Checking back in: one year post diagnosis

Some people like to check back in and let people know how they are doing. If you are coming up to your one year anniversary, post your update here.

thank you for putting these threads on

Great idea. Thanks

Krissy x

Hi all just want to share some news with you all
My Mom had her 1 yr post DX today and all is well,mammo clear.
My turn next 25th September will be my 5 yr post DX.

well done ladies proud of you all keep up the good work

I had my 1 year post diagnosis back in June. I think back to this time last year and would never have thought I would feel so well and so positive again. I had 8 sessions of chemo, WLE and axillary clearance 11 nodes out of 16 were cancerous and 3 weeks of rads. Now on Tamoxifen and Zolidex. Hair has grown back lovely and thick and curly (It was before also) but now is a dashing shade of platinum blonde! Have been back at work since June - 30 hours a week - I can truly say that I feel mentally and physically great. Hope this gives others encouragement.

I had my first-year mammogram last week and today I received a letter saying that it “showed no worrying features”.

In some ways, it doesn’t feel like a year ago that I received my diagnosis but in other ways it seems so much longer. It has changed my view of the world - and of me - and life will never be quite the same again, but this site has been such a great source of support and information and I thank everyone who has helped me through this scary process.

Good luck to you all.

Ann xxx

I have first annual mammo in July. Having breast cancer changed my life. A huge wake up call. It is a horrible disease and I was very lucky to be node negative but it stopped me in my tracks. Since then I have cleaned up my diet and started taking supplements. I do tai chi and practice mindfulness. I appreciate every day, every beautiful morning I wake up. I try not to get stressed (as much as I can!). I feel very happy, very optimistic and love being around. My health is great overall - I haven’t had a cold or virus since my treatment. Life will never be the same for any of us, but I for one feel good. No one knows what the future holds, there are no guarantees, but just living from day to day is great!


Hi ! It feels like you will never get here and I loved to read these when I was diagnosed on 1st July 2009 but here I am !! Had my year mammogram and all good! I was grade 3 triple negative with no nodes, had op, chemo and rads and now on the react trial (don’t know whether I have the drug or a pretend one though). I had the cold cap and kept about 60% of my hair. Feel fab now and appreciate so much more ! Still feel a bit stomach dodgy and worried sometimes but that’s all fine really compared to what some brave ladies have coped with ! I am 36 now and want to give hope and things to look forward to for the people at the start of the horrible thing now ! And also a lot of thanks to those ladies who helped me in the live chat and the forums all the way through ! Xx

Hi all

I was diagnosed a year ago in July 2009, grade 2, stage 1, ER+ no nodes, had WLEx2 and SNB, chemo (through choice, but only managed 4/6 FEC), rads and now on tamoxifen. I can’t believe a year has gone by, really, I didn’t think it was going quickly at the time, but it has whizzed.

I was made redundant when I was diagnosed, so lived on benefits through chemo and have since set up my own business which is doing ok and almost paying the monthly mortgage.

In a mad moment during rads in January I signed up for a triathlon which I did in July. Having never done anything sporty in my life and having put on a stone through diagnosis and chemo, this was a bit rash, but I thought it would be a good challenge to get fit and lose weight. And a challenge it certainly was, but I am far fitter now than this time last year, have lost 11 lb despite being on tamoxifen and struggling with weight and water retention. Signed up for my next triathlon in September and hoping I might be able to run all of it this time!

Have had awful hot flushes since chemo dumped me into the menopause on Oct 25th 2009, and they only seem to get worse, but that seems to be the only real side effect. Other than that I feel great, fit and healthy and hope it continues that way.

Getting married in Antigua in November and really looking forward to it.

I wouldn’t say my life is better since the diagnosis, and it didn’t really give me a wake up call, as I have always been an active person, but I would never have set up my own business or done a triathlon and who knows what I might do next. Life has certainly changed!


Thanks Ladies for all your encouraging posts. It really helps.Helen congrats for your forthcoming wedding Jackie

Hi everyone
Had my 1st year appointment today and all ok. Mammogram shows nothing and tumour marker blood test all good as well. I was diagnosed in August 09, had mx in Sept 09, 6 FEC-T finishing in Feb 2010 and then 25 rads, this all finished end of March 2010. I am halfway through 18 doses of herceptin.

It feels like a great weight has been lifted off me. Like others have said when you are diagnosed you think you will never get to this stage, but here I am and it feels great.

Good luck and heres to the future


Hi Marian,
So pleased to hear your good news. Good Luck with the rest of the Herceptin.
Sandra xxx

Had my one year mammo and ultrasound a few weeks ago and just got result that all is fine :slight_smile:

well done gocat. Its brilliant isn’t it

THANK YOU ladies you are all an inspiration having read all your post it realy does give you something to look 4ward too. when i get 2 my anniversary i will also carry on with this thread and hope i can inspiren otheres

Had my first since surgery/chemo/rads mammo last month, and all is ‘entirely satisfactory’


Had my first post-treatment mammo yesterday.Have to wait until I see my Oncologist on the 29th for the results.
I’ll let you know how I get on.

Little H x

I had my first anniversary mammo and ultrasound a little early in the middle of August and had another core biopsy as the scar tissue looked a bit suspicious. It was clear and I saw my consultant last week and he warned me that the scar tissue may cause concern at future check ups and I should learn not to worry about it as they have to check even though they may be 99% sure its OK.

Now I don’t have to see him for another 6 months and I feel very relaxed and free after a year of turmoil. Its as if a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I’m not the same as I was before BC, but I am OK and feeling well again.

E xx

so great we are all doing so well! it’s such a relief. I know what you mean, though- i feel like a totally different person than i was last year…