Diet following chemo and pre radiotherap

I have two more taxol sessions left of chemo and would have completed 16 cycles of chemo soon! Then onto radiotherapy for 4 weeks.


Can anyone recommend any supplements or diet changes (apart from usual stuff like adjusting to plant based diet/ no alcohol

/avoiding estrogen based stuff(I’m er positive!)

Is the period post chemo a vulnerable phase where we can pick up even more bugs? 


Any complimentary therapies to consider in particular?


Keen to hear from anyone who is in between chemo and radiotherapy and any tips?


I have already had surgery.




Hi ppat


Congratulations on getting this far and looking forward. I’m afraid I can’t help with dietary advice - paclitaxel reduced me to zombie status and my oncologist delayed radiotherapy for two weeks to give me a bit of respite. However, I can answer one question. You won’t be ‘safe’ from infection for a few weeks - allow the first week for your last treatment to work on your body. After that, you’ll slowly recover all those blood cells stolen from you and your immunity will grow so by week 4 your blood counts should be back to normal. Your team should advise you on this, with dietary advice, and stress that you’re still immunocompromised for a few weeks. After that, go cuddle a toddler…


Meantime, keep doing those exercises and ensure your scar and shoulder muscles are nice and flexible so you can easily ‘assume the pose’ for radiotherapy daily. I hope it goes well for you x

Hi ppat, glad to hear your chemo is coming to an end. The following thread had several links to dietary advice: