Diagnosed breast cancer grade 2 HELP.

In total shock have no idea what to do … I was told yesterday that I have grade 2 breast cancer oestrogen sensitive her2 negative. I had to have a mammogram as well yesterday and am terrified of what that will come back with, I will find out on Wednesday but I want to know monday, I do not understand how and why it take so long when the picture are ready immediately. Why would they not put me on anti hormone tablets straight away if its sensitive to oestrogen. I have so many questions but can not talk to my bcn as it is saturday and the gp is closed. Help me ladies please. I have a 1 year old and a 3 and 4 year old I’m only 37 I breast feed!!
How am I ment to keep my self together for them x

Hi. I am 15 months down the line with my treatment but I remember your fears as if they were yesterday. I know it is no good saying don’t worry but these are tips I found useful

  1. Stay away from Google. Often the info is out of date and each case is unique.
  2. Delays of days, weeks or even a couple of months won’t affect things.
  3. Hormone tablets are only started after surgery and/or chemotherapy.
  4. You will definitely feel better once you have your treatment plan in place. This is the very worst time but things will move quickly.
    Often seeing things on a mammogram does not mean they are malignant. Only a biopsy can confirm. My children are older, my youngest was 15 on diagnosis and just about to start his gcses. However my eldest, 23 at the time, is severely disabled and totally reliant on 24 hour care, he is blind and tube fed so still dependent. My biggest worry if all was not being here for my children. My diagnosis was the same as yours. For this weekend focus on your children. It’s hard but I distracted myself by going to work. I am really sorry you find yourself here but this is the most supportive place to be. There is always somebody listening and first thing Monday ring your BCN. They are invaluable. Xxx

Hi Laww3 - so sorry you’ve joined the club no one asks to join!  I was diagnosed in December and am still in ‘active treatment’.  I promise you, the palpabale anxiety you are feeling at the moment is the absolute worse part of all of this.  It’s hard to believe but once your team have discussed your plan, you will feel calmer. My experience has been the very best our beloved NHS offers - absolutely everyone has been kind and caring; mindful of my dignity and at all times very honest.  

Thank you so much for replying its all just a bit strange can not get mt head around it xx

Hi I have same diagnosis as you, five weeks ago.


The scan they did at same apointment as diagnosis is for clearer pictures so they can plan.


I saw surgeon for results and told would need lumpecomy, radiation and the anti hormone drug for five to ten years.


Waiting has been particularly long for me, have surgery next Wednesday, six weeks after diagnosis, then have to wait two weeks for results from tissue and lymph gland removed. If all clear then start radiation four weeks after, if no delays, and drug.


Some people get quicker response but depends how busy doctors are.


I am in London and they have seen huge increase in breast cancer cases hence the long wiats.


I have found the following helps, write down questions in a notebook, leaving space for answers.

I have written a seperate list for surgeon, nurse, physio, pre assessment, pre op etc, any and all apointments.


I found out when McMillan support group was available and went along, that helped so much.


You can email breast care nurse if guven contact details yet.


Also here has helped me breath, think what I want, understand all the jargon and processes.


It does not take away the shock of diagnosis or worries about interventions but helps.


Hooe ghis helps a little :slight_smile:



Hi Laww3, I feel for you, I really do. I know exactly where you are coming from, and no matter how old you are, the fears are the same. We all have something to fight for and live for , and so do you. So that is how you hold it together. Have you a partner or close family who can help to support you?

  1. The mammogram will show any abnormal patches , so better to find everything at this time. An ultra sound is even better ar showing up masses.

  2. Biopsies will determine what stage and grade the tumour is. Lymph glands may also be affected. As you know the grade can I assume you have had biopsies done?

  3. It can take up to 12 days in some areas for the results to come back. Mine did. Its a a waiting game all the time. So if your results are back Wednesday you are very lucky.

  4. The results are taken to a medical team meeting where your case will be discussed, and the best pathways for you decided. So, another week for that to get it right. Don’t want to miss anything or make a wrong decision

  5. Surgery may be one option , and this will depend on the size and type of tumour. Mine was ductal, invasive, 23mm, grade 3 stage 2. Lumpectomy got rid of Mr. Blobby from me. Larger tumours may have chemo first to shrink it. This means there is a smaller loss of tissue when operated on.

  6. CT scans,  more blood tests and heart check to make sure you can take chemo - if needed. Possible chemo to mop up.

  7. Radiotherapy to ensure it doesnt return.

  8. Possible hormone therapy if you are ER+ve - for 5-10 years. As I will have to.

As the ladies on this forum will tell you, it’s hard but doable. You don’t have all the results or the facts so until you do, try not to stress. Those babes need you. There is great advice on here, but DO NOT Google.

