Cabin fever

Hi all

This has nothing at all to do with breast cancer but I need to get it off my chest! (no pun intended)

I have been stuck at home for the last seven days, snowed in, and my husband is ‘working’ from home - no, that’s not being very charitable, he has done SOME work, remotely. Our wireless network connection isn’t working and he’s been on the wired computer upstairs much of the last week so I haven’t had access to the internet except for antisocial times of day/night when I’d rather be sleeping. He’s knocked me out of all my midweek routines, rather like when you have builders in and can’t settle to anything …

Don’t expect any responses, just feel better for having aired my frustration at this horrible SNOW!!! Plus I have to take my stick with me everywhere which reminds me too much of my delicate frame. And I’ve an ingrowing toenail which is bloody painful and split fingertips as a legacy of chemo 2 years ago.


Alison x

Big warm hugs to you alisonm !
Hope things get better and hubby out of your hair soon!
Have a good old grumble here when you can get to computer!!!)
I do sympathise, we were snowed in for 11 days last time so hope it’s not that bad this time as have got two lots of appts next week. Today is our first day snowed in so fingers crossed!
Hope your toes and fingers get more comfy and hope the snow melts!!
Keep warm, love Julie x

Hi Alison,

Funny how we have our little routines and its was my comfort zone. When I was on chemo and not very well I’d had my routine and I’d hate it when the rest of the family had time off. I seen it as my time.
I’m snowed in at today and working from home. Don’t know how long that will last as I have progress to my lungs. But rant away as it certainly help to talk to the computer and it lovely to get replies back.
Take good care of yourself and hope this snow goes soon. Lovely to look at but hard when you’ve got appointments to go to. Suppose to be going christimas shopping tomorrow but will stay at home and make cakes.


Chris xx

I do sympathise - my OH works shifts and has a few days off in between, and he drives me up the wall when he’s at home! It has worked in our favour so far with all my appts, surgery falling on his ‘off’ days, but between times he’s driving me mad.

Up to now, I’ve managed to get out with the dogs for good long walks just to get some peace and quiet (he’s in full mother hen mode since my mx almost 3 weeks ago… bless him, what is he going to be like once I start chemo???), but we got dumped with snow last night and I don’t think me and dogs will get far today… :frowning:


Hi Alison,

I live right down the bottom of england in West Sussex by the sea (Bognor Regis) and we still got about 10inches of snow overnight. I’m an aussie girl and am not used to the cold or snow even though I have been here for years. It is 35 degrees at home in Oz.

I had chemo on tuesday and get pretty awful dizzyness and headaches for 5 days afterwards, but enjoy having the house to myself during this period to get over it and go at my own pace.

Because of the snow, the hubby and kids are home. Kids are kids after all, but my hubby at home is a nightmare. It took him all day to do NOTHING yesterday. He makes the most mess out of everyone, doesn’t do any housework and won’t even get the kids or me anything to eat until he is ready. It is driving me crazy! All the washing is piling up, we can draw in the dust and the kitchen is full of dirty dishes!

Am not looking forward to xmas as my next chemo is xmas week (school holidays) Arghhhhh!

Sorry, Have I turned this into a moan page, but meant to say that I can sympathize with you mate and yes it does help to get it out instead of keeping it to yourself.

Hang in there matey!

Take care

Lone (Kulakatz)

Can sympathise wholeheartedly! Snowed in today and OH may not survive if there are many more ‘snow days’. He can turn doing absolutely NOTHING into an art form. Oh he has ‘cleared’ the snow between the back door and the garage, so when that freezes tonight it will be lethal! Hey ho! Takes my mind of other things I suppose.
Summer will soon be here!
Val x

Val - thank god my oh isn’t the only one who insists on clearing perfectly walkable-in snow and creating a two foot wide ice rink instead… WHY???

It must be a ‘man’ thing although I do find it extremely worrying that there are others like him out there. I had thought he was probably unique.
If I need to go out tomorrow I shall have to avoid all his ‘cleared’ areas if I want to stay upright.

I know what you mean about being stuck in the house. We have at least 18 inches of snow here and I live in a less hilly part of Sheffield. We live at the end of a cul-de-sac, which is nice except it always takes ages for the snow/ice to go off the road. Fortunately it is reasonably flat. But this snow is just too deep and so no-one has driven anywere for the past couple of days. I tried going for the short walk the other day, but it was too deep and hence too much effort. (Fatigue is my worst side effect).

