I have been asked by the daughter of Eltiks(Aly) to let you know that she lost her fight with this terrible disease last night, my love & prayers go out to her children, partner & her beautiful new grandson at this very sad time. RIP Aly you will be very much missed by so many. Sarah


Devastating news - Elttiks was one of the funniest, strongest most supportive people on these forums, and even after her secondary diagnosis managed to make others feel better. The only sense of relief is that her recent suffering is now ended and she can rest peacefully.

Rest in Peace, and may special memories of your love and life be a source of comfort to your family and friends.

I’m devastated. Aly and I met through here near the start of our journeys and we had much in common, Dx-wise, and we could empathise with each other while reading of, and chatting with so many others who were more lightly touched.

Aly, darling gobby lady, I’m crying for you. Miss you and your incisive wit xx

Thank you Sarah for posting this, I am very sad to read this news, may I send our sincere condolences from all of us here at BCC to Aly’s family and friends, she has been a valued member of the forums for a long time and will be missed by all of us

Take care


I am really shocked and saddened to hear this news. My deepest sympathies to Aly’s family and friends. RIP Aly
Jill x x x

I can’t believe this!

just like Ninja I too met Aly when we both started on our journeys. I hate this disease. It has taken another friend from me.

Dear dear Aly, your journey is now over, rest in peace.

My thoughts are with your family.

You are now free from this disease, the pain and everything that goes with it. Sleep well.

Gutted. Peace and strength to her family and friends, this is a really tough time for them. I hope they can take comfort in knowing that Aly is no longer in pain.

I too met Aly through here and I’m deeply saddened that this horrid disease has taken yet another of my friends and so young, she was a fighter and courageous my thoughts are with her family xxx

Rest in peace Aly x x x

Dearest Aly, I am so so sorry. Your strength, courage and sense of humour will stay in my heart. Rest now sweetie xxxx

So terribly sad, my heartfelt condolences to Aly’s family and friends on her loss. Taken far too soon. Your courage and wit in the face of this horrible, cruel disease will always be remembered. Rest in peace Sue x

So upset when I heard this terrible news tha morning.Aly/eltiks was diagnosed around the same time as me, with similar prognosis at the time. I’m so shocked how quickly this horrible disease has taken her once it went secondary. It was only a few days ago that she was joking with me about losing her hair again and now shes gone. Aly thankyou for the laughs, e black sense of humour, the tears and the support youve given us all, even when you were suffering perhaps much more than we were. Ive been in tears all morning since hearing via facebook. Im so sad for your family, your children, grandchIldren, pricey and your friends, esp your beastie. Shock doesnt even begin to cover it. I am not reLigious in any way, but if there is something after life, in whatever form, then i hope you are gobbing off at them for taking you so young and i hope you have some peace. Life is so very very unfair. It was good to now you chick xxxxx O

I am so sorry we have lost a dear sister…bless her and her dear family xxxx

I’m someone else who started her cancer journey at the same time as Eltiks and I got to know her both here and on Facebook. She was a truly lovely lady, whose spirit, wit and sense of humour will be greatly missed. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.
R.I.P. Aly - pain free at last! xxx
Ondine (fomerly Nymeria)

Saddened to hear this news. Aly you will be missed by so many people. Rest in peace dear lady. Thinking of your family at this sad time. xxx

I didn’t know Aly apart from recent postings on fb via our little mets group but it is just so sad to hear of the passing of another lady far, far too soon to this vile disease. May all of Aly’s family and friends take some comfort from having the privilege of knowing her and may you RIP Aly. x

So sad you was taken far too soon hate this disease Thinking of your family at this sad and difficult time RIP Aly xxxx

RIP Aly, heartfelt condolences to your family and friends. xx