exemestane and everolimus

Hello brave ladies, has anyone had this mix, my doctor has already told me everolimus is very toxic and I start it next week. Does anyone have experience of this drug.

thanks and hugs to all


Hi Ramade,

I have been on this combo since August. It is working so far have a scan this week so don’t want to tempt fate.


As to being toxic , a nurse put the fear of god in me how awful this med would be.I would   have so many mouth ulcers I would be eating through a straw, i wouldn’t be able to work , doom and gloom  all round.


Well, no real mouth ulcers to speak of, still working . I have lost weight , but seem to have reached a point now.Nails a little brittle , but ok. Have been abroad twice with no probs.


We all react differently . I think they tell us the worse scenario. It has honestly been fine , I just want it to keep working .


Good luck


M xxx


Morning Ramade I have been on this combo for just over 3 years.and I have found it very torable. At the beginning I was started on 10 mg which I found I had alot of side effects acne spots ichy skin and very tired all the time. I got switched to 5mg after a couple of months and it has been much easier. Fortunately I have not suffered mouth ulcers up to now. I hope the information helps you. Feel free to ask me further information. Happy Easter to you all.

Benadryl cough syrup diluted with water as mouth wash is very effective for mouth sore caused by everolimus. My onc suggested it and i did not have any problem with everolimus . But it causes loss of appetite and fatigue.

Afternoon funnyface I have been fortunate up till now no mouth ulcers but you never know. Thanks for the advice just in case I start to get them. Hope you have the same success with the combo. I have now retired but I did work 31 hours whilst I was on the treatment. I am now 64 and I was 57 when diagnosed with breast cancer and bone mets at same time.Hard to believe it is hard to believe it is nearly 8 years. Sending hugs to everyone. Linda

Dear FF sorry to know that you have such severe joint pain. This combo is good in that way. I didn’t have any joint pains. I hope once you start everolimus your pain will decrease . I mainly have problems with digestion, nausea. Side effects differ with each individual. So it may be you will have no reaction at all. With that hope and hugs for you and all the brave and lovely friends srilata

I am on everolimus 10mg which is causing nausea and loss of appetite. Is anyone else on the same dose having this problem? My onc has advised me to have everolimus on alternative days for a week but this is really not helping.My potassium and calcium level has gone down ,so i am off zoledronic acid for the last two months.

Dear Ramade
Thanks . with the reduced dose i am feeling much better. Yes it will be a great comfort to compare notes on the side effects once you start on everolimus. I was on letrozole but it stopped working after two years. Wish you all the best for the new therapy and hope it will work well with you for quite some time.I am always uncomfortable when I have to change medicine.

Hi Ramade,
Yes they do a lot of tests before you can start. You can relax for another week . Bowl of porridge is a good idea may be i will try this . :relaxed:

Hope you enjoyed your anniversary break andfeeling good and full of energy.

FF and Ramade,

Hope you are having no problem with the new combo. Are you on everolimus 10 mg? Except for fatigue initially i had no problem with this combo. Love and best wishes

Dear FF,
Sorry to know about your reaction to the new medicine. It really takes time to get adjusted. I am having e combo for six months and in the beginning i too felt very agitated.
Didn’t realise it was for the medicines. Slowly that subsided . Probably this is common reaction till our body gets used to the drugs. Love and hugs to you.

Dear Ramade and FF,
I find that nothing seems to help overcome nausea and loss of appetite. Lemon water or ginger tea sometimes gives relief but that is just temporary.
I try to avoid medicines for nausea but ultimately that only helps. I try to have small meals or health drinks like Ensure. Hate feeling nauseous whole day, not being able to eat to my content.

Dear Ramade,FF
Yes I am on 10mg everolimus. Side effects vary so much. Have any idea how long these drugs work? Hate to change medicines too often.
I am planning a holiday in October. Keeping fingers crossed that i am stable till then
Hugs and best wishes

Hi Ramade,
Thanks. I also feel the same what if an emergency arises. Does travel insurance cover medical emergency for existing health problems? It will be really a relief if they do. We just have to pull up courage and go. Hope you have settled down with the new combo and feeling better.

Dear FF ,Ramade
It could be everolimus that is causing your high blood sugar. A friend of mine who was on everolimus had the same problem. Did you contact your Onc?
That is great. Nice to know your pains have gone. I found that my pains disappeared within days . Hope this medicine works wonders for us.

Dear FF, Ramade and other ‘e’ combo friends

Just wanted to know if everolimus lowers blood count and affects immunity? I seem to catch cold very easily which never happened before. Next week due for hospital visit and also for zoledronic injection which i couldn’t have for the last three months bc of low calcium. Don’t want to miss this time bc of running nose and fever.
Love to all

Dear ramade,ff
I saw my doctor . since my temperature was not high he said that it was for the cold. He prescribed paracetamol and I am better now. The risk of catching infection scares me . I have to be more cautious. Till now my blood reports were OK except for low calcium. Let’s hope this time my calcium level goes up. After almost six months I went for some shopping, felt really good.
Hope you are having no problem with the new medicine.
Love to you

Dear Ramade,
Is it allergic reaction? Consult your dr before you take antihistamine. Lacto Calamine with aloe vera oil base may help. It is good for minor skin allergies
Enjoy a pleasant summer.

Hello FF
First of all …loads of hugs from us …hope u settle down with the new treatment …

I dip in here as my buddy in Australia started
the same regime . …but she isn’t taking the exemestance .so I pass on any helpful tips to her.
She has the sore mouth, depression and tiredness and is hoping to get a reduced dose.
Hugs xxx

Dear FF
I am sorry to know you are having problems with everolimus. It can be very harsh sometimes. Natural to feel concerned. I am sure these problems will go with regular check up by your doctor. Lots of love and hugs to you. :heart: