CBD oil to help with cancer

I wanted to share some little known information on something that may help.

I have also enlightened the forum moderators on this so much so that is is now allowed to be talked about! Hope this helps them understand it even more too.

I take CBD oil to help with my cancer.

Cbd oil is taken by a dropper (bit like eye and nasel drops) but you put 1-2 drops under the tongue, hold there for 3 minutes then swollow, effects start after 20 minutes and last for 6-8 hours, so this can be repeated 2 or 3 times a day depending on condition. It says if no improvement is found the dose can be upped until a suitable level is found. And that these are recommended doseages and can be altered to suit each individual.

I personally because have already had surgery only do 1 drop morning and night. If the cancer is still there or I have never had any side effects from the CBD oil. It has spread I would have thought it is best to do 2 drops 3 times a day. It says it has no side effects on the literature I have and that it is not possible to overdose.

CBD oil works with your bodys natural system. The endocannabinoid system is a central regulatory system found in all mammels that affects a wide range of biological processes. It consists of a group of molecules known as cannabinoids as well as the cannabinoid receptors that they bind to.

Cannabinoid binding sites exist throughout the central and peripheral nervous systems. The two most relevant are CB1 and CB2 receptors, which are expressed predominantly in the brain and immune system.

So basically it helps your body to destroy the cancer cells and stop them growing. People have reported when they have lumps that they have shrunk and dissappeared over time. Some people prefer, like me, to do the chemo and cbd to make sure. I have no lump left to tell if it is shrinking it as have already had surgery to remove my affected breast.

After loosing my mum 10 years ago and realising that there are no negative effects from trying CBD oil I thought what the hell might as well give it a go. After finding out it is genetic I will be making sure any relatives have the info on it and I would highly recommend I to them. It certainly hasn’t done me any harm and I will probably keep on taking it after the chemo so that no cells have a chance on my other breast while I work out if to have surgery or not on that one.

It can also be taken to help with a lot of other conditions such as epilepsy, rheumatism, psoriasis, diabetes, anxiety, acne, depression, neuropathic pain, obesity, autism (assuming you can get an autistic person to take it, it doesn’t taste nice), MS, motor neuron disease, antibiotic resistant illnesses and the list goes on.

My step sister in Holland took cbd oil for a rash that was all over her body and debilitatingly itchy. The doctors tried everything and couldn’t make it go. The CBD oil cleared it up within a few days to a week my Dad said. It is amazing what it can help with.

I get mine from (removed due to T and Cs) as after researching it found they have the best systems in place to make sure it has a full profile of the 80 cannabinoids from medical grade cannabis plants and they use no chemicals as it isn’t mass produced. That is why it costs a little more but I think under the circumstances that less chemicals is better for our bodies and at least you know you are getting a good product. It is purely organic.

I have done a lot of research on it and if anyone has any questions I will do my best to answer them.

Paragraph 5 supposed to read…

I personally because have already had surgery only do 1 drop morning and night. If the cancer is still there or has spread I would have thought it is best to do 2 drops 3 times a day. I have never had any side effects from the CBD oil. It says it has no side effects on the literature I have and that it is not possible to overdose.

Hi Red Robin

Thank you for sharing your personal experience of using this product.  It will be interesting to read others opinions.  

If anyone has any questions regarding personal treatment options, please do discuss them with your medical team and you can call our Helpline too, 0808 800 6000.

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Thanks Anna.
That it will! I hope people take the time to read it and give their opinions and experiences too.

I only post this to help people have more informed choices as so many don’t want to talk about it because they think it’s illegal when it isn’t.
There is no high from CBD oil as the THC that causes that is removed in the process of making it.

DON’T be tempted to try and make it yourself though peeps as growing cannabis in the uk is illegal. Just buy the oil ready made if you want it! Saves time and hassle.

Can’t believe no one wants to talk about it. It’s a hot topic!

Well I know that a lot of people have taken it over years. Not sure if as long as 10. I do have my sources though and can ask someone.
Not sure about taking it alongside the hormone tablets. It is always best to ask your doctor that. I don’t believe it interacts with them but check with your oncologist or a practitioner who deals with natural medicines.

I know someone who has done even more research than me. He is training to be an holistic therapist and did a paper on it for his dissertation. I have posed the question to him about long term use. My oncologist said I can take it while on the chemo but I am afraid I don’t know about the hormone tablets. I’m not going to be on them so didn’t look into it. I don’t think it interacts with other medicines although always best to speak to the oncologist. If they don’t know ask them to find out. My onc asked the pharmaceutical team as he hadn’t any idea and then told me it was ok.
I hope to hear from my friend soon. Will let you know what he says.

