diagnosed today

Was told today I have stage 2 breast cancer, feel so sick and scared. Feel that life will never be the same again

Hi Bellah

I know exactly how you feel! I am a bit further on than you! I had a lumpectomy and SNB and having more surgery to take out additional nodes! I am stage 2 as well! It is all very scary but we’ll get there.

Sandra x

Hi Sandra
Thanks for reply, hope everything goes well for you x

I’m so sorry you’ve found yourselves here. This is definitely the hardest time. As soon as you’ve got a treatment plan in place things move very quickly. Life will never be the same again but it will settle down to a new normal. I’m 15months on from my diagnosis but can still remember the day I found out. Love and hugs xx



Welcome to the place where no one wants to be but you will get sooo much help and support on here from the wonderful ladies.


It is a lot to take in at once, give yourself time to adjust to your diagnosis. Breast cancer treatment these days is very effective and successful.  I know you dont think it now but you will get through this and come out the other side.


Sending you a hug


Helena xxx

Thank you, haven’t stopped crying yet, thought I was made of sterner stuff. Hope you’re treatments going well xx

Thank you Helena x

Hi Bellah,

I can relate in what you are saying I have too been told today I have stage 2 breast cancer. It hasn’t really hit me yet. Hope you have support around you x

Am so sorry, have got a lovely family who will support me all the way hope you have too. Hopefully we can support each other too xx

Hi I have my family and friends to support me too. my mum has had it twice and a breast removed but even so I don’t want her to worry too much. Great birthday present turned 41 on Friday just gone. Big hugs from me. Glad you have support doesn’t stop you feeling scared x

That’s very true, think it’s fear of the unknown. No it’s not a good birthday present at all. Are you waiting for a surgery date.

They are discussing it all at the hospital Friday and calling me afterwards to let me know what’s next. The only fear I have it could come back afterwards. Hope you hear about your date soonx

That’s exactly what’s happening with me, ringing me Friday afternoon with a surgery date. And I’m also scared that I will always worry about it coming back. But as the nurse told me today take it one day at a time xx

Hi I diagnosed end if Feb with stage 2 and felt the same but surgeon so confident this can be got rid of.


Its still early.


I had op last week to remove growth and some lymph nodes to check. I will get detailed results next week.


There are lots of professionals sorting our care, and loads help to access, like here, at McMillan, I go to support group once a month. Met some amazing people.


I think we react based on what we told years ago, rather then knowing now this can be cured, controlled, ts affects minimised.


Its annoying but so good they can catch much eaflier now.


I am still processing the rollar coaster of emotions, appointments, operations and forthcoming treatments.


Feel sore, bruised and battered but its all to heal me and so pleased they can do this now.


Bit by bit we can do this journey together. :slight_smile:





Hi bellah and Clare, like the other ladies on here I really understand how you are feeling and whilst it is still early days for me things do honestly get easier. Clare I can relate to the bday present I was diagnosed early March 3 days before my 41st birthday…funnily enough I didn’t feel like celebrating at all. Knowing your date for surgery will help because then you have something to work towards and like people say try to take one day at a time. When I was diagnosed i went from complete panic to learning more and more about BC and how treatable it is. Also from reading some really positive posts on here I realised that there is life after BC. I am 2 weeks post surgery and find out my next steps next week. I am now taking one day at a time and getting on with life whilst I wait for my appointment. Sending you both my love and best wishes xx

Oh Bella, I can totally identify what you’re currently going though and what others have been saying to reassure you.  I was diagnosed last August and can honestly say, I have never truly experienced fear until the whole Breast Clinic investigations etc.  


It really helped me to treat diagnosis as something to be dealt with positively.  No-one wants to be there, but diagnosis means treatment, and treatment will get you on your way to a new normal life.  


I didn’t cope with the initial stages of diagnosis/surgery/treatment very well (shock and fear I suppose!) and had to resort to taking something from my GP for my anxiety symptoms.  This truly helped me a lot - so don’t be worried about seeing your GP (although don’t accept Fluoxetine, as it can’t be taken with Tamoxifen - and treatment depending, you may be put on this). I’m through treatment now and it’s doable!!


Be kind to yourself on the good days and the bad, as they do come in equal measure… and keep in mind all those other women (and men) currently waiting and undergoing treatment.  You really are not alone.  


Chin up and try to remain positive, as you have every reason to be. Good luck x

Thank you all for your replys, am still feeling very scared and teary today. My daughter says I am allowed today to cry and then we “we kick cancers butt” really helps to hear how strong you and determined you all are xx

Thank you Annie,
I know it’s early days and I’m sure the sick, scared feeling will ease. It really helps to have such positive messages off all you other ladies xx

Hi bellah.
I’m 42 and was diagnosed last week. I’m not sure at what stage I am but it’s spread right across my boob (10cm) and is also in at least one lymph node. ? Mastectomy and 7 lymph nodes out on may 2.
I was diagnosed on the one year anniversary of my dad’s sudden death. It was like a very bad dream. To make things worse I convinced myself that every ache and pain was related and that it had spread. I know how irrational this is during my sane moments but when the fear kicks in its debilitating. I had to sit down in the shower the other day because my jelly legs couldn’t keep me up. I’ve since had a stern word with myself. I CAN and WILL beat this. And no, life won’t be the same. It will be even BETTER, because I’ll appreciate every day more and I’ll be even stronger than I was. Xxx

Forgot to say, I’m now very grateful for my diagnosis. Cancer is like a very sly, wimp. It has been invading my body in secret and without giving me a chance to fight back. Now that I’m onto it, it doesn’t stand a chance. X