My hubby walked to work yesterday, but decided to stay off today. So he, along with several others in the cul-de-sac have managed to clear the whole cul-de-sac and some of the drives. So now cars will be able to move again! There are now many 3-4 feet high piles of snow on people’s gardens. It was nice to see community spirit and at one time there were 14 of them with shovels. Others brought out hot drinks. He now knows the names of people on our road (other than our close neighbours).

Normally I’d be out there clearing the snow, but I don’t have the energy and when I went out to see where my hubby had got to I found myself apologising to the couple of women there for not helping and saying I was too ill. Our closest neighbours know about the BC, and my hubby said that one was told them that I could now go to hospital tomorrow, so hopefully they will understand.

By the way, I don’t think it’s just a man thing about clearing snow. I’m usually the fussy one (I am the car driver) and want it clearing off the drive. But I usually put down salt or gritsand afterwards.

Of course, its snowing again now, and there is another covering, but at least it should be shallow enough to drive on and I mangaged to get out for a short walk again.

I’m supposed to being to hospital tomorrow to see the onc and have a Zoladex injection. According to the hospital web site all non-urgent appointments are cancelled, except for radiotherapy and chemotherapy. But I don’t know whether a follow-up appointment + Zoladex injection is classed as urgent. I have to ring in the morning to see if I should still go.

I may be able to go in the car now. Although, I find driving in snowing/icy weather tiring and stressful and the hospital is in a hillier part of town. The only other option is the supertram (which has kept running!) but that means a tiring 15 minute walk + waiting at either end. I know the latter will make me feel terrible, even the day after. However we travel, I plan on taking my 21-year old son with me. Then he can either push the car if we get stuck, or I can lean on him when I get too tired walking.

I’ll be glad when things get back to ‘normal’.


Gosh, didn’t I ramble on!

Hi Lune,

I am in West Sussex too! I live the other side of Pagham Harbour in Selsey overlooking the beach. Looks strange to see all that snow on the beach! Hubby at home today and we both trudged to the local shops. Me with walking stick and hanging onto hubby!! What happened to the person who would have been out on the Downs sledging! The walk totally wiped me out and I spent the rest of the day dozing!!

Oh well if snow is as bad tomorrow anoter day to rest!

Keep warm


I read post and feel same … a bit grounded in this weather and SPLIT FINGERTIPS… Ooh aren’t they painful. AND they catch on everything!
My husband uses Udder cream, from local farmers supplies, it doesn’t smell nice but works, honest.
Hope you get your routine back soon.
Thanks for making me smile!

Snap!! Not cold snap but “snap” I agree - it’s hard work in the snow anyway and with lack of energy it’s even more difficult and I struggle if I don’t keep to eating and resting routine… I felt great for the first couple of days and it was actually a relief being able to be at home (still on extended sick leave after dx in April)and not having to make the effort to get into work - but that novelty has worn off and even snow shovelling isn’t fun any more… went for a walk today to the bus stop to get the bus to a physio session on my arm post-shoulder replacement (due to mets in humerous) and was so worried about slipping with all the warnings about fractures with Arimidex etc. I must have looked ancient (am just 58) as a chap was out walking as saw me tottering along and suggested he helped me cross the road as the snow on that pavement was less slippy and crunchier - did nothing for my sense of well-being - but did make the appointment (movement in arm is improving nicely now -hurrah!) and did not need to get OH to take time off to transport me - so a mixed trip - emotions up and down all the time…
thinking of you - and hoping others are making better headway with Christmas card writing than I am; I had set that as key activity for this week and they are still in a pile on the desk…
at least we had blue sky in Nottingham today and the snow did look beautiful
take care

G’day girls,

How are we coping today? Hope you managed to get out, get your xmas cards done or got the hubby off the sofa?

We had some lovely sunshine today down here in West Sussex today, but I didn’t make it out… am just too tired to attempt the snow. There is always tomorrow!!!

I did laugh when I read about the hubby’s clearing a path. Mine did that the other day too. Although he hasn’t been out since Wed. He is still driving me mad (& the kids too), so bring on the rain or whatever will take away some of the snow so that we can send him back to work.

It must be hard for you guys trying to get to appointments etc in this weather and I am sorry if this causes more anxiety on top of the appointments themselves. I hope it all works out for you?

