Chemo not starting

I was due to start chemo tomorrow. Having chemo before surgery.
I had my heart scan yesterday and the team just called today to say they can’t go ahead with the plan as my heart is too low for the chemo planned. I was getting 3 fec then 3 tax(?)
I am being referred to a cardiologist and I will meet with my oncologist on Tuesday to see discuss another plan.
I am feeling devastated. I have grade 3 IDC with lymph node involvement and my breast is sore every day. Last week they biopsied a second tumour in my breast and basically I can see my breast changing shape every day. I just want my treatment to start. I hate that every minute this cancer is growing inside me.



I am really sorry to hear that your chemo is delayed.  Lets hope that they can sort something out for you speedily.


Sending you a hug


Helena xxx

Happy they may decide to do surgery first and look at an alternative chemo regime .There are ladies on the forum with heart issues who have had chemo with adjustments .They will probably be able to advise what happened with them .

Hey this it what my nurse said today on the phone what my cancer is Invasive ductal carcinoma Grade 3 but Stage 1 HER2 positive…very worrying even though she did say it’s a common cancer for younger women,I’m still very scared can this be cured? I’m only 34 seeing oncologist 26th September and need a heart scan x

So sorry you have been delayed I’m hoping this don’t happen to me,I’m sick of waiting about,the waiting is the worst I think,fingers crossed your sorted soon happygolucky x



Are you having Herceptin? I am much older than you and had chemo slightly different to others because of my heart. I ended up with all TCH and they will not start if your heart shows less than 50% without the OK of a cardiologist. In my case it was just a phone call to him from the oncologist and it went ahead.


Lets us know how you get on xxx

Happygolucky these plans change all the time and it doesnt help our stress levels at all. I am having my heartscan on friday so cant start chemo, as planned, next wed due to onc needing to see results first. I hope they get things sorted for you quickly xx

Hi Ali49 I’m with my oncologist 26th September not had date for heart scan yet,the waiting is the worse I’m same just want treatment to start to kill this Cancer!! X

Hi Blueash,
What’s TCH? I have a low injection fraction. Well it was the injection fraction scan I had yesterday. You need to learn a whole new medical lingo to understand eh?
Thank you for taking the time to reply. X

Hi Ali49,
Thank you.
I hope your heart scan results are good and you can get started with your treatment without delay.
I just seem to have been hit with curveball after curveball today.

Oh and yes I was supposed to have herceptin as I am her+. Will depend on what cardiologist says I guess

Thank you Jill. Hoping to hear from other ladies with similar stories as me.
I am reassured that there are many treatment options and my team will taylor the right one for me.

Thank you Helena x

You will be fine, once you get your treatment plan you will feel more reassured. Your oncologist will explain everything to you.
Most people won’t have the heart results I have had. I am sure you will be fine and your journey will be as straightforward as it can be.
There are plenty ladies on here who have real success stories. Yours will be too x

Thankyou happygolucky x

Sam34 ring your breast nurse and tell them you havent had the aptvfor your heart scan. I saw the onc today and she was very nice. Really though i just wanted her to say I didnt need Chemo!! Didnt happen though! I am going to have 3 FEC andxthen 4 Docetaxol with pertuzumab and tradtuzumab. I will then have masectomy and 14 more injections of trastuzumab!! As well as letrozole for however long they give it for. All these words that are becoming so familiar!!@

And then you will be mended…??

I’m there Friday to see them so I’ll mention it thanks xx

Oh CK i hope so!! As Chemo is approaching i am feeling more scared. I feel like there is no way back once started. Or am i just being dramatic!! How are you feeling today CK?

Sorry to hear this good luck with your treatment plan. I am worried about what will happen to me. I too am her2+ but my family have a poor heart health history