exemestane and everolimus

Dear ramade,
Have your rashes disappeared? This is a nice coincidence that my name is similar to your son’s father in law. The meanings are different. Is your daughter in law from India? Hope you are enjoying your weekend :heart:

Dear Ramade,
Good that your rashes have gone .you have a wonderful family especially your cute little grandson. He must be keeping you busy. My daughter lives in Chicago.She is doing her ph.d.My son is also grown up , he is in final year graduation.Family is so precious ,our greatest strength.
Dear FF How are you doing? Wishing you best and with a reduced dose your glucose level i am sure will stabilize. This is the first time my reports show good result. Feels like I have passed high school with high marks. ?

Hello ladies
My buddy in Australia is really struggling but with horrendous mouth ulcers so I have suggested the capsules you bought FF to put them in first …also suggested lansoprazole which has been mentioned here .
Must be so miserable but hoping all you ladies are coping and the side effects are worth it to blast the little critters .
Hugs xxxx

Dear FF,

Just wanted to know how do we search for the capsules in Amazon ? I do not have any ulcer but something has gone wrong with my taste. Probably because I am having the drug directly with plain water. Everything tastes bland.
Sorry to know your knee is causing you so much pain. Hope the reduced dose will bring some relief.

Thanks FF

Dear Ramade
Hope the gel has helped to reduce your joint pains. Are you having any painkiller? I have a lower back pain for which my doctor gave me Tramadol

FF I haven’t yet ordered the capsules. Benadryl mouthwash is helping to keep off mouth ulcers.

I didn’t have any scan after I started the medicine only tumor marker which has gone down
If there is any change I will have a scan. My doctor seems to rely a lot on tumor marker.
The heat and humidity is taking away my energy. Feeling very low for the last few days.

Ramade, praying that your scan results are good.Best wishes. I also have swollen eyelids but no rash. Only my hands itch a lot. I usually have antiallergy tablets for that. E combo I feel is prescribed only after other hormone therapies fail
I was given e combo when letrozole didn’t work
The weather is getting cooler now. That is a relief. Hope you had a nice weekend.

Srilata and Ramade, My itching was so annoying I had to take a benadryl. I usually try to keep busy and try to ignore it! The hotter I got the more I sweat, then the more I itched!


How soon will you get your scan results Ramade?  I’m anxious to hear your results! Hoping the capsules start helping you soon!



Hi Ramade just thought I would let you know I have taken this combo for 3 and a half years now. I started on the 10mg Everolimus but found I suffered alot from rashes and itching all over the body so my dose was reduced to 5mg after 3 months. Have had regular scans and upto now still stable. Another scan is due in August. Hope everything goes Ok with your results. Linda

Hi all, well I started to feel worse about 10 days ago and today I couldn’t take the everolimus as my headache is so bad, I’m feeling really sick, have developed thrush, can hardly walk with hip pain so hubby managed to speak to onc on the phone. She said stop taking it and in one week we will try a lower dose. well we’ll see.

so sorry to hear about your scan results, hopefully next treatment will work for longer.

when will someone find a cure? Please let it be soon for all of us.

hugs to all

ramade xxxx


Sorry to know about your pain. A lower dose may help in reducing your pain. You have been so courageous with this new medicine. I am sure you will feel better once your onc adjusts the dose.
Lots of love and hugs❤

Hi Linda,
Nice to know you are doing so well with the E/E combo for so long. I am on this therapy for the last seven months. My primary was treated in 2014 and I was put on letrozole which did not work after two years. I have bone met in my spine, ribs and shoulder after which I was given e/e combo and four weekly zoledronic acid injection . I feel much better now and reading your post my spirits have gone up. Thanks a lot.

Afternoon Srilata pleased my post gave u encouragement. I was originally diagnosed with breast cancer and bone mets in 2009. Finished treatment 2010 then put on letrozole which worked for 4 years. Hope u have the success as me with e/e combo. Are you still on 10mg doseage? Sending hugs to everyone. Linda

Hi Ramade I am pleased my post has gaven u some encouragement. Hope any side effects u are having settle down. Hugs Linda

Hi Funnyface. I took 10mg of Everolimus for 3 months whereby I had the itch from head to foot. I was prescribed antihistamines for 1 month which did help. After the 3 months the doseage was changed to 5mg. I have had no further problems with my skin thank goodness. I can really sympathise with you. Trying to get to sleep with an itch going on was awful. Hope the lower dose helps with that. Yes I have been on same combo for 3 years and 7 months. I am due to get scanned again in August. Off on holiday at the end of the month for 2 weeks in Spain with hubby and kids and grandchildren . Looking forward to to that. Hope things start to settle down. Sending hugs to all. Linda.

Hi FF,
I am sorry you are feeling so uncomfortable.Drug allergy can be really irritating. Antihistamine tablets cause fatigue but i guess that is the only way to cure allergy. You have so much experience and l always feel encouraged to see you so strong for such a long time. My onc says he will recommend scan only if my tumour marker goes up. I am confused about this. Should I insist on a scan or not ? Love and best wishes

Dear Ramade, Linda,
Hope you are doing well.
how is your joint pain? Did you have a talk with the doctor?
When are you leaving for your holiday? Spain is wonderful and the weather is so comfortable. Have a wonderful time with your family.
Love to both.

Gatecrashing here but the itch is horrid …when I first took letrozole …felt like an army of ants marching around my skin!!
I think its the jungle book where the bear scratches against the tree ? Have visions of you stood in garden doing that !!
Hugs xxx

baloo.jpgFunny Face … couldnt resist this picture of Baloo From Jungle Book having a good scratch . Maybe you need a giant pineapple tree in your garden to use!!  xxxx

Oh remade …I’m so sorry this regime hasent stopped the little blighters squatting in your bones …maybe the rads will help pain …not sure what is the next line treatment as all hospitals do different regimes.

I have a lot more hip and leg pain recently.  But got scan this month .