Can I have a holiday during Rads?


I’ve got a holiday booked in July (Fri to Sun). But I’m going to start a 3-week rads, planning will be next Monday. So, The Fri probably will crash with the rads:-(

I’ll surely mention it to my onc at the planning, but just wondering anyone had the “holiday” permission. And would be have a negative impact on the effectiveness?

Don’t really want to cancel the holiday because waited a long time for it… didn’t really see the rads coming.

Thanks xx

1 day won’t make a difference. I had a long weekend during my rads. I came in early in the fri morning to have them before leaving on my break (to centre parks with 19 other ladies off this forum) but wasn’t back in time to get Mondays as was home till tea time. Just meant I had an extra session on the end.

Last year during the bad weather many patients were snowed in so couldn’t make it for a few days so they just made them up at the end.

You need your holidays too and it’s not like your heading off for two weeks in which case they would prob just delay starting them till you got back. Don’t put your life on hold because of our univited ‘friend’.


Agree with Lulu but bear in mind you won’t be able to go swimming - but at least you’ll be on holiday!

Feeling very fed up. Rads appointment turned up today. It starts the first week of the school holidays so no chance of getting away before being fried, or even afterwards as I have Herceptin to take into account too. It’s all a bit complicated, too many other people to juggle so can’t just take any old week, I had hoped for first or second week in August but now that’s not possible, so I won’t be able to have a holiday at all this year. :frowning:

sorry choccie, thats just pants. seems really soon after your chemo too. you must so need a break. chin up. xx

Oh dear Choccie, that is awful - is there any possibility of delaying the start for a week or so?
Hope you are able to fit in some kind of a break xxx

Yep, could do with it. And Herceptin has screwed up any chance of a break during the school hols on top of the stupid rads dates, so I’m just not going to have a break at all. Just as well I had that weekend away a while back, looks like that’s the lot for me then. I don’t think they’d delay it by three weeks (which is what would be needed) and frankly I just need to give myself a stern talking to and get on with it, some stupid holiday shouldn’t get in the way or treatment, that’s much more important. But I’m still mega fed up.

Yes, completely understand - we need these things to look forward to to make all of this at least bearable. I think it will need more than a stern word with yourself - a couple of pints of something nice, and a good rant at least to come to terms with this one!
Having finished FEC, I am taking a week in the New Forest next week before I move on to 12 weekly Paclitaxels the week after, but of course I don’t have children at school - if I did, and had that restriction on holidays I would be VERY p""d off as this chemo won’t end until sometime in September (then Rads). As it is, I have to admit to feeling slightly fed up that I am stuck with having to holiday with rubbish weather (childish, I know), but will just have to make the most of it - just checked out some nearby hotels that will take us and the dog just in case it is really awful and I can’t stand camping in the cold!
Big hugs to you.

We need our holidays. I can’t believe that rads will suffer if we delay them for a week - surely got to be worth asking the team for a week off from the bloomin’ things/week’s delay or something. They’ve certainly let me delay chemo for a week so I can holiday.
Ann x

CM, its not just a 'stupid ’ holiday it was something you were hoping for and i think we are all deserve one after going thru chemo like we have. When i saw my onc she positively encouraged me to book a holiday and said better to go after chemo and before rads than after rads.(me of course greedy as i am is doing both as you already know!!) My rads were delayed by at least two weeks for me to go on holiday had my planning yesterday and they start 2 days after i get back.
Try and sneak something in CM just to have a break from the relentlessness of these bloomin hospital visits!


I have resigned myself to no holiday this year as last chemo is on 17 th Aug (hopefully) then surgery is planned 3 to 4 weeks afterwards, I have already started Herceptin so have to take that into account as well so just decided to give it a miss and have a big blow out holiday next year when it’s all over hopefully. Doesn’t stop me feeling fed up about it though.

J and CM how about the October half-term - places like Cyprus are still hot then?

I only wanted a week in Devon, so we can walk the dog on the beach.

Hi Choccie,

I don’t know your circumstances but, Herceptin is normally every third week. Can you not fit in a holiday in between?

When I lived in Torquay dogs were not allowed on the beach in Summer but this may have changed.
Take care.


I saw my onc on Monday and I asked about holiday and was told no, so I said about bank holidays they don’t open, she said that they are again it but have no choice in that matter. So I would push the bank holiday card. Good luck xx
Love BD xx


I’ve got rads starting first week of school hols for 4 weeks, then Herceptin in the fifth week, so there isn’t a single week during school hols when I don’t have something or other going on at the hospital. I could possibly get away the last week of school hols but by then I’ll quite possibly be feeling a bit pooped from 4 weeks of rads and won’t be allowed to go for a swim anyhow. I’ve given up on the notion of having a holiday this year, I’ll just have to see if I can fit in a weekend somewhere. Not the same though. I’m still fed up but now resigning myself to just not being able to have a break after chemo before the next round of rubbish starts assaulting me.

Ninja, I feel for you. Would you be able to find time in half term?

I don’t know, Hon. I’m not sure when the surgery is going to be, nor how major it’ll be at this stage, so unable to predict the time when I’ll be up to travelling. All I know is a complete node clearance plus ‘resection’.

The only time my fibro doesn’t hurt is when I’m in a very hot place - about 30 degrees or so. Not had a hot-weather holiday since 2008 and very, very tired of being in constant pain :(((

Don’t know if this helps, but I asked my team about taking a break on rads and the answer was ‘absolutely not’ - and that once you’ve started they are really against a break. However, they suggested I postponed the whole lot to after the break and said this would not have a detrimental affect on the treatment.


I’m having the day off to go to Wimbledon on Tuesday (got tickets for no. 1 court in the public ballot). My oncologist approved it before I went for my rads planning but it was up to the rads team to give the final yes or no. Luckily when my schedule came through they’d missed Tuesday off.

I did ask my onc whether it would make a difference to the effectiveness (after all, Wimbledon isn’t as important as my future!) but her reply was, “well, you’d have a bank holiday off so it’s no different”. She said that they do try to accomodate one-off requests but a regular or longer break would not be approved.

Jane xxx