Can't believe it............................

Hi All,

Firstly a big SORRY to anyone who has been worrying about me.

My main problem has been a problem with Internet connection and then since it has been back I have found that it will not let me post on the normal ‘can’t believe it’ thread. I’m sad about that as I wanted it to keep going- can anyone else post to it still???

To be honest, I have had a more difficult recovery than I was expecting. I think I was lulled into a false idea about it all after the two lumpectomies ( no drains with those). This one has been much more difficult. Appearance wise it’s great but it feels weird with an implant and I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to it. I was having quite alot of pain and had a very sore upper arm until a few days ago. I’ve had some ‘seroma’ so had to have that sorted on Fri and then I was pumped up a bit! Still I’m a bit better now and I suppose the op was only two and a half weeks ago so still early days!

So how’re you guys? Love the thought of your OH in your wig Pauline-hilarious! Debs, sorry to hear you’re feeling a bit rough. Like Lizzy says- surely it means that it’s all working hard to beat the cancer cells eh? How is everyone ???

Love to all and thanks for the concern and good wishes,


Love Freddie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Freddie
Will it work if you click on this link, just a thought.

P.S. If it works you could then copy and paste your post across and then all will be back to ‘normal’ !

Hi Freddie

I managed to get a post on your original thread and have let the ladies know where to ‘find you’.

I’m sorry your recovery’s a bit tough right now and hope it eases really soon. Isn’t it wonderful to know so many here are thinking about you - I love this place!!

Take care. Lots of love. Cathy xx


Thanks both of you for the help.

I’ve tried again but still can’t post ( even with the link mx ). I click on ‘post a comment’ butevery time I try it takes ages to load then says ‘page cannot be displayed’.


Love freddie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Freddie, so pleased to see you are out and about there!! how strange that the link has gone wrong, but its good to hear from you!

it is still early days for a major op, so hang in there!
I’m day 5 after 2nd fec getting back to normal, slept like a log last night so thats good!

enjoy the rest of the weekend and its good to have you back! love Debsxxxxxxx

Freddie!!! found you, it’s not been the same without you. we need to get you back on the other thread you started. I have been talking to myself on that one.

so glad your back and on the mend. as you say it is early days though you sound good really. can’t imagine what it would have been like to have had a recon at same time, got that joy to come in the future. Have you had the other side ‘touched up’ to match? (can’t think of a better way of putting it at min)

I’ve been looking after debs for you, we are trooping along together. I am day 11 after 2nd fec so we are sharing the rough times together. hair loss has been a tramatic time but as you can see i soon got over it. Debs is at that stage now.

Thanks cathy for letting us know where to find freddie

Hope your all having a good weekend luv pauline xxx

Hello Freddie - was nosing in on your thread and wondered where you were too lol. Nice to know you are back. Sending nice thoughts and best wishes for a speedy recovery from your surgery.

Hi all

Greta to hear from everyone.

Good to hear from you Pauline and Debs , you are both doing so well. It must help that you are both at similar stages too. Glad to hear you’re slepping better too, that does help doesn’t it.

Thanks for the good wishes too Alex.

I’m getting on ok.Pauline, I didn’t have anyhting done to the ‘good’ boob as this is only a temporary thing really. So I have one nice perky boob and one droop one- it’s okay in a bra though.My original plan was DIEP recon and either single or double mastectomy depending on genetic results.I’m currently leaning towrds having the good one off when I have the DIEP done anyway , then surely I can be done with it all. A bit scarey, and don’t want to think about all that just yet. I don’t think it wil be for about 6 months or so though.Must admit, that Itoo am looking forward to a good sleep. It is hard to get comfy at night as I sort of have to hold my reconstructed boob when I turn over , and I’m a very restless sleeper at the moment!!

Hope everyone’s had a good few days

Love Freddie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi freddie, they are my thoughts too, when i have recon done i want the other removing and recostructed at the same time. I don’t want to live with the worry of it coming back and having to go through all this again, don’t think i could do it.

My daughter is 20 and she is upset because the doctor wont send her for genetic testing. She thinks she is going to spend her life worrying about BC. Has anyone got any advice for her. I have BC, My auntie died late 20s of ovarian cancer and my mum died in her 20s (not from cancer) but we will never know if she would have had it.

Luv Pauline xxx

Hi Hollymeg

Give the helpline a ring and have a chat with them about your daughter’s concerns, they’ll be only too happy to talk to you about this. Calls to the helpline are free, open M - F 9-5 and Sat 9-2
0808 800 6000

Kind regards,
Jo, Facilitator

Hi Pauline,

Just a thought- have you been tested to see if you have the gene? I have limited family history and a very small family. My Mum had BC and her mum had stomach cancer. After a good chat with the genetic centre they agreed to test me. They agreed to do this partly due to the fact that I had such a small family anyway (no aunties,great aunts or sisters) yet the females in my family did have cancer.They have actually said that they think there is only a 12% chance I will have a gene though.It also helps if your consultant could refer you.

Just thinking that if you were tested then your daughter that would give your daughter an idea whether she has the gene or not.

Love Freddie xxxxx

Thanks jo BCC and freddie for advice, i will look into it further when i see onc next. I have very limited family history so i will have to see what they say.

Luv Pauline xxx

I too need to find out more for my daughter also 20! My mum was an only one had breast cancer but died of stomach cancer and I’m an only one too, it is a worry for them isn’t as it was my daughter’s first reaction.
Thanks Freddie and pauline for reminding me, on question list for next time!
Hope you are both well! love Debs xxxxx

Hi everyone
On the subject of family history, my sister had bc when she was 28 , my mum died of breast cancer and her dad died of prostate cancer. My consultant was reluctant to send me for genetic testing but did suggest that my sister and her daughter were tested. We’re just waiting for the results as obviously that will also influence decisions I make in the future.
I start 23 sessions of rads on Monday and also tamoxifen. Starting to feel that the end is in sight.
Freddie I hope that you’re starting to feel more comfortable and hope that chemo going ok for others.
Nicky x


Thats interesting. My mum also died of tumours in the stomach at age 61 but this was diagnosed as secondary breast cancer albeit she had no lymph nodes involved so not sure how it got there. She had bilateral breast cancer. She survived 15 years and died in 2005.

I am 40 and have just been diagnosed with grade III breast cancer with 3 out of 4 nodes affected. Er+ PR+ and her2+++. I have had a mastectomy and currently awiating removal of rest of nodes and will have a course of chemo and herceptin.

I have a 3 1/2 year old daughter and my sister has 2 girls aged 12 and 14. Not sure what we should do to protect them?


Freddie, hope you are doing ok, haven’t heard from you for a while!
love Debs xx

I wonder if freddie has gone away, not been on for a while has she. Hope your doing ok freddie
Luv pauline xxx

hope you are away Freddie as Pauline has suggested, hope you are ok and recovering well. love Debs xxxx

was just wondering about freddie, she hasn’t been on here since 14th july. I hope she is doing ok and gets in touch when she can.
lov to you freddie from pauline xxx

Hi all

Good to catch up with all. Sorry not posted for a long long time. I was a little down after my op and then was unable to post on the old thread which was a shame.I have been away for nearley a month- what a tonic! Really helped me forget about it all.

How is everyone?

I’m okay and the recon is good with clothes.The scarring is hard to accept though as it is very red . Trying to rub cream in it to help a bit. still shouldn’t really complain as it is comfortable. Still waiting for a consultant’s appointemnt regarding the DIEP op. Glad I had the other one in the meantime though else it would have been a long wait.

Would love to hear from all,

Love Freddie xx

PS Good old hubby is running his first ever marathon for Breast cancer care!