Can anyone recommend a good PS in the north?

Hi Ladies
I am looking into reconstruction, following a mastectomy in May. Can anyone recommend a really PS in the north.
I have been to see Mr Alison in james Cook, but he scared me. He told me he had 3 failures since November (this was in an appt on 1st May), and even my appt that I did have with him has now been shifted back another 5 weeks with no reason.
Not impressed with him. Anyone had any positive experiences in the north.
I was wanted a diep, but I know this is not always available.


Hi there

I had a mast with immediate LD recon a few weeks ago with Mr Hennessy at North Tees. Originally wanted to go to James Cook as I thought it would be better, but decided to stay at North Tees really glad I did. Mr Hennessy is lovely once you get to know him, his wife is a nurse and he is very caring and concerned about his patients. A friend of mine had the diep done with him three weeks ago and she is really pleased with the results also.

Had to have some stitches redone on Monday and he and the BCN stayed back after clinic to do them for me as they were so busy, didn’t leave until nearly 7 o clock.

Also North Tees is classed as a centre of excellence for breast cancer care. I only have good things to say about my care and treatment there, I thought being a smaller hospital it wouldn’t have been as good but I am so happy I was referred there.

Let me know if you need to know anything else.



Although this is an area that I am not up to date with a friend has mention a lady surgeon calle Anne Brain working ot of Withenshaw Manchester and of course Mr Graham in Whiston.
Debbie x


I was under Nick Collis at The Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle upon Tyne. He was great. Unfortunately I had problems with an infection after my initial reconstruction, but that was just bad luck, and I went back after that and had inflaters put in, and then eventually had my permanent implants in. He is very good, and is one of a few based at the RVI.


tracey austin…google her…she is at wakefield

Lisa - lovely to hear from you!!!

can’t comment on your surgeon, but will say that a friend of mine was talking to me about an emminent colleague (they are both oncs) and said ‘the way to know that someone is great is to see their humility’

I can’t agree more. much as I love my breast surgeon, it relly is all about her and what a ‘good’ job she can do…

and I thought Tracey Austin was a tennis player!!

Love Td xxx

is she …oh heck …better check the name and get back to you

Hi Ladies

Thank you for all of your good feedback. I am sorry I havent replied, I have been on a course for a week, with no internet access… and no time to use it if I had!
Anyway, full steam ahead now on the recon front!

There are 2 great options, Mr Hennessy who is very local to me - I will chase a appt up tomorrow.
Miss Austin - I will look her up too.

Thank you!

Hey TD
How is the treatment going? I have looked for some threads by you, but cant see any…


Orla Austin!

Im having mine done in Livingston by Cameron Raine he seems to be really good and can be googled

Hi Lisa - mostly posting on ‘newly diagnosed movers’ in ‘having treatment - chemotherapy’ now - everyone lost interest in my new pyjamas thread, but it’s still there, way back!!

I’m doing well - had 2 out of 6 chemos, next this week. It’s a bit better than I’d anticipated - at least, I don’t really get sick, so that’s a blessing. Bit knackering though, and the bald, paunchy, one-and-a half breast look is not that sexy!!

Still got sense of humour though!

When you hoping for the recon?? You wont be back to work quite as quickly after a Dieppe!!!

Love Td xxx

Hi Lisa

If you decide to go with Mr Hennessy ask for Val Cross as your BCN she has been fantastic, she really knows her stuff.

Take care



Hi Td
It is good to hear that you are coping ok with the treatment. I met up a friend of mine last week when we attended a reconstruction event at a local hotel. She has been through the full cut, poison and burn treatment, but now she is looking really well. She is looking fabulas infact, but I know that she was feeling so fabulas a few months ago. I wont say its only temporary and your hair will come back, because I know saying the words is no concellation. Just keep looking forward Girl!

My search for the recon is a bit of a nightmare. I wanted the diep, just because it is more natural looking option without the use of muscle. However, my searches keep ending in dead-ends - bit like my chest!

  1. Elaine Sassoon
    I have been referred to Elaine Sassoon and I need to call her back regarding a date for a consultation. However, a lady who I have been speaking to went to see her 2 weeks ago and came away very upset. She was told that she recommended a mast to the other side to achieve symmetry and asked why she hadnt gone to a surgeon closer to her home, and that she was not looking to perform surgery after the end of this year. SO now, I dont know whether to make the 5 hours journey to see her or not. This lady was going to be my saviour!

  2. Orla Austin
    I have just called her assistant and she told me she only does DIEP, but there is a male surgeon who will do DIEP.

  3. Colm Hennessey
    This is the most local hospital to me, but when I rang the BUPA hospital this morning and spoke to his asst, she told me he didnt do DIEP!

So now I am back at the beginning! Infact, now I am contemplating implants…
Ill probably still have one boob in ten years time at this rate!


Have you looked at Boudica Within? - Elaine Sassoon’s book - it’s got some photos of various types of recon - they all look good to me…
My LD flap recon is doing fine - I can’t have the implant needed to make it the same size as the other one until next year, but I’m managing with a good (underwired!) bra, and a home made prosthesis - I use half of a stick on bra without the stick and a bit of cotton wool! The back scar is huge - 12inches, but it’s fading fast, and as I can’t see it I tend to think what the hell… I don’t care who sees that!
The recon itself is still a bit hard - the chemo makes it tender though - I think you get a much softer breast with a Dieppe. Maybe your BC nurse can put you into contact with local women who’ve had that operation??

Love Td x

Hi Td
I have the book - and every lady in there is amazing! The PS who my bcn referred me to is the one who I am not impressed with unfortunately.
Its amazing what we do to look normal - I, too an doing a lot of DIY! I have found that my surgeon has been so thorough that I have tissue removed that was quite high, starting at my collar bone, so mastectomy bras are only ok if they are elasticated and done hang loosely. Therefore, I have found that a particular make of bra is better for me, and I have sewn in my own pockets. Everything I buy, I need to alter!

Hey - I would love to see a photo - I have quickly copied your email address, before a moderator removes it!


Hi Lisa,
Hope you manage to find a PS that you are happy with. As you know Mr A at James Cook did my mast and tram recon and guess I’m lucky as it all turned out okay.
My recon looks great and is soft considering I also had chemo and rads after surgery.
Have you read the post from S on the other site under recons about her seeing Miss Sassoon? She got it wrong about mastectomy which should have read mastoplexy no wonder she was upset.
Hope you’re well.

Hi Lisa, I had a TRAM reconstruction 6 months ago with Mr Coady at JCUH. He is excellent. Initially spent alot of time discussing various options. Is totally professional, empathic, confident and caring. He’s your man. Kris

Hi Lisa

Mr Hennessy definately does the Diep recon he did it on my friend a few weeks ago, it might be worth ringing again and telling them this.

Good luck.



Hi Lisa

  • thanks for email - have replied!! I whispered you my address so tht only you could see it - won’t be removed! To whisper, put username in private message box and it comes up only visible to that user!

Td x