choccie needs a hug

post deleted


Here comes the biggest cuddliest cyber hug ever - just because !!


Take care


HUGlies from Ninj

For choccie a big (((HUG)))XXX

Aw, shucks. Now stop it! I certainly don’t need an entire thread for sympathy because I’m feeling fed up, there are a lot of people on here who need a hug a darn sight more than I do. But thank you, I appreciate the thought, and hugs right back atcha!


Who says you don’t need an entire thread!! I love reading your posts, you’re a breath of fresh air so I’m sending you a bundle of enormous hugs.


me too, i always read ur posts Choccie & they’re full of good advice


to u :slight_smile: x

If choccie needs a hug, then here is a huge one. You are always there for everybody else so why should not everyone else be here for you when you need it.


Hugs and love xxx

ALWAYS HUGE hugs for Chuffie! You’re always here for everyone else with great advice and time to respond in detail to people’s worries. And we’re here for you too. MWAH! <no gentle=“” hugs=“” from=“” me=“” here a=“” big=“” rib-squashing=“” one.=“” grrrrrrr></no>


Sod the hugs, Sandytoes, from you I will only accept chocolate cup cakes and large jugs of Pimms! Oh, I forgot, you’ve already DONE that!

Now can you all please stop? I’m getting embarrassed and really there’s no need, I’m fine. We all have our wobbles, me too.

Sorry, not going to stop! ChoccieMuffin you always take the time and trouble to respond kindly and thoughtfully to people’s posts and I’m sure everyone would agree you are a hugely valued member of this community. So have another hug and like it!!!

Sorry to hear you are/were having a wobbly moment - you are so right it happens to us all, and we are all here for each other when it does. Hope you feel better. Much love xxxxxx

I agree with sallieannie, Choccie, you are such a great support to us all, I always know you are worth reading for sheer good sense, and that you make us laugh.
You have maybe had enough hugs to lift you (smother her more like Ed) but have some more for a hugless night

well, choccie baby, not a hug then but a squeeze from someone who reads but rarely posts. Many times I’ve read your lovely, warm and witty posts and they’ve supported me at a distance, like lots of us on here.
If you’re a star, you just have to accept that, and the love you get back for it!
mon xxx

Sod it Choccie, you’ve had me in hysterics with your posts on my darkest days, so I know that I am now entitled to send you big ((((Hugs))) from me and Dunnit the dog.

Eunice x

Now choccie think of this if you can’t ‘gracefully accept’ ahem… I did stand back when I said it! ‘how can we accept’ a hug from you so stand back and I’m sending my wee man in!!! He can hug for england Ireland Scotland & Wales!!!

Your getting hugged!!! xx

Hugs from me too xx

Hugs with knobs on!!!

Choccie, HUMUNGOUS HUGS coming your way my lovely… You have always been their for me you are a true friend !!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sorry Choccie,

More ((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))!

Kate x