bother with bra at night but still bit tender and lumpy post op. You wouldn’t believe it could b so hard getting a suitable bra! Is it best to get bigger ones for rads or normal size? Oh we’ll see what happens. Meanwhile I’ll carry on searching! Hope you have a good night. Sue x

Haha! A smile from me too … I think maybe a celebratory burning of the bras will happen here at some point! The Evans ones are cheap and rubbish and I struggle with the thought of spending money on a Doreen, when those under wired friends are sitting happily in a drawer!

Morning! Kary I’m 4 weeks today post initial surgery and 2 weeks post follow up surgery to get a better margin. The last few days have been so much better and I’m waiting now for my treatment plan. I am wearing a bra at night still, but have no need for the rolled up pants anymore! Sue I know I’ll say the same on another thread, but I will be thinking of you tomorrow xx

Black Lacey sounds nicer than a Doreen but good shopping skills! Buttermilk a very glam choice. We shall definitely be keeping in touch. I’m playing the waiting game too. Was expecting rads by now but lump bigger than expected and now unsure whether I will be having chemo. Oncology next week - so fingers crossed. Sue I hope you have your plan tomorrow and we all get going together xx

Hi and how is Doreen - that almost went with the cucumber thread! Xx

A lol here for that one!. I felt such a rebel and stopped with the night time bra yesterday. It doesn’t seem to have done any harm and sooo much cooler. Doreen shopping for me at the weekend, the joys …

Hi ladies I found lovely comfortable bras on asda online they are post surgery bras found these really comfy and they are not ugly some are all cotton very reasonably priced £8 !!!go up to size 40gg!!! I’m hoping they will be ok for rads too,Jackie x

Thanks Kary, oh the joy of the Doreen!! Sue it’s a Triumph bra and oh boy does it lift and separate. Last worn by me when I wa pregnant in the 90s!! I’d forgotten that it covers more boob too. The soft bras I have are no support at all really. When I finally get to rads I’m thinking will have to put a cotton hanky in to soften but let us know if the fabric conditioner works. The joy the joy … Xx

Another recommendation, that has taken me months of buying the wrong thing to come up with…lol…playtex have a new model called ‘ideal beauty’. It is non wired, and comes in large sizes, with a new design of support panels to the sides, lovely thick supportive straps and a nice totally plain design and a good natural shape. If you want something ‘non pointy’ then this could be an option. They do seem to come up small though, I am usually a 34 DD, but have needed a 36 E to fit well. The colours are Ivory, a vintage pink and white…I think. 

That looks much prettier than the Doreen, thanks Charys x

Jill thank you! I spent a lot of time yesterday searching on line and ordered a bra from a site called fifty plus - I’m guessing age rather than size, as not quite there yet! If this proves any good will share, but if not will try the M&S one. xx

Hi all. I had my lumpectomy 16 August and after it I wore a mixture of soft non-wired bras from Asda. These were lovely at the time but didn’t really give enough support. My surgeon had suggested a sports bra so yesterday I got a pack of two sportsbras from M & S (I looked online but they had bigger sizes in the shop - I’m 34DD). It’s so much comfier and gives lovely support to my extremely sensitive wibbbly wobbly bits! Now all I need to do is work out how to cure my extremely sore nipple that rubbed on the looser bras!

Well the new bra arrived yesterday. Even though it’s advertised as soft cup there are still seams in the cup, so another one to post back sadly. I’m beginning to think there is a business opportunity here! Xx

Yes Sue, if anyone comes up with a very supportive soft bra with no seams, that is affordable, I’ll put my name down like a shot. I’m still struggling with a sore nipple - counting blessings though as I still have one!

Is anyone else affected by the ‘jelly on a plate’ effect when they go out in a car? Talk about wibble wobble! I just hang on hard to my boob to avoid the worst of it.

Very much wibble wobble!!! I do get strange looks as I hold on!! X

I hope your boob still on the mend Kary. I’ve still not got my Doreen - maybe if I did I wouldn’t be a wobbler or a wobbler!! That first G&T was wonderful after the antibiotics stopped, so I hope that large glass of wine just as tasty!! Xx

Go Doreen!! An uplifting thought in more ways than one and I bet the streets of Newcastle were a happier place! Xx