CHILLOW PILLOW I just thought I would share this amazing products with everyone who goes through the hot flushes. I was given this website address by by lovely mum in law at christmas. She had told me about someone who she knew buying one of these amazing cold pillows. Well the other day I bought myself one and guess what, its great, ive slept properly since I have started to use it.

Have a look for yourselves.

I got mine CHEAP! I echo the endorsement - got the hint previously from this forum

I bought a pair for about £40 forn Bestbuysonline - I have one under my head and another alongside ready to pull over in the middle of the night after a few hours when the first one warms up.

I can see me getting another one They really are the best thing since sliced bread. My only bug bare is that no one told me about the chillow when i started having the hot flushes. Oh well. I’ve got one now!!

— I’m so glad to see positive posts about the chillow pillow. I saw an advert in the Amoena Life mag and was deliberating. If you buy from soothsoft you donate some of the money to Macmillan.

Really starting to feel shattered through lack of sleep so I think £40 will be worth it!


Zeb Hi Zeb

£40 is for 2!! I should have been more switched on (but may be I was being more cautious) anyway whatever it costs I would not be without mine now!!!

PS mine cost me - £23 (for 1)

Hi there I decided to buy only one in the end. Probabaly regret it but didn’t know if I’d get full use out of 2.

Looking forward to a ‘cool’ nights sleep!


Ready for action! Right filled the chillow and ready to go. Will try it tonight!


— —I bought one of these in January - it is a real God send! - I have been able to have better nights for the first time since the rotten flushes started! (thanks Tamoxifen!)
I really cannot recommend it highly enough!

Not sure… Hmm I THINK I like it but not sure whether to put it under my back or use it as an actual pillow and do I have it there already or just grab it when the sweats start?

Help needed!


Under your head I lay mine on top of the usual pillow and lay my head on that.

Chillow Thats how I use mine. I keep it in my spare room in the day, where it is nice and cool and then when I come to go to bed its lovely and cold, then I place it on top of my pillow, blue side up and away I go, no more flushes to wake me up. I tried it under my pillow case and it just wasnt cold enough!! I think I have mastered it now!!!

that’s better Yes, I think I’ve got the hang of it now. I had it on my pillow last night and though I still sort of half woke up I didn’t end up throwing covers on and off.

Just desperate for a full nights sleep. I find some days I can’t cope with the simplest things because of tiredness, please don’t let this last for 5 years…


? —doing this to find tread for address

me too please for the chillow pillow address?

got it cillow pillow addresses


copied these addresses haven’t yet tried them.

sharon. x

chillows You can also get them from Bupa £41.85 for 2 inclusive of postage, £6 cheaper than Soothsoft

Chillows We got two , Nicky wraps one around her head , i started calling her "Mother Teresa "
There are very good though


Hmmm… …I’m not having great success with mine , and like the rest of you I am desperate for a good night’s sleep! I can’t bear to have the Chillow near my head (too many unpleaseant memories of using a Cold Cap during chemo) so lie on it instead. I find it too cold to use all night, so am forever throwing it on to the floor, then trying to retrieve it again. This is becoming more difficult as my fingers are getting more stiff and painful every night… Oh, the joys of menopause!

—Chillow Pillow and Clonidine —I must add my endorsement of the chillow pillow to everyone else’s. I got mine through Bestbuysonline at a bargain price for two after reading about it here. The pillow really does take the stress out of hot flushes during the night and means that I am also able to rest much better.

I thought that I was going to have to put up with hot flushes day and night for ever and couldn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel but now I can. I have been suffering with them since the start of my chemotherapy and Zoladex treatment in April last year and now Tamoxifen has made them even worse.

Having tried as many natural remedies as I could stomach (the usual evening primrose amd sage drops), none of which worked, my consultant told me about an ‘old’ remedy for treatment of hot flushes which is not a hormone and so is safe for me to have called Clonidine. I have been taking half the recommended dose now for 12 days and my hot flushes are half as frequent and less than half as intense (before taking Clonidine I was having a hot flush on the hour every hour). I really do feel half human again and recommend fellow sufferers to give it a go.