I’m liking the name, but know nothing about the product.
I like a cold pillow as it is. The flushes bother me, and i’ll have Tamox later. Can someone explain this thingy to me please?

Hi there, I’m a big chillow fan.

What is it? Well its a thin plastic pillow that contains some special kind of foam that is activated by adding warm water and left to cool. Bit of faffing to roll and un-roll it to expel the air, then it’s ready to use.

You can lie directly on it, put it inside a pillow case or under a pillow. You can get double side ones or single sided ones (I have one of each). You can put it in the fridge to make it colder.

I find it cools my head quite well at night. Can’t stop flushes/sweats but seems to absorb more heat than a real pillow.

Some people find they leak, I’ve never had a problem.

When I had no hair during chemo it was too cold to lie directly on it, so I put it inside the pillow case on top of my real pillow.

They are a bit smaller than a real pillow which is partly why I now have two - side by side. But also if I get too hot I can put on on my forehead too! Have taken them with me on hols etc as they squish up small to go in a case.

Quite dear at ~£25 but some hosps can provide them if you ask… I got one free from my BCN

Hi there,

I used a chillow when I was on tamoxifen and having horrible flushes during the night. It is basically a thin plastic rectangular shaped bag with some kind of foam inside it. You fill it with a specified amount of water and seal it up, and voila, ready to use. It doesn’t need refrigerating or anything, it just stays at the temperature in your room which feels cool to the touch, much in the same way that a metal bed frame feels cold.

I actually bought two - the full pillow sized one and the smaller one, thinking I would use the small one downstairs during the day. They both worked really well, but for me I preferred the small one, even in bed (and it’s cheaper too). After you have lain on it for a while it does heat up a bit, but with the small one I could then easily flip it over and use the other side, whereas the large one was too big to manhandle in this way. One other word of warning - my son used the large one for a while and screwed it up into all sorts of positions which messed up the foam inside, and it was quite difficult to manipulate it back.

I think I’m a bit of a wimp, because I found it too cold to use all night, so preferred to keep it by the bed and just use it when needed, but it was very effective and I’m glad I had it.

Hope that helps!

“actually bought two - the full pillow sized one and the smaller one, thinking I would use the small one downstairs during the day.”

I totally misread that as using one “downstairs” then… I thought EH??? does THAT get hot as well? LOL - must have a mucky mind.

Now that has made me chuckle!

Cool!! (Sorry!)

Sounds brilliant. Where do I find such Chillow?

Amazon for sure, possibly ebay… could ask BCN and act dumb, say ‘some woman from Scotland told me they get them free up there’ (well I did)

Edit - to clarify, I got one free from my BCN, bought the other (double sided one) myself.

I wiil do Rev. I’m going in again Thurs so will see my bcn’s and i’ll remember to ask them. I’m struggling with thermal moments as it is and legs thrashing (well, sort of shuffling!) about spoils me nap.
Thank you.

Ooh, could do with another chillow, may well ask my BCN - after all, they really aren’t cheap!

I forgot. I have no money :o( They stopped it.
Just asked OH about pocket pennies - he’s left the room, lmao!

Tell him it’s his choice… you with restless legs (I have one twitchy foot - very annoyiing) and boiling head or he buys you a chillow…

I think he’s at the freezer.
Peas anyone?

Elttiks :frowning: That is really horrible, the financial side is one of the really hard parts of this for some of us.

If you can find a way to get a chillow, whether by BCN or other means, they really are good. They do heat up after a while but they help a lot.

I’ve just gone and got mine, I’ve got the 2 sided one that can be used as a body wrap and got is behind me and it’s doing wonders xxx

Just so long as he doesn’t expect you to lie on the bag of peas instead of buying you a chillow… Gotta go now - need my ugly sleep!

Nite, sleep well Rev.
El Kat, it’s going to be a nightmare. As long as the bills are paid and the house is warm I don’t care anymore. Sounds harsh, but I just want to go back to work and clean factory toilets, if my body will let me in time, and be proud to be me, abet lopsided, with funny hair and dodgy eyesight. I’ve got something to focus on for December that means the world to me, so i’ve got to get the rest of the surgery done, heal and get onto rads before then. It’s all crossed as from today. x

Thats what we’ve been like, just surviving, not living.
After all our bills we have £60 a week to feed ourselves and deal with household expenses, so we’ve had barely anything “spare”.

I really want to just get a job and get on. Grrr.

Snot fair.

I’m lucky with having a job. Just poke me with a stick and tell me that!

My bcn told me fill hot water bottle with cold water works as gd as a chillow i dout that somehow worth a try

Nope :slight_smile: It’s not a competition

i’ve just bid for one on e bay but probably wont get it as it will go for more than i can afford but will ask my bcn next time i go as i dont fancy a bag of peas of the hot water bottle option