choccie needs a hug

Choccie more from me too you are always there with support for others you deserve your hugs back from all on here XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Jill

Hi Choccie. This is the first time I have posted and I just had to send you lots n lots big bosies (thats what we call hugs in Scotland) as you have so inspired me over the last few weeks. I always read your replies to others - theres always something to help me too. Thank you. LOL Chic Cheryl

Huge hugs from me too Choccie because you aways cheer me up with your quirky turn of phrase. ((((((x))))))

and another one… biggest cyber hug possible Choccie - echo what everyoe else has said…love Jane

Sorry didn’t notice this thread last night…here’s another one Choccie
Your words always help

choccie… bigggg massiveeee huggggggs, your such a kind and thoughtfull girl, and your comments have saved me going totaly dooo dally … so from me 2 you … a lovely choccie cup cake, a soft cuddley teddy, and a massive hug xxxxx angie

(((((((CM))))))) and lots of them.
You were the first to reply to me when I joined this forum and your kind words I have not forgotten.

Here’s one from me too Choccie. (( ))

You always sound so upbeat and cheerful that I forget everyone has times when they need a wee lift. Hope it’s a blip and you are back to yourself by now.

Massive Hug coming your way Choccie!! Will give you even bigger hug at the next meet up.xx

It’s your turn to get the hugs(((())))) so i’m sending you loads, squeezing you real tight. I love reading your posts and your always so supportive, so now it’s our turn to comfort you.
T x

If you’re getting too many hugs now and the moment has passed then store them up for next time Choccie. You are always there for everyone else with sensible words of advice or humour to help us through.
Now it’s your turn.
Hugs from me too. xx

Heres another Choccie,


all the best Choccie, xxx

Awww BIG HUGE WARM HUG for Choccie :))


Another hug coming your way… don’t need to know what or why but do enjoy reading your posts and comments, always thoughtful informative and caring. Of course my hug comes with holy water :wink: (doesn’t really cos I don’t believe in holy water but it does come with an ‘arrow prayer’)

Take care Choccie


Hey CM, here’s another comfy hug to use now or put to one side for consumption later as you see fit. In fact have a whole bundle and pick through them x x x

I’m going to be different and send a smile :o) x

hey CM, sending soft and gentle fairy hugs your way xxx

Hey CM,
Sending a huge hug ,youre always here for us so we are here for you too .
Love Sharon xx

As requested and an honour, a big hug for Choccie who is the guru of BCCland, always ready and willing and enthusiastic, a bit like a beautiful choccie labrador, in the nicest possible way. (cross and uncross legs).