Dew Drop Inn Too

all you need is a glass… of wine/beer/juice/water/neat gin

NO MUGS allowed - it’s a nice bar - you can have a bone china mug

be funny
be sad
few rules…

if you do drink neat gin… WOW!!!

it is a place to talk, relax, chat - if you feel bad we will pick you up

we also do virtual food…

Jennifer - aka the management

hey!!! we have a newly decorated, knock-out goregeous DDI
way to go Jen…

good to be first on deck to this great virtual bar

brings in fresh bottle of champagne to christen the bar


brings the glasses

Great refurbishment Jen - looks nearly as good as the old place!

nice to have a fresh start, isn’t it?
that just what we are all about here…on all threads

to continue the conversation in our fresh new bar Sue
i can see that being protective and feeling ever so fragile after surgery
could be extended beyond the time when it is necessary
like it is now
esp with arm that had LN taken
so just being careful not to overdo it but also not to cripple myself either later
is all

think too much, folks tell me that …sorry comes with the analytical thing i guess

so what mix of chemos are you having next time>>>>

Any room for a good looking barman??
References provided on application!

Taxotere again (ugh) but the onc has changed the steroids etc so I should be able to cope better. Apparently. Three more to go, only three more to go, just three more to go (sung as a football chant).

my lymph nodes were taken - oooh should i worry??? Nah!!!

GARETH>>>>>>>>>>>> bring the customers drinks

barman??? asleep on kegs

OY bOY … only if you are prepared to work!

GOod looking barman? I thought we needed a fat git!
>>>>>been speaking to a mutual friend!!!

and don’t put newbies off people

oh dear - I’m starting to get confused. I thought Jen had invited Brad Pitt to be the new barman. Or was it Tom Cruise…nah, he’s not tall enough to see over this bar!

seconded, Jen
be nice at least for first few pages

readying ideas for new tapas

being nice is just SO yesterday…how long am I mean’t to keep it up for?

I say Em - you are looking positively glowing today, that colour really suits you. Would you like more champagne?
Jen - you are looking very svelte today, very glam.

OMG…who is this woman???

perhaps the inner Westie without all the drugs and chemos and steroids and STUFF
no problem. as long as you can

why is being nice very yesterday>curious…

brings Westie a black beard and some snacks
>>>>>>>>>>>>>brings Jen a notepad and pen to help her organize thoughts for newly assigned rules for DDI

::::::::::::::installs a wonderful swing in the corner of the bar so we can sit and relax in whatever ways needed

and welcomes JB to the bar…having a man behind the counter can only help

ooooh Em - that swing looks marvellous, and thank you so much for this delicious black beard. Do you think we really need rules, except the primary one; the first commandment of the Dew Drop Inn; never cause offence intentionally (ie, never take Westie seriously in here!)

Let me know when I am needed to serve drinks, and not dish out spurious compliments.
I will be down in the cellar, where I so obviously belong, making sure all the kegs have been re-connected properly.

I think JB looks rather like Brad Pitt whilst he’s behind the bar actually, Those mirrors are very clever Jen - where did you get them?

agree with rules…just throwing it out in case someone was anxious to get some in
always giving folks options, I say

one rule sounds good to me…easy to remember and all else follows

thanks for reconnecting lines again JB…we should get you a new DDI Too Bar apron for those heavy duty drinks

sits next to westie on swing and rocks a bit

Hey Em, you really know how to rock!!! Does the rule sound good to you, oh esteemed patron of this marvellous establishment?

well, tis only my opinion sorry to be stuffy
rulz is rulz ya know

(dont know how long I can take this sweetness…can you tone it down to a 2-3 instead of 10???)