The medical team are your champions, and the process is what it is. A week, or in my case a month- I went on my planned holiday- makes no difference. The above list is a general one, but probably what you can expect. Remember that everyone is different, and your cancer is unique. Good luck, and be kind to yourself. X

Hi Laww3, I have a similar diagnosis of 2cm invasive ductal cancer grade 2 ER + and Her- . I also have 5cm area of precancerous and at least 2 other areas. This info took lots of biopsies and scans over 5 weeks. I am now over 6 weeks since they found it and have just been given a date for mastectomy and delayed implant reconstruction of 12 May. Five weeks time. Can’t believe it’s so long but apparently the first date they have. Everything takes 2 weeks here and 3 weeks or 1 week there. It is exceedingly stressful when you just want the cancer removed.
Even though the news seems to get worse over the weeks, I think my most anxious and stressful time was at the start and I’m somewhat calmer now.
Write everything in a note book from thoughts, diary and questions. Look at this website and the forum not general internet. Try to not think about it in between appointments too much.

Hello ladies been a while since on here. But wanted to share had very large tomojr 6cm. Been theough threatmwnt and feek apart when first diagonsedc and was put on anti depressants. Hang in there girls fast forward 2 years i have started a new life in the USA. I so feel for you girls just recently diagonsed . It is ahit but dont be scared to ask for help could not have done it withoit my anti depressants. Never taken them before bit they helped me get through this rollercoaster. Hiugs xxxx

Hi I am recently diagnosed too, all I know it’s it’s invasive ductal grade 3. I have to wait till Wednesday next week to find out results from further test. I am 31 years old and have a daughter age 12 and a son age 3. I too am at the very raw stage where you just want answers to everything. The waiting is awful. Positive positive positive is my only way forward x

Did anyone else go through the feeling that any minute now your going to fall really ill??

I was only diagnosed 2 days ago so I haven’t got a treatment plan or anything yet. I feel like I’m doing okay I just can’t get past the feeling that I should be feeling ill or that I’m all of a sudden going to become ill x

Hi Annie,
It’s quite normal to be fit & well on diagnosis if, as is the case for the vast majority of us, we are newly diagnosed with primary bc that is still contained within the breast, therefore it wont make us ill at this stage.
Fortunately, bc tends to be picked up earlier than other cancers, as it can be felt or detected from screening so thankfully, it has some of the best outcomes out there.
My bc was picked up from screening, I had no idea & was otherwise, completely fit & well.
ann x

I just want to say thank you to you all I am so sorry we are all going through this … I am so scared of my results from the mammogram I keep thinking I’m going to be told its even worse than initially first though my other boob has the same pain now :frowning:

Carole wow did you have any idea … this must of knocked the wind out of you … do you have a plan in place for the other areas hun? I hope you don’t mind me asking? I want to ask my bcn for a ct scan I have been having problems since November 16 first pre cancer cells on my cervix. My periods lots of pain I have a ovarian cyst, I am also waiting for the results on a random lump on my nose which is taking ages for the results… I am completely paranoid :frowning: xx

Thank you very much for taking the time to reply to me. I will know a lot more on Wednesday when I get my treatment plan and I’m sure I will have the chance to get all my questions answered then. This forum is such a massive help though xx

Hi Laww3 and Annie - keep positive… i too had grade 2 tumour and am now back at work 8 weeks post mastectomy with no further treatment required - all cancer removed (and had quite a few areas of it in the breast). I come on here now and again as I know how awful it was when first diagnosed, so I can give support - exactly the support that I got when i was scared, from these lovely ladies. Treatment is excellent nowadays, this damn thing is common (even more common than I realised pre-diagnosis) and once treatment starts you will feel more in control. x

Hi law in recently diagnosed too with what sounds similar to yours. I’m grade 2 and we positive and im.pretty sure they said her2 negative as well as all I remember them saying is that most younger people get this one but i didn’t have that! I’m 38 with an 18 month old and a 5 year old. So I do really sympathise, not their is ever a good time to get it but think it’s just made that little bit worse when u have really little ones… I’m worried sick for them too. And keep crying about the fact I’ll not be able to do anything for them after my op. I’ve had 3 biopsies and and mri. Getting results of that on Wednesday and hopefully a full treatment plan then it Will be 4 weeks since my diagnosis. Ladies who recommended anti depressants would my bcn issue there or would I just go to gp ? Didn’t think I would be allowed them due to inevitably having to have some form of anti cancer drug soon. Think I need them as barely been going out and not wanting to speak to anyone. Kids are the only thing keeping me going. I hope u feel a bit better soon law… hopefully Wednesday comes quickly for you. Sorry if I’ve ranted on about myself and how I’m feeling I’m probably not the best one for good advice at this stage ha xx

Hi Melia,
Do go & see your gp about how you’re feeling & s/he will prescribe anti depressants if indicated.
Thinking of you for Weds, it will get better once your treatment plan is confirmed.
You will get through this.
ann x

I’m confused here. People seem to be aware of grades and types of cancer before surgery. I was diagnosed with idc on the 8th March with 18mm lump and another large area of abnormality as yet unknown.  Had a mastectomy on the 30th March pending full results this Wednesday. Was assured only treatment for the cancer they knew of was surgery so shouldn’t need chemo.  

Hi tgregory - mine was 17mm with other areas but they told me my type (ER+ PR+ HER2 neg) after my biopsy - they should know as they base the treatment in the results of the biopsy I think x