Breast pain

Hi new to here I recently went to the docs as I felt a thickened lump on breast near armpit and near nipple it feels really different to my other .the docs felt it straight away and has referred me my appointment is on 4th Dec my question is does breast cancer follow with pain as I keep getting some pain in the lumpy breast just comes and goes once or twice. But I keep getting told of ppl who hasn’t had it if it painful then it’s not cancer ?



Hello and welcome to the forum.  It is good that you have got a referral to the breast clinic, they are the experts and will be able to investigate it.  One thing to remember is that not every lump is bc there are other non cancerous conditions that it could be and the clinic dont just deal with bc.


One of the things that happen when we are in this heightened state of anxiety is that we have every ache and pain and because the naxiety monster takes over our rational mind, we start thinking that it is something ominous


Let us know how you get on at your apt if you want to and in the meantime there will always be someone on here who will be able to help and support you whenever you need it.


Sending you hugs


Helena xxx

Hi thank u for replying yeah I’ve been reading up on all the facts .my auntie and cousin died from bc in last couple years .so now I’m worrying as I’m a mum and don’t want the worst to happen which I know might never happen but the possible is there .I don’t have any 1 2 chat to that could share there experience and say that’s what they had .xx

Breast cancer symptoms vary so much,lump,pain,swelling,skin colour,dimpling, change in shape of breast, the list goes on and as Charys says it’s impossible to find any answers googling.

I had no symptoms at all, a harmless lump led me to getting checked out but it was no where near my tumour which was hidden deep within my breast and there were no outward signs, thankfully picked up on ultrasound by the clinic.



We all want answers, it’s brutal not knowing what is going on but the majority will walk from the clinic with the all clear Xx Jo 


4th Dec can’t cone quick enough I’ve now got in habit of 're check in making sure I’m not just feeling things and it’s all in my head .I never know what to believe as ppl are telling me that if he boob hurts it defo won’t b bc mine not hurting everyday and it’s not on a certain lump it’s just this shooting pain sometimes achy feeling that just appears then goes .I wana talk to my mates but I feel like they do t understand a they can say is it all b ok x

I’ve had my scan and it showed a soild lump they did try and get fuild but there was none so they took cells instead .I had a letter sayin it could poss b fibroadenoma and it was 7mm so it’s not a small average 1 as they meant b 2-3 now I’m worried as I’m havin constant breast pain it’s unbearable and I know it’s not meant b painful .x

Aww thank u for replying have u had any other pains I’m getting pains lower bottom side and top rib side .x

Just been to docs as I culdnt cope with pain and he suspects an infection from the biopsy so on antibiotics and other tablets and he’s found another lump on my other boob x

He’s told me he had a email saying the lump isn’t cancerous and this other lump feels the same .but surely all lumps should b checked out ? .honesty I’m in so much pain wuld actually think I’ve been beaten up feel so bruised x

That’s what I fought too he said I won’t need checked as it feels the same .but surely not every lump is the same weather it feels the same or not. Xx

No they only scanned 1 boob x

Sorry how I’ve wrote that sounds so rude like that lol .

Yea they only scanned one of my breast as that was only 1 that had lump in it .but now there’s another in the other I’m worries by leaving it and taking docs word for it .

Me too but don’t wana waste docs time and worry myself over nothing .should take docs word for it shuldnt I?? Xx

The thing I’m worried about Is the pain im still in my boob aches I grab it it hurts that much it’s been 10 days since my biopsy x

Is there any improvement yet with the antibiotics?

No not yet xx

Ladies help me this isn’t right I went bed in pain and woke up this mornin and my boob full.of bruises I’m actually sat here cryin .this isn’t right x

The bruises is actually on the breast that hasn’t had the biopsy. That’s why I find it hard to understand why it’s appeared. X

No haven’t managed to guna c my docs Tuesday mornin it’s open surgery so don’t need a appointment x