DCIS - Further surgery required

Hi @jaynie1
I too tend to research everything and ask lots of questions, so fully understand where you’re coming from.

I have had a genetic test as mine was a second occurrence of DCIS in my other breast which put me in a higher risk category, I have no family history of breast cancer and the results were clear much to everyone’s relief.

All the best with your results x


Update: results appointment cancelled as results are not ready yet
Question its been 3weeks and 3 days since surgery- can I directly wash the operation site yet?

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Same as me… 2nd WLE to get clear margins 4 weeks and 2 days ago… results appointment cancelled. Very anxious :worried: xx

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Hi @jaynie1, having had 2 lumpectomies and a re-excision, I can say you should be absolutely fine to wash the operation site, I always use gentle shower gels such as Sanex so as not to irritate the skin.

Wishing you all the best with your results x

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I do hope you had good news and the margins are clear? Lynne x I am patiently waiting for my mastectomy on the 22nd. It could have been done earlier but my partner is away x

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Thank you so much Lynne xx

I will be thinking of you on the 22nd xx

Today’s update: it’s a great day. Results showed clear margins so need to see radiology oncologist to see if radiotherapy is required and if not, yearly mammograms for next five years thank you to all of you who asked about me x


Hi @jaynie1

That’s amazing news!! So happy for you!! Well done :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I had my second op on 3rd April to achieve clear margins. Received call from BCN today to say my results are at last back… I see my consultant next Tuesday 14th May so he can give me my results. I’m on tenterhooks now!

Enjoy your weekend and celebrate your good news :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: xx

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Great news, enjoy the relief x

Hi Tracy,
Fingers and toes crossed for those elusive clear margins! X

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Thank you sooo much Lynnie1 xx

Good luck for tomorrow honey xxxxx


Thank you soooo much Jaynie. I will let you know xx

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Hi everyone. Not good results for me today, unfortunately. Still not got clear margins, after waiting 6 weeks for results.

I go in for my third excision next Wednesday 22nd.

Feeling a little overwealmed with it all right now xx

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Hi @tracy1
Really sorry to hear your news, after such a long wait.

It’s good to hear that they have managed to schedule your 3rd excision for next Wednesday, remember being overwhelmed is natural as is frightened, in fact I recommend a good cry or being angry, it is so difficult to deal with the waiting and then to get bad news.

Please take care of yourself and distract yourself with other things as much as is possible, appreciate it is really not easy :hugs: :hugs:

Thinking of you xx


Thank you @Summer-sunshine

I feel like I’ve lost these last few months and am back to square one again. It’s hard!

I went to watch my son play cricket tonight to take my mind off things.

They originally said 31st or 7th, butbthen my lovely Breast Care Nurse called to say they have managed to slot me in next Wednesday.

Apparently, they only try 3 excisions, if this doesn’t work, then it will be a mastectomy.

Sending my love to you xx

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I’m so sorry to hear this. Good luck for the 22nd. Will be thinking of you xxx


Thank you so much @jaynie1 xx

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Hi Tracy,
I am so sorry to see that you are to have a third op on the same day that I have my mastectomy.

It is such disappointing news, and it seems so many of us are undergoing several ops for DCIS which is supposed to be less of a problem!

My surgeon apparently rarely does a third shaving, but it was my decision to go for the mastectomy. I have no trust in MRI’s anymore.

Fingers crossed for you!
Lynne x

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Hi Lynnie

Thank you for your message. I agree, my BCN said DCIS is so hard to treat as it can only be seen under the microscope.

I will be thinking of you on Wednesday.

All the very best to you xx