This is a very interesting topic ladies and I just thought I would add this anyone who is interested. Realise its a few years old but research takes time.


Thanks Amylou will read it all later when the kids in bed. I can tell you though that cancer research quite often twists CBD oil around to THC research. The THC is a separate compound and not the one I was talking about. The THC is the part of cannabis gets you high.
Will get back to you on it.

Please read! Highly important information!

I had this link messaged to me from my friend who has done a lot of research.


Wish I had spoken to him about if it is safe to take while on chemo rather than my oncologist who said he doesn’t know of any interactions so I could take it if I wish.
There is an interesting paragraph on cbd and cancsr towards the bottom that says this…

In cancer treatment, the precise dosing of chemotherapy is extremely important; doctors often struggle to find the maximum dose that will not be catastrophically toxic. Many chemotherapy agents are oxidized by CYPs before their inactivation or excretion. This means that for patients using CBD, the same dose of chemotherapy may produce higher blood concentrations. If CBD inhibits the cytochrome-mediated metabolism of the chemotherapy and dosage adjustments aren’t made, the chemotherapy agent could accumulate within the body to highly toxic levels.

By and large, however, there have been few reported adverse cannabinoid-drug interactions among the many cancer patients who use cannabis to cope with the wrenching side effects of chemotherapy. It is possible that whole plant cannabis, with its rich compensatory synergies, interacts differently than the isolated CBD that is administered in most research settings. As well, the cytoprotective effects of the cannabinoids may mitigate some of the chemotherapeutic toxicity.

So basically no it isn’t a good idea to take it while on chemotherapy! Can’t believe my onc said I could if I wanted to. Stopping it immediately and going to take it after the chemo has gone out of my system completely.
There are a lot of benefits from it. Just take it either before or after chemo and not while on it!

Red Robin just read the article. How long have you been taking CBD? How far into your chemotherapy are you? Think that just highlights that unless it’s mainstream treatment then the oncologist really don’t have the answer. More research is definitely needed. X

Too right Amylou but unless its so called “modern medicine” then most mainstream doctors aren’t interested. Wish they had said we don’t know so wouldn’t recommend it. Wouldn’t have taken he cbd then. Looks like it could be dodgy whilst on chemotherapy.
I have been taking CBD since the middle of October. A couple of weeks after my surgery. Started my chemo on 18th December. Just had 5 of 6 cycles today so nearly finished. Maybe thats why I have had so many se’s. Who knows.
Won’t be making that mistake any more. Will let you know if se’s any better or worse or the same.
There is a lady based in London who is a holistic therapist who has treated a lot of people with cancer with CBD. To far for me to go for a consultation but she has a website with a lot of info on CBD studies. I can find out the website or her name for you if you want to read some more on the subject.

I think she is more of a uni professor now xx

Yes please. I’m up for trying anything (once I finish chemo) xx

Here ia the site you wanted Amylou


She has tips on there for helping yourself, if you look on the menu, to eliminate toxins and things in the body. It is mainly lifestyle changes at first but then she talks about homeopathic remedies too.
I have a natural health centre down the road from me so going to go at some point to check it out and see if it’s any good. If you do go looking for a homeopath then make sure they are properly qualified and registered. There are a few people set up that aren’t and you can’t trust them to know what they are doing.

I have been put right off of going to the doctors for mainstream medicine with all this. I am going to try the homeopathic approach with as much as I can from now on. Only take things from the doctors if I really have to.

Hope the info on the site helps. Xx

I did try to send it as a private message but for some reason it wouldn’t let me.

Can you message me about where its from please 

I have messaged you xxx

From what I have read CBD oil, cannibis, marijuanna is only effective for pain. I hear some people saying they take it to help with cancer? Can someone provide links to studies performed that show CBD oil is benificial for cancer patients? 

If not, then we are just flying blind here. 

The only thing that i know cannibis is effective for is pain. That is what is proven. 

I think you are thinking more of actual cannabis. This is the CBD oil, cannabis oil with no high, the compounds that cause it have been removed in the extraction process. It is the high part that helps with pain relief so you won’t get that from CBD oil! Think you need to do some more research. I know the powers that be on the forum needed to as well because like you they thought I was on about the ‘high’ form of cannabis until ai explained it to them. There are plenty of studies online.