Hi every one hope you all followed me from darling rads of june waiting for yoy all to pop over into here now x

Hello to the darling rads of July. Xxx

Hello Dizzydee welcome to July tomorrow x

Hello all… X

Morning Ladies
Welcome to July ! Well I got a phone call off my doctor last nt she received a letter off my surgeon about my bone scan at last they found my results from 4weeks ago …she said my bones are showing a little fragile for my age and I could easy break a bone. And she said she has done me a script for some caesium and Vit D tablets …I dont feel any different bone wise just thee odd aches now and then due to Letrosole tablets…good job ive kept asking about my results I could have been taking calsium a month ago…
still getting the stabbing pains in my boob prob just the rads working.when I asked my oncol about the pains he said you breast us still swollen so when you take your bra off at home its probably pulling on the inside … I dont think so its a real stabbing shooting pain like contractions sometimes…uts 3am and here I am sat havinf a hot xhic in bed my hubby gone to work I dobt half struggle to get back off to sleep my body clock is all over the place…take care ladies and enjoy the sun but make sure you block it out also ;0( x

christine x

Morning ladies, lovely to be in a new month and putting it all behind us fingers crossed! I still get aches and pains in my boob and oncologist told me it may always be tender, I’m 3 weeks post rads and it’s only just stopped being active as can last for a few weeks, it has softened up a fair bit now but it’s hard not to get paranoid but we need to relax ladies and congratulate ourselves for how far we’ve come! I’m starting with flying off on holiday on Friday!! ?:sunny:

Morning Kim welcone to july yes putting it behind us is best thing to do wow you lucky lady jetting off on holls where are you going ? Onwards n upwards now looking forward to the future take care x

Christine x

Off to Menorca for a week of much needed R&R, then back to the run up to my sons wedding in Sept, so excited !!! ?? Xx

We have all come so far girls and reading your posts has made me smile? i too get a stinging sensation under my arm but it will ease with time as just finished rads. So good to hear people going on hols and getting back to normal or should i say ‘new normal’. But girls cast your minds back did you really want the old you?? Or do you much prefer this new stronger woman who appteciates life and when she smiles she lights up the world? Thats us girls xxxxx

Hi Dizzy and all you lovely ladies… Actually you are probably right about we ladies changing… I think I’ve changed and hopefully for the better… I try not to be too miserable now and count my blessings for what I have! Cheesy? Maybe… Anyway I’m into my second weeks of rads… Staying at a hotel five mins from hospital and all complimentary so that’s a weight off my mind. Hubby stayed with my last week which was nice but I’m enjoying this time now on my own… I’m sat in Regents park writing this my apt is in about an hour! I spoke to a lady at the hotel and she has also left her husband at home! What she she rang true to me… She said family etc had offered to stay with her… But this is HER time… And I completely realised that’s how I feel… My husband works not far from where I am and so if I need him he will come but so far it’s been nice just having me to worry about for a change… Anyway arm is still stinging so I’ll mention again today… Lots of love and keep cool everyone xxx

I’ll toast to having time for yourself during rads and it feels good. Please be rebellious in Regents Park for the boobie brigade!!! Xxx

How wonderful it is to be in July and the weather is fab too. I am on day 3 and all going well. Thankfully I don’t have to travel far from work, about a 10 min walk. Is anyone else being treated at the London Clinic ? all of my rads are at 4pm and it would be so nice to meet a fellow ‘zapper’. Anita

Are you on Harley Street Anita? Xxx

I know it my consultant works at 108 Harley Street. But i’m at The Royal Marsden Chelsea. Whats your hospital like? Is it good Anita? Xxx

Btw i’m in town next Tues if you fancied a meet up ?xx

Morning all, was up early again, 5.20,  which I really dont mind, the birds are singing and its a lovely day.

Had a lovely evening, my son popped round, my daughter had a couple of friends round for a bbq, so was nice to sit and chat with someone different.  Wish I had my taste for wine back though, was quite envious ha ha. 

Lets hope the sun continues to shine whereever you are 




Glad you had a wonderful evening Shell. May the glorious sum continue to radiate (pardon the pun) on all the datling rads of June both those just starting, mid way or finished rads. Xxx

Morning Shell68
Ive been woke most of the night with the thunder and lightening then was having hot choc at 2.30AM when my hubby got up for work …managed to grab an hours kip again.
Yes last noght was alovely evening I love the sun and love to be outdoors…but hard
to not enjoy the sun when you have to avoid it.I even had my shorts on yesterday and got my legs out …and even had a glass of wine sat outside last night but still didntake me sleep any better…have a lovely day enjoy this lovely weather while it last x

christine x

Hi folks I was about to post a general question about radiotherapy as I am due to start in a few weeks but I though you folks would probably be the best people to fill me in. I also noticed that a couple of you are having or due to have rads in Preston which is where I’m heading in about 4 weeks time.My first question is do you get given a regular time slot I am trying to work out practicalities, how long is each session approx,also any idea what would happen if you had to miss a session,I get bad bouts of vertigo that leave me bed bound for 24 hrs and I paranoid this will happen at a crucial time.Thanks. PS to those having treatment at Preston I’m guessing parking is a nightmare and also costly.Cheers ladies.