Chemo therapy start tomorrow

Hi all,

No wonder I will post it here. I diagnosed ductal breast cancer, lymph node affected. I am really fear of the chemotherapy, and I will have the first chemo tomorrow, any sister being same with me? :weary:

Ms M

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Hi @MissM it’s natural to be fearful, I remember my first chemotherapy day!

There is a special thread for chemo starters for each month that you can join and share your thoughts and experiences. I’m sure there is one for April starters too. My Feb chemo starters thread has been great in terms of support and comparing notes.

Everyone is different but for the majority of people the first chemo session goes ok, with some nausea, diarrhoea and fatigue afterwards. Fingers crossed for you, you’ve got this!

Hi @tinatin , thanks for the words, how are your treatment now? For the April starter, do you mean I search the topic of April starter/ May starter to get into?

Miss M

Yes, worth checking out this link: April 2024 chemo starters

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Thank you @tinatin :pray: