Fatigue and Tamoxifen

I have been taking Tamoxifen since Feb 2014. The only real side effects I have are fatigue, being unable to focus and remember things! I thought all of these things would have disappeared by now but the fatigue is definitely getting worse. I have a very busy life and being unable to do as much as I did is very frustrating! Is it just me or does anyone else have this problem…?? Any tips on helping this problem would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Jas


Ive been on tamoxifen for acouple months and i have to say although i fee well and the only real side effect is night sweats and odd hotflush, probably magnified cause id been on HRt for years, it probably caused my cancer  i dont seem to be quite so full of life as i was,  Im in my 60s and have always felt years younger, still do in my head, not sure my body is quite same,  I seem to wake up in night a lot, possibly due to sweats they do seem slightly better im taking evening primrose,. But i miss HRT if there was a safe one to take i would, i took it initially cause my mum had osteoporosis very badly and as im very small boned, my risk was high, but it made me feel good so i kept on taking it, on reflection probably wrong but i havent got osteoporosis, narrow bones yes, but ive got them anyway, But i still have no other medical problems, dont look in bad shape so hopefully these flushes etc, will eventually cease   Would be good to hear if anyone could reccomend a supplement to help us.  June

Interesting to hear about se with tamoxifen. I am taking anastrozole and although just finished rads, I  am sure the tablets are contributing to me feeling absolutely drained. Sending energy to all you lovely ladies xxxxxx

I’ve just picked up my repeat prescription for Tamoxifen from my local chemist and it’s Relon chem and not wockhardt that I had been given by the hospital, have read many awful things about Relon chem so now worried about taking them as been fine on the others, anyone got any advice please?? Xx

Hi All

I have just started taking Anastrazole and until this week had sailed through surgery and halfway through rads feeling rather smug with no ill effects. However, I now feel I have hit a brick wall of fatigue and nausea.  I work full time in our own business and find that I am almost on my knees by lunchtime and seriously cannot stay upright.  So now my routine has included stopping work at 1 and sleeping until I go for rads at 3.30…I guess it is like most things the SE’s will settle and we find a new equilibrium.

Hugs to you all



Hi I’m on them too and I get very frustrated with the fatigue I feel I’m turning into a hypocrondriac! Like you I would appreciate any advice.

The fatigue does pass. Having a broken sleep really doesn’t help though which is a def. side effect. I’d suggest getting an early night whenever possible. Even if you don’t sleep you’ll get extra hours in bed. Try and get a lie in whenever possible. I seem to sleep much better in the morning and force myself to lie in when possible.

Still struggling, helpful BCN advised me to stop taking tamoxifen !!! Think I’ll wait until I see oncologist

Hi been to docs re fatigue, had a blood test to check for any other causes. She suggested that a low dose of anti depression tablets may help, will let you know.

Went to oncologist for 3 month check yesterday. I’m now having a tamoxifen holiday for a month to see if my fatigue improves. Will let you know how I get on

So nice to read all of these comments, its exactly how I am feeling after 9 months of tamoxifen. I feel tired, spaced out, nauseous, achey and its so comforting to hear I’m not the only one. Thank heavens for this forum. sadly my poor children get the results of this and have a very snappy mum…

I am also so pleased to read I am not the only one having the same symptoms on Tamoxifen. I actually was feeling really well up until I started taking these. Now 2 months on I feel so exhausted, cant sleep properly, nausea and taste buds just not the same and raging headaches. I have my first check up next month so will be speaking to my oncologist about this for sure. Thank you at least I know I am not going mad now :slight_smile:

Get waitrose lemon ginger and green tea works wonderz on nausea x

Its awful been on tamoxifen since jan 2015. Just came back from long weekend at butlins and so frustrated. Did same weekend last year. Same during day and out all 3 eveningz drinking and dancing. But this year oh noooo. So tired i felt ill on lazt night and stayed in. Ambled round during the day. Thought i would be fine but now feel like i need a week to recover. So dissappointed with myself and fed up with it all ?

Hi Rosemaryanne

Sorry to read that you are feeling low, here’s a couple of links to the BCC ‘moving forward’ support and information which you may find helpful:



Take care
Lucy BCC

At least we know its not in our minds.everyone keeps saying ‘youve been through so much ,give it time’ thats no help at all. Wonder if they would say that if they felt rough for 6 months ?

Your welcome. Same here. Upbeat and pozitve for family. But when u feel rough they dont get it. Just had my worst weekend yet. God knows why. So tired i felt ill. Starting to get to bone and muscle aches and serious bad night sweats. When will it end b****y tamoxifen x

Thanks gilly its good to know
My day sweats arent as bad. Getting lots of headaches and the fatigue is getting worse. I feel like an old woman hobbling about. Readsuring to know its normal but frustrating still. Have a nice break x

Spoke to breast care nurse as aches were awful today. They have said come off it for 2 weeks ???. Cant wait x

10 days on break and feeling much better but know i have to go back on. I can cope with moxt symptons but not the aches they were awful
. Due to go back on next week then see oncologist i know i have to take something so we will see gl all x