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Hi all, looking for some feedback on people’s experience with different brands of exemestane and side effects.
After suffering terribly on letrozole I was switched to exemestane, and to my surprise got on really well with it for about 9 months. Then suddenly I developed terrible muscle pains and weakness/tiredness. After 4 months of pain I took a 4 week break and recovered, so thought perhaps the reset would have helped and started taking the tablets again, but after 3 weeks am in pain. I am aware that at some point the brand I was given changed, but I didn’t take note of the exact time or brands as I didn’t appreciate the significance. I now believe this may be the problem, the difficulty being that I don’t know what brand I had originally that I clearly got on with. The most recent ones that have caused pains is Morningside, and I have today been given Kent Pharma, but I don’t think these are the original ones.
So my question to you is, can you name brands you have gotten on with, and those you haven’t? (I know everyone is different, but it would be very interesting to see if there are any patterns). Many thanks

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When you find one that is ok for you you can ask your GP to put on that brand down on your repeat prescription - otherwise they just give you is most readily available. . I’m thinking that if you contact the Chemist that supplied the prescription of the one you were ok with they may have a record or know which brand they gave you. Hope you get some relief from this. Xx

Thanks, I was sure the pharmacy would have that information, but I asked and they said not… Seems odd, what if there was a contamination issue or something? So I just need to figure out which one it was, and then will try and source it like you say.

Yes I would have thought they would keep records of what they have had in stock at that time even if they hadn’t recorded the brand when they dispensed it - and yes you’re right I thought there would be some traceability . If you find it again take a picture - you could always take your prescription with you and go round a few chemists and ask if they could show you the packet ? Xx

Hi, I take the Aromasin brand of Exemestane. I do get some side effects. Mainly hot flushes & brain fog. Joint aches aren’t too bad. Hope you find one that is bearable xx

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Hi moremi23
I also started on Letrozole and switched to exemestane. After a very up and down time to start with, I realised I was better with the Aromasin exemestane as opposed to other brands. I asked the pharmacist if I could have that each time but was told no as it’s an expensive one. My GP has helpfully written prescriptions specifically for Aromasin ever since. I have still had periods of awful muscle and joint pain, then feel fine at other times, but I feel it’s the best of the bunch for me.

I tweak my supplements on a regular basis and currently feel well enough to be able to start back at the gym after several years. I find taking a vegan Omega-3 supplement has been very helpful for the aches and the brain fog. I’ve also restarted the Calci-D which I was prescribed. I came off it as the pains got worse taking it. I went back on with a half dose to being with and built it up.

I’m sort of resigned to thinking I’ll have aches and respite on a rolling programme! But tweaking the supplements has definitely worked for me.

Let us know how you get on.

Thanks, I’ve never had Aromasin and I’m not sure if the NHS will allow it, but I can always ask. I was told to take Turmeric supplements but I’m not sure they did anything. I’ll look into the ones you mention though, I guess it’s trial and error, thanks for the suggestions.

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Thanks, not sure if I’m able to request that on account of price, but it can’t hurt to ask :blush:

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Yes, I get Aromasin on the NHS. :+1::smiley: