Every time I turn on TV or read a mag

Is it just me or does anyone else feel the same? Every time I turn on the tv, pick up a magazine or go shopping I get bombarded with stories of cancer, adverts for ladies cancer insurance, pink things (such as batteries and washing up liquid). I know cancer awareness & fund raising is very important, but sometimes it is good to forget that I have cancer. I try ignoring it all but it’s not always possible.

LOL Know exactly what you mean!

Every TV program I used to enjoy features a cancer “victim” Settled down to watch CSI NY last night, gave up half way through as found it far too depressing :frowning: And Nurse Jackie, OMG - wish I hadn’t watched that the other night. Even my bedtime reading has a relative of the main character suffering with cancer!

I know what you mean cmw, since I was diagnosed in Dec its everywhere. I liken it to when I was trying for a family (a long time ago) it was taking a while and all i used to see was pregnant women.

I just believe we just don’t realise what is going on all around us. We happily live our lives and then one day Wham you are told you have got the C word and all of a sudden its everywhere.

Be strong, its not gonna get me!!!

Anne x

Unfortunately, two years on, I still find it difficult to see reports on cancer everywhere around me.

The only thing I cannot watch is programmes about children with cancer. I remember when I went for my first chemo, there was a boy of about 14 there, no hair and very poorly looking, and I just thought it was so unfair that I had managed to get to 45.

I’ve also noticed insurers are milking Corrie at the moment, by buying ad space in the breaks for female illness policies. Nothing like playing on people’s fears is there?

I know it is a constant reminder, I am due to return to work soon and i work at chrisite, so in a way i am always reminded of it but i am not being complacent, just wish a cure could be found especially for childerens and teenagers cancers.

As for TV I go to bed and just watch re runs on DAVE , go to sleep with a little comedy around.

take care xx

Truffle Shuffle

So glad I am not the only who goes to sleep watching Dave. I put the tv on a timer so it switches itself off and I drift off listening to QI - hope the interesting facts stay in my brain, so I can sound a bit more intelligent in the future :slight_smile:

Great. I think works better than a sleeping pill, I get all snugged in with my hot water bottle, and watch like you until I drift off, its one of my favourite times, i fell safe and secure

will think of you when i tune in now

happy watching


I started chemo in October 6 (YES!!!) years ago, and of course it was Breast Cancer Awareness month…evrywhere I turned, there it was. The “good” stories were fine, but there were all the others. Tough, isn’t it? But it never really goes away… xxxxx

When we were trying to have a baby (unsuccessfully, sadly), there were pregnant people and babies everywhere I turned. I agree, now I’ve got/had breast cancer, there’s pink breast cancer everywhere. To an extent, we notice it more because it fills our lives. But there IS a lot on tv at the moment.

DAVE is a good idea - a friend suggested it to me today. Or I’ll stick to stories on my ipod (the Botswana Lady detective stories are lovely to listen to) and get sore ears from the headphones!

River x

i picked the wrong policy… If the adds like on corrie for womens health were promanent a few years ago i might have picked that one and not have to worry about money xx I had the choice of Unemployment or Womens Cancer for a policy as i could not afford them both, I picked unemployment which would pay my mortgage for one year if i was ever out of work… how i wish i had picked the Womens Cancer one xx So i do not think the corrie adds are cashing in, i think it is a good policy to have… wish i picked it xx But i thought ‘Cancer, ooo that wont happen to ME’ xxx how wrong i was xx

On the positive side. While I was going through chemo last year, my daughter read a Jacquline Wilson book where the main character’s mother had breast cancer. It helped her to have someone to relate to with similiar experiences as she was the only one at school (of the girls that she knows) to have a mother with a serious illness.

It is true that breast cancer is really high profile these days which is good for breast awareness but early after diagnosis it is all too much to deal with. I am several years after diagnosis but it is still not easy to watch Corrie as they are spending lots of time on Sally’s cancer and it does take me back to the beginning. My least favourite television when I was diagnosed were the dreadful Cancer Research UK ads with the mother with cancer who faded out. Not encouraging at all!!

All best

I totally agree that it’s everywhere and at first I just avoided everything, somehow it can never put across just what it’s like on the inside can it, that’s why we’re all here talking to one another, talking to someone who does know exactly what it’s like.

hi agree its everywhere even bupa has jumped on the band waggon…i liked the mr darcy one! but i suppose if awareness is brought then its not too bad, after my dx i was shocked by some friends who were not breast aware, and i thought i was the daft one!!.

Was diagnosed end of last month and since the ads are running on the telly, drink awareness talking of mouth cancer, Bupa etc my kids 8&10 are picking everything up and getting quite confused. I just want to turn back the time when cancer was not a member of my family!

I agree with lillyloo on people not being breast aware. Since I was diagnosed I have met loads of women who have given me a blank look and have then said “oh, I wouldn’t think to bother checking myself”. It seems to me it’s mostly women in their 30s as well. I have practised self examination since I was 25, a doctor who worked for the foreign bank I was in taught us all at the annual well woman checks we had done.

I agree, that not all people are self checking aware!! many of my aunts had breast cancer and sorry to say I lost two of them but the others are still clear and ok but you would have thought I would have been more conscious and checked myself but I didn’t. I was very ignorant and was one of those people…it would never happen to me…(even though I have lost other family members to other forms of cancer…) I never knew and never really understood how to check myself.
I think the more information out there is better, my children are 9 and it had made them aware that there are cancers out there that are curable and preventable, it doesn’t just kill.

It’s true that after diagnosis, suddenly you see cancer this and cancer that everywhere. But do you know what bothers me more? Ever since diagnosis, and particularly when I thought I was going to have to have a mastectomy, all I seemed to see everywhere were BREASTS. Perfect, bouncy, pert, full, lovely breasts. Breasts that seemed to define the women they fronted. Breasts that seemed to say, this is what being a woman is all about. Breasts that began to seem increasingly like the badge of a club I was about to get kicked out of…
I’ve got over it a bit now, but for a while there I pretty much constantly felt like punching people! :-S
Tell me I’m not the only one??


Elwood you are not the only one. I can’t help it i look at people with cleavage on show and think…i want to be you. You have two of 'em.

I remember the day i got diagnosed in oct, i went out to lunch with my hubby after, and watched families laughing and having fun, and i just sat there thinking, my worlds fallen apart and everything carries on as normal for everyone else. It made me think of the times other people must of watched people and thought the same thing.