A special Hello to Bubblyone who lives not far from me. It’s nice to know someone is close by. I’m over in North Bersted. Do you have to travel over to Cosham too for treatment?

How are people feeling about xmas this year? It is hard to find the energy to put up decs and do the shopping and planning etc. I think it is because I know that I have chemo days before and can look forward to my usual side effects which are quite harsh. I thought about bringing xmas forward so I can eat & enjoy things, but I have little kids (6 & 9) and then what do I do with them on the real xmas?

Take care all.

Lone (Kulakatz)

Well I managed my appointment today. But I feel shattered. I decided to not risk driving on icy/snowy roads and so had the joy of public transport. My son and I left the house at 9:30 and we didn’t get home again until 3:15. All that time and effort for 10 minutes with the oncologist and 5 minutes with a nurse. We were out so long we had to buy lunch at the hospital.
Next appointment is New Years Eve. I hope the weather is kind so I can go by car.

Am glad you were able to get to your appointment Bluebird. It is a bit of a journey anyway, let alone if you are caught up in the snow matey.

Hope you are not sufferring too much after your treatment?

Take care

Lone (Kulakatz)

Hello everyone

What a lovely lot of messages! This is my first time back into the forums since I started this thread. Fortunately my hubby has now gone back to work, but he was at home for a week and two days altogether and it was beginning to do my head in. We had my daughter’s fourth birthday last Friday, so there was stuff to prepare for that, and then her party on the Saturday. But one day last week when I had all sorts of really important birthday/party things planned (not least make and ice cakes!), hubby insisted on pulling out washing machine, dishwasher and tumble drier and doing some fine tuning on stuff left over from when we had our kitchen done in the spring. Taking the front of the dishwasher, turning it upside down and replacing it (the joiner had put it on the wrong way up) took half a day! His reasoning was that it was an opportunity that we rarely get, ie he was at home while our daughter was out at nursery, and yes he was right, but the timing was awful.

I laughed too about hubbies clearing paths. I wish mine would. He seems quite happy to reverse the car out over a mountain of ice, sliding around all over the place on the way, nearly knocking down the wall between us and our neighbours. But he did finally put some grit down yesterday, which seems to help a lot. I’m going everywhere on foot, armed with a stick.

Snow stopped falling here by the end of last week, and we’ve had some beautifully clear days, although bitterly cold. It was -7 first thing yesterday, seemed much warmer today. But I’ve heard more snow is on the way …

Hope that everyone is coping and I wonder what the rest of the winter will bring …

Best wishes.
Alison x

Your husband sounds like mine - always wanting to do jobs in the house that get in my way - I think it’s his way of coping with the cancer etc… But I must admit that I’ve become incredibly assertive and state what will not or will help me - so at the moment taking up floor boards “is not allowed” as I might not be able to balance as shoulder replacement is still healing. I’m doing a lot more of explicitly telling him what I can cope with - Alison, you sound alot more long suffering than me; how did you cope with the birthday and kitchen!!! You deserve a medal!!! For me - my needs are coming to the fore more than in the past - feel empowered to do this now - maybe should have done it sooner? So I sometimes have to redirect his “good intentions” to keep myself calm - am finally getting my stress levels to be a priority - but it’s not easy…
Take care everyone - snow, ice, Christmas etc etc and all emotions of diagnosis… what a cocktail!

Hi Fran

I got it all sorted eventually - was up at crack of dawn on party day to get cake iced and finish planning party games.

I don’t feel able to assert myself in many ways as he also has a condition potentially (although not currently and hopefully never) as life threatening as mine, so I find I have to bite my lip sometimes so as not to make it sound all ‘me, me, me’.

And I am happy to see the dishwasher door finally in line with all the other doors!

Best wishes.

Alison x

Hi everyone! Am so zapped of energy and could just melding into the sofa, but need to get out and do some xmas shopping. I have looked to do some shopping online, but I do enjoy looking for ideas in the shops. The shops are getting busier and I am finding that I am so impatient waiting in lines and too tired to be bothered. Husband usually leaves everything up to me to do, and cancer hasn’t changed anything there.

I am not even driving at the moment. My left arm is damaged from the chemo so I can’t use the gear stick very easily and my brain would only cope with easy parking. I just wanted to know how the rest of you are managing?

Lotsa love, Lone (Kulakatz) x