callendar hi wonder if all who are interested could let us know so we can estimate numbers sizes etc. still trying to get this off the ground with a little help from our friends!1 love lynn xx

Hi Aroma - am definitely interested.

Calendar - i’m in Aroma. I’m up for it - I have left message on Breakthrough website. I am in maidstone - Kent and due to have recon in September.

Karen x

I’m interested so count me in. What exactly do you need to know?


sizes we need to know sizes , etc also where everyone lives . keep looking out for more details . lynn x

my info hi,
I am 32DD (wearing two stick on prosthesis). in South Wales.
travelling to London not a problem.

Will keep you all uptodate when I have more information to give. I am not available from thursday 28th June for 8 days, so will speak when I get back.

Lynn, keep it going , and speak soon
c xxx

Lets show them what we are made of Hiya Mate

Im sticking with you, cos I made out of glue, whatever you do wherever you go I am sticking with you and all the other girlies.
Count me in…

Speak later

Hi… what calendar are you doing?


what a brill idea Hi girls

just like to say I have just picked up the thread about the calendar. I was lucky enough to keep my boob but think it is such a great idea. Just what the doctor ordered. I wish you all the best of luck.

Diane x

Details as requested Hi Aroma - I live in London, 32B - quality not quantity! 5 foot 8 inches, blonde hair thanks to good hairdresser, slim figure, 68 years old grandmother going on 58!!

come join us Hi Diane

Please come and join us the more the merrier, I managed to keep my boob badly scarred and lumpy and also colour blue from the dye I had injected before lumpectomy. As Lyn says the more the merrier
Please say yes


hi sarah we all decided that we were fed up of normal models being used for mastectomy catologues instead of us REAL ladies and then we came up with a brill idea of doing a calendar to show what we are made of we are hoping to get funding for travel etc and raise funds from the sales for cancer research. so if your interested leave a message and we;ll get back to you ok .hoping you will join us MAD people in our quest !!! love lynn xx

I would love to be involved. I am 36, 34B and had WLE and ANC. Please let me know any info. Love Lisa x

hi lisa welcome aboard!! hopefully we can get this offthe ground soon we need to all get together and make a plan of action for this to work , a lot of people have axpressed interest and even there help ,just need the positive go ahead to make this happen any ideas would be welcome as im a complete novice as far as this is concerned ,we have 10 ladies so far and any more are most should be fun if we can pull this off and think of the fun we will have meeting up!! love lynn xps what is your dress size?

Hi Lyn

My dress size is 14 at the top and 10 at the bottom…bit of a miss shape eh? Bra size 34DD m&s 34E in supermarket ones.

When we gonna meet up cannot wait.


Hi Lyn
I’m a size 12 usually. Some shops I can get away with a 10. I live in Aldershot so not far from London. Look forward to hearing from you. Love Lisa x

hi all, just to say we are still working on this idea ,just waiting for sponsors to come forward with help.if you know anyone please let us know. love lynn x

Has anyone tried to get in touch with media, newspapers, TV such as good morning or GMTV. They might be interested especially with October coming.Just a thought

Lisa x

Hi Lynn

Just to say I think your idea is brilliant and wish you lots of luck with it!

I’m not in the position to offer my body yet, but may be in the near future, am having a WLE next Monday, not sure what the outcome of this will be and whether i will need further surgery e.g mastectomy or not. If I do get away with a lumpectomy (which i am really keeping my fingers crossed for!) I can offer my mis-shapen scarred (my lump is right in my cleavage) boobs to you! Not sure of the time-scale, but if mastectomy is needed, with re-construction etc, it will depend on when you go ahead with this whether I’ll be ‘finished’ or not.

Not so sure about being photographed post-chemo, with sparse eyebrows/ lashes!!! I very good make-up artist would be necessary!

Just for the record if I was needed I am 41, blonde/brunette - dependending on which wig I wear! and size 12/14 and currently 36B (about to be reduced on one side!)

I’ll keep reading posts on this fantastic idea and even if I’m not being photographed would be interested in meeting up with you all when you go ahead with it!

Nicky (41 and 65)