Diagnosed yesterday 19 Jan 24

I am new on the site, I am 81 and was diagnosed yesterday with breast cancer in my right breast, but I was told by the consultant that it had not spread to my lymph nodes.
I had a mammogram, a scan and two biopsies, after the treatment I spoke with the consultant, he said it hasn’t spread, but I have a larger lump and a smaller one.
Next Thursday I have an appointment and the results will be back, they will draw up a plan, and probably a date for surgery, so at least I feel things are moving, they were honest with me, and told me after the scan it was probably cancer, I wanted to know, so pleased they told me, but obviously will have to wait for results.
It was a shock, when I got home from the hospital I had chills and a high temperature and felt awful.
I want to share this, with anyone, but also anyone elderly like me.
Looking forward to chatting with anyone x


It is such a shock. I felt faint and scared after my diagnosis on 31 December 2019. but even though it was in the Covid epidemic the surgery was not as bad as I expected. I had a lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy. I arrived at the Royal Marsden at 7 am and was back in home for tea. Of course you may require different surgery. But it sounds like things are moving forward.
I am not sure about the chills and temp, sounds more like virus.
take care


Oh I am so sorry for your diagnoses , I hope you had family around you when you got the news and you will be okay and get through this

I am not sure with your stages of journey but mine was kind of different for them to know if it had not gone as far as lymph nodes. I had mammogram, scan biopsies, surgery for the breast and surgery with the lymph nodes to check no cancer in the lymph nodes.
Good luck with what ever plans they have for you


Hi poppy it is a horrible experience to go through but at least they prepared you for your results , I was told mine was benign so was a shock when I did get results , I had mastectomy and lymph node clearence and recovered well , they will look after you very well and talk you through every procedure , you will be in good hands , I felt like you after results think it’s shock it drains you . Hope you have good family support x


Thank you so much for sharing with me, yes I have a good family support my three children live within 2 miles, and my Husband is amazing.
I am just a bit concerned in the last three days, in the afternoon I get a high temperature, and at first I feel cold then I get a temperature, I feel ok in myself, it’s very odd, maybe shock not sure.


Hi poppy 21so glad you have good family support it is important when going through treatment etc , there is alot of colds and viruses going around at the moment just keep a eye on your temperature , hope all goes well for you keep us posted on how you get x

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Hello Ann

Your concerns about your symptoms are entirely understandable, unfortunately once you walk through that door marked “cancer diagnosis” your senses become heightened to everything and you automatically think “it must be the cancer” when 99 times out of 100, it isn’t.

That’s the other horrible thing about a cancer diagnosis, for many many people and especially with breast cancer you don’t feel “unwell” and the reality is that to get better you have to put yourself through processes that make you feel unwell to get better.

Look after yourself, keep yourself hydrated and take what you would normally take to treat a virus: in all likelihood this is what is making you feel unwell. If things don’t improve in the next couple of days you could give your GP a call

AM xxx


Hi Poppy 21
My experience and diagnosis is almost identical to yours. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2022 at aged 82 when I received the news that it was cancer I received a letter from the specialist saying that I had seemed stunned by the news. Well I was. It is such a shock. .i had the mammogram , a scan and two biopsies and told it hadn’t spread to my lymph nodes. I had a mastectomy and recovered well from that. In August of that year I was given the all clear for cancer as no lymph nodes affected and the mastectomy removed the cancer I didn’t need chemo or radiotherapy and am on Hormone therapy which apart from joint pains I am tolerating well . Now 18 months later I am almost a new woman. I am 83 now and try to take all the advice offered I attend seated yoga classes as well as relaxation classes and exercise classes designed specially for cancer sufferers. There is a lot of help and encouragement out there. I hope like me you accept all such help. I think all this is daunting for as you describe elderly people ( I never think as myself as elderly just maturing well) I love clothes and fashion and spend time on myself and as we say I am kind to myself. I hope you are feeling better now. The chills and so on could have been the shock but whatever it was I hope you are feeling more positive. I wish you all the best in the world. Hugs xxxxxx


Hi Coralmary
Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me, I did half prepare myself for the worse, as my lump is walnut sized with a smaller one along side it, but it was still a shock.
I will know more on Thursday and hopefully a date for surgery, did you have to wait long after you had been diagnosed for your surgery,
Last Tuesday I had a place removed from my leg and two biopsies, and it’s been leaking a clear fluid, I saw a Doctor yesterday and she said it wasn’t infected, and she didn’t think the chills and temp was to do with my leg.
I was amazed how they took the biopsies it’s like a shot into the lump, but it didn’t hurt, the Doctors were brilliant.
I am trying to relax this afternoon, my Husband will do our dinner for later, he has prepared it all.
Please keep in touch, it’s nice to talk to someone who has been through the same.

Hi again I was diagnosed with bc on 2nd June and had mastectomy on 13 July. To be honest it is all a bit of a blur but I recorded dates which is useful. I just add that my husband was diagnosed in the February before mine in June with a terminal stomach cancer. He died in December 2022 So most of my treatment passed me by because I was so concerned with my lovely husband of 60 years.
But if you want it to Life can go on I believe you just have to get on with it.
Love xxxx

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Oh bless you, you are amazing, and very strong, you have been put through the mill.
So about a month before your operation, I am not certain yet what they will decide on doing. I will let you know after Thursday.
It’s lovely speaking with you, and gives me hope
Hugs xx

Its so frightening waiting for results and feels like your caught in a whirlwind of appointments.
Things will settle down when they have a plan in place and you will know what is happening.
Hopefully it hasn’t spread to lymph nodes and they will do any surgery or chemo pretty quickly.
Best of luck and try to keep positive x

Thank you so much, yes I am trying to keep positive, they did tell me it had not spread to lymph nodes, but I will now more on Thursday, they will have plan on Thursday and hopefully an appointment for surgery.
I will be glad when tomorrow I can take the dressing off from biopsy site, it’s really irritating my skin.
I will keep you up to date. XX

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Thank you.
The biopsy i had caught a blood vessel and i was black and blue.
The surgery was really quick, lovely staff who really put me at ease. Am sure yours will be the same.
Once they get the results from op they will know how best to go about treatment. Your in good hands and will be well looked after. Take care xx

Dear Poppy

Thinking of you, wishing you lots of luck with your treatment, one you have a plan in order, feel sure everything will fall into place.

Lots of health and happiness going forward brave lady, please let’s us know how you getting on

Biggest hugs Tili :rainbow::pray::rainbow::pray:

Hi Poppy21
Please do let me know how you get on Thursday. I will be thinking of you xxx

Hello Poppy (lovely name, my great granddaughter is also called Poppy!

I am 84 and was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer in 2022. I had left mastectomy and 4 lymph nodes removed. I was told afterwards that 3 of the 4 were cancer connected so I had 15 rounds of radiotherapy in May/June 2022. TNBC is aggressive so I might have a problem if it should return as it is not hormonal. However I walk a lot (and talk a lot !) and I am sure that is what is keeping me fit. The whole experience was good, all the nursing staff and consultants are so kind and they all understand what a big thing it is for each individual.

I wish you well and will look on this site on Thursday to find out how you have got on.


Hello there Poppy- I know the wait is difficult but the doctors know how fast they should or shouldn’t move. They will get all your tests done and will proceed. Whatever treatment or surgery you will have . You will get through it. My grams was 80 when she had her lumpectomy , radiation and chemo and did great for many years. Passed away a 95 - no recurrence. That was 30 years ago and the treatments have gotten even better.

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Hi poppy sorry about your news the only good thing is it’s contained and not in your lymph nodes. I was 47 when I got diagnosed in 2014, it’s in my family so when I got told they found a lump cancer and a lump that wasn’t but could turn so they suggested removing the breast. I couldn’t cope with one so I had both removed. I then had silicone implants but one failed. 2016 I had reconstructed surgery but I got cancer in 2018 isolated but had lymph nodes removed but this caused lymphoedema fluid in my right arm. Unfortunately for me last year 2023 I got it back again this time I opted to remove the reconstructed boobs and have gone flat I’m just turned 57 now this last one I struggled with emotionally as they couldn’t understand how I had got it back again. I had CT and MRI scans they were the longest 3 weeks ever, thankfully it was again isolated. After having them removed my now consultant said my original surgeon had left a lot of breast tissue behind so these past 2 lots of cancer might have been avoided if done first, the surgeon retired that year. Iv had all breast tissue removed now. I’m from uk so we have nhs I got a couple of softies to come home with but Iv purchased a couple more in 2 different sizes so now I can wear tops that were to tight in the bust and bigger for other tops that fit nice, the world is my oyster.
You will be fine technology has come a long way in 10yrs since my first diagnosis so I an hopeful for us all. Stay strong be positive you can handle it ask questions and remember it’s your body you guid them on what you want done not what they want unless you agree but if you don’t, don’t be afraid to say if we don’t stand up for ourselves who will sending you big hugs :people_hugging: x​:two_hearts:


Oh bless you, what a lot to go through, you have been through so much, and still come through it all, you are amazing, and breast cancer in your family, I have no one with breast cancer in my Family, I found the lump on New Year’s Eve, I couldn’t believe what I could feel, prior to all this, I was in hospital for a week in October, had lots of tests even a heart scan but no one noticed it (I had cellulitis) and was very poorly,
On Thursday I will know there plan of action, I have fairly large boobs, so one gone would be terrible, but I would cope, I have a good caring Husband, and my three grown up children to support me, Grandchildren and great grandchildren.
But it is still very scary, how long did you have to wait before your operation.
I went last Friday, saw the consultant who examined me, then I had a mammogram, and then a ultra sound scan, while doing the scan I had two biopsies, and suspected cancer, saw the consultant after all the tests, and he said he is certain it’s cancer, they will draw up a plan and a date for surgery, I go again this Thursday 25 Jan, I will let you know what plan they have for me.
It’s so reassuring when you speak to people who have been through the same, as I said you are amazing.