Did anyone else have lymph nodes removed with mastectomy?

Hi there,
I had a mastectomy a few months ago and now questions seem to be popping into my head left right and centre! I have just read that lymph nodes are not normally taken out when DCIS is diagnosed and a mastectomy done. Has anyone else had lymph nodes taken out?
Any replies would be GREATLY appreciated.
L x

Hi L
yes I had nodes removed with dcis and mastectomy it is just to make sure it has not spread.



I had lymph node clearance with dcis and mastectomy…12 removed and 3 of those involved.


I too had a sentinal node biopsy with my first WLE in November 05, where about half a dozen nodes were taken out, two of which later proved to have metastatic her2+++ bc cells in them. The WLE was followed by mastectomy wiht immediate recon in January 06 to remove widespread, high grade DCIS as the margins from the WLE were not clear. I have never regretted accepting any of this surgery as I feel it’s given me the best chance of remaining cancer free.

If you have any questions like this, it’s a good idea to write them down and go armed with them to your next appointment with your consultant surgeon or oncologist.

Good luck!

Thanks everyone - that’s cleared it up in my mind. So long as I wasn’t the only one to have them removed!
Best to you all
L x

Same here, 12 nodes removed (they must want to go for a nice round figure) all clear.

Some Oncol’s take nodes, some don’t, I always think to take them is best.

Linda x

I had a WLE with guide wire on Monday and my surgeon took all the lymph nodes under my armpit, the BC nurse said it’s his usual practice. Won’t know if or how many affected til 2 weeks when I get pathology results.
Fiona x

My mum had some removed for testing during her op last Thursday.


I had a double mast and immediate recon in June. Had DCIS in both boobs. My lymph nodes were hurting under both arms on and off for 6 months before the op. They refused to do a sentinal node biopsy and said with none invasive DCIS this is not appropriate. Some lymph nodes came away during the mastectomies. 3 in one arm and 5 in the other. They were all clear and they have now discharged me from the cancer unit. I was still worriedand wondered how they knew that the cancer hadntspread to the remaining lymph nodes. I rang the breast nurse last week. She explained that they dont normally take any lymph nodes out with DCIS. The histology showed the DCIS had not spread out of my ducts, even though it was high grade in the one boob.

Hope this is useful.Take care.

Max xx

I had a mastectomy 14th July, 20 lymph nodes removed, 17 had cancer cells. So it is normal I think.

yeah me too 20 removed all clear

Hi I had a mastectomy on june 25th due to DCIS and had 4 nodes removed. Unfortunatley or fortunately depending on how you look at it I go in next week(22nd) for a 2nd op to remove the remaining nodes and those 4 showed to be cancerous. Can’t say I looking forward to it but am prepared for the drains,pain etc. What I am dreading most and this is beginning to make me have very low moments is the results. What if (there is 8 weeks between the 2 ops) the cancer has gone through all my lymph nodes and taken a journey else where!! Sorry to be full of doom and gloom but feel a little better having actually put it down.
Hope you are all doing ok.
Sharon xx

Hi everyone, I had a double mastectomy on 23rd July with SNB, and four nodes out one side and 3 the other, does it mean if you have nodes out that you may get lymphoedema? What can you do not to get it?

I have at last taken my first table Arimedex today - after looking at them with fear for a week!! Also got the letter today to start radiotherapy on 5th September at precisley 1336!!

So hopefully the last of it!!


I had wle for dcis in February and no nodes out. I asked at the time and was told there was no need because cancer was insitu. I think it must depend on who is doing treatment, exactly what type, how widespread etc etc. I some ways I wish they had taken nodes for peace of mind.

HI Sharon

I’m really sorry to hear your nodes were shown to be cancerous and really feel for you. Waiting for results is such an awful time isn’t it where your emotions are up one minute and down the next? No-one can understand if they haven’t been there.

At least you feel better for expressing your worries which is maybe something you need to do rather than try and be strong and hold things together. You aren’t full of doom and gloom at all - you are being realistic about the possibility and I think that is perhaps better than being totally optimistic and not even considering that it could have travelled elsewhere. Just a thought but are there any support groups in your area where people can meet and discuss their situations and help each other? I don’t know whether that is something that would help you or whether waiting time for results is just something people have to cope with.

My best wishes to you for your surgery next week and hope you have the best possible outcome.

I do know how you feel, i had my mastectomy and full node clearance 8 days ago, after the op the surgeon told me all the nodes looked infected, i thought it was a pretty irresponsible thing to say as he cant really know for sure by just looking at them surely? Got another two weeks to go waiting for results, and like you, my mind does constantly drift to bad thoughts, I wish he hadnt said anything, at least I would have two weeks of not worrying like this.


It does sound quite poor that your surgeon told you that in such an offhand manner considering you now have to wait two weeks to find out for sure.

Why don’t you telephone and speak to one of the Breast Cancer Care nurses on this site and see if they can talk you through your concerns. I hope I don’t upset you by saying this but I don’t think a professional would make a comment like this unless they are pretty certain about the outcome and I’m sure there are times when experienced surgeons can tell purely from looking at the specimen. If he used the word ‘infected’ though perhaps he was referring to exactly that - some kind of infection rather than cancer? (I don’t know but just passing on my thoughts).

I hope you can keep your thoughts occupied for the next two weeks so that you cope with getting through this hard time and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you.

I did get preliminary results through last night, not sure why these were so quick, 11 out of 27 nodes infected, 1 x72mm and 2 x 40mm tumours,what a stinker!

Hi Xinte,

Well the good news is that you haven’t got to suffer the two weeks of waiting. I’m so sorry though - I know the results aren’t what you wanted to hear but at least you know now. Like you say - what a stinker! Maybe your surgeon had the results rushed through because he could see how anxious you were about it or because he could definitely see something amiss and wanted to get you started on treatment as soon as possible.

What is going to happen next in your treatment?..or do you have to wait two weeks for them to send you an appointment (LOL).


PS I have just seen your other post so realise you won’t be seeing your oncologist just yet. I hope you can stay strong as it does sound like a rocky road ahead but it is good that a couple of replies have been posted that show that you do come out the other side. Take good care of yourself.

A lot of people diagnosed initially with DCIS seem to have lymph nodes that are involved, which if this is supposed to be pre cancerous seems strange. When diagnosed first with DCIS I was told nothing to worry about, it means it hasnet spread and very early and treatable. Now Im getting different signals, although saying treatable does mean anything does it, they dont say curable !