I have posted this on a couple of other threads but as it is such good news I wanted to share it wider.

Just before christmas I was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer to the spine. To cut a long story short I was not happy with the diagnosis and the way it was given and was obviously very distraught. I rang the help line here who were fantastic (thank you very much BCC) and they suggested to me that I could ask for a second opinion which I did.

I had tremendous support from my BCN who arranged for me to see a Consultant Oncologist (who is very well known and proficient). I saw him yesterday and he has given me the fantastic news that having re checked all my scans, test results and case history that the hotspot they found on my spine was in fact arthritis - not secondary bone cancer. I did push on this - he spent over an hour with me and my husband went through everthing and I now accept that I do not have secondary bone cancer (just a bit of arthritis).

It really hasn’t sunk in yet and I am still a bit suspicious that I will wake up and it was a dream! but heh I woke up this morning and its real - I do not have secondary breast cancer!

I want to say a very big thank you to all those who have sent me messages of support it is very much appreciated - also thank you to BCC who without their advice I probably wouldn’t have had the energy or inclination to ask for a 2nd opinion.


Hi Saffronseed,
Have already responded on ‘our’ tread, but…just wanted to respond on ‘your’ thread to share your fantastic news! so very pleased for you. Hope now you can begin to get over all your treatment that finished in 2010.

The end of 2010 and the first week of 2011 was like a nightmare for you, l hope 2011 is a dream that you never could have dreamt of!

Sandra xxx

What wonderful news… Great start to the New Year… Up, Up, and away for you !!! xxx

Made up for you! Xxx

That really is brilliant, you must be over the moon, I’m delighted for you.

Absolutely thrilled for you, just goes to show it is always worth getting a second opinion.

finty xx

Thats made my day - lovely lovely news for a change ! xx

Well done on getting a second opinion. Really great news.

The best news ever!

Wonderful, delighted for you. x

Fabulous news, so pleased for you and your OH.


So thrilled at this.What a great start for 2011 for you and your family

Angela x


Hurrah!! It’s the sort of thing that we all dream about happening but i never thought did! How amazing - so so happy for you!! Normally people would be upset after being diagnosed with arthritis but in this case i’m sure you were dancing! Here’s to more good news for us all in 2011! best wishes DGWx

Wow! I’m absolutely staggered at the mistake and am thinking of all the hospital trips, scans, treatment etc that you could have had - not to mention ongoing emotional upheaval - and wonder how long it would have been before they realised the error! Unbelievable.

Obviously very pleased for you x


So pleased for you Saffronseed - wonderful way to start the new year. I hope you don’t get hit by the anger that can sometimes follow. Will you go back to the original consultant and confront him? It just seems so shocking that they can so change someones life with a wrong diagnosis like that.


Wonderful news - delighted for you. Thanks so much for sharing it - it really does inspire me to be assertive in links with professionals!

Fabulous. This is my favourite threD this year so far. Last years favourite was janes Healthy baby being born after Chemo whilst pregnant.

Am taking names for the pitchfork wielding trip to onc number 1s house…

Fantastic, brilliant, wonderfull news, I’d give you a hug and big sloppy kiss if I could reach you, oh and I am with Vickie and the pitch fork gang. I will come on my mobilty scooter I am bound to knock him or her over lol I will go and look on our thread now.

Heather xxxxxx

Tears of joy! Absolutely wonderful news and so pleased and thrilled for you …!!!HOORAH!
Love Julie x