Feeling anxious - waiting for lump to be removed

Hi. I had a fna and the results came back as a c3 lump. Found it all confusing but through research on the Internet i think it means some abnormal cells detected but likely to benign. I am really worried, does this mean I could have cancer? I have to have the lump removed and tested. Went for my pre assessmena today and am having the operation on the 10th June. Anyone else been told they have a c3 lump?

Dear Lilly Rosie

Welcome to the BCC forum. I thought our publication “Referral to Breast Clinic” might be helpful. I have attached the link :


You could also give our helpline a call. They will be able to offer you practical information and emotional support. The number is 0808 800 6000. Opening times are 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays.

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Hi Lilly Rosie,
I am in pretty much the same boat as you. I have a B3 lump which I am due to have removed on the 31st May. I went for my pre-op assessment today too.
The consulatnt is pretty sure it is benign - nothing nasty showed up on the core biopsy. He said it was either a fibroadenoma or a Phyllodes tumour.
As the biopsy did not give a definitive diagnosis (fibros and Phyllodes look very similar when you only compare small tissue samples) I have to have the lump removed anyway.
The pathology report from the core biopsy says it is a fibro-epithelial legion. It is about 40mm in size.
I think because of my age (43) , when fibroadenomas as less common and Phyllodes tumors are more common (although they are still very rare), that surgery to remove the lump standard procedure.
Were you given any pathology results from your FNA?
Try to stay positive - the signs are good.

Hi Sue
Thank you for your reply. No I was not given a pathology report. I was just told because it was a c3 lump it was standard to remove the lump. He did tell me the size of the lump but I was quite anxious and didn’t take all the information in. I asked him to explain what c3 meant and he started talking about atypical cells. Stupid I know but I didn’t know what atypical meant - I know I should of asked. I was just asked to sign a form which stated excision and biopsy of breast lump and was given a copy
i am upset with myself causes I first notice the lump last September but only saw the doctor recently. I am only 31 and thought they would say it was nothing to worry about I didn’t expect all this. i know I was silly and won’t ever make this mistake again.
Thank you for your support its good to chat to someone going through the same experience. I will stay positive and I hope all goes well for your operation. Let me know how it goes!
x x x

I’m exactly the same as you, just one step further on…
I was told that the needle test showed atypical cells (which is what C3 means) which means it’s found cells which aren’t cancer but aren’t right. I had my lump removed under general anaesthetic on 14 May and came back to work today. I’m going back next Wednesday for results but am reasonably confident that there’s not going to be any bad news.
I’ll let you know how I get on next week but if you have any questions in the meantime, I’ll try to help!
Take care x

Hi Cathy
thanks for your message - it’s very reassuring. i am quite anxious about the operation, not had a general anaesthetic before. Was it painful afterwards? I asked the nurse how long I may need off work at the pre assessment and she said I need to ask the consultant on the day. She thought I may need about 5 days off. I’m not sure where they will make the cut etc i guess I will find out on the day.
i bet you are glad the operation is out of the way. I wish you all the best for your results. Keep me posted and let me know how things go.
Lilly x

Hi Cath - thanks for your support. I’d be interested to hear how your surgery went too. I don’t really know what to expect after a lumpectomy. Do you know what size your lump was? I’m trying to get some idea of what my boob will look like afterwards. I’m a C-cup so there isn’t all that much to there to start with and my lump is quite big (about 40mm). Good luck for your results.
Hi Lilly - I’ve had a few general anaesthetics before and they are fine. Some people can feel a bit sick afterwards but it is quite rare. I have been told I can go home the same day and paracetamol should be sufficient to deal with the pain so I’m not expecting anything too bad. The consultant said I would need a week off work (I do a desk job so nothing strenuous). I guess if you have a physically demanding job you’d need more time off.
Take care and be sure to let me know how you both get on.

Hi Lilly / Sue,
As far as general anaesthetic goes, I was very sick and sorry for myself for 24 hours after so make sure you’ve got someone looking after you! Felt lots better after about 36 hours and back to normal after 48.
My lump was about 1-2 cm and oval, so not very big, and right at the inside bottom corner of my left breast, next to the sternum. I’m only an A cup so was worried about how it would look! I have a 2-3" scar under my breast which will easily be hidden by a bra strap and lots of bruising and lumpiness and swelling, so I’ve no idea yet how it will look when settled down. I’m taking weekly photos so I can keep an eye on changes. I’ve only needed painkillers for post anaesthetic headaches, for the first day or so. The wound is a little sore and I’ve been wearing a sports bra night and day to support it. I had my dressing removed on Tuesday and just have a little bit of tape over the scar to stop me from catching the end of the dissolvable stitch while it’s still there.
I think I could have gone back to work on Monday, except that I have to cycle and didn’t feel ready to do that. Ooh - and when you drive / go in a car, take something to pad yourself with if the seatbelt rubs it!
Any more questions, please feel free to ask, and you’ll be in my thoughts in the meantime.
Cath x

Thanks Cath x x x

Thanks for the info Cath,
My lump is to the side pretty much there the underwire of a bra would sit. I think I’ll have to go and get something more crop-top like for after surgery. 20% off in M+S this weekend though

Hi Lilly and Cath,

Just a quick update as I had my lump removed yesterday afternoon - so I am around 24 hours post-op. Everything went OK as far as I can tell although I am a bit tired and sore and the op site is a bit swollen. The wound looks like it it about 4 cm long but is around the nipple so it should be hidden well. It’s difficult to tell what the final outcome will look like due to the swelling but there is no obvious big reduction in size. Just got to wait for the pathology resuts now and hopefully soon this whole worrying time will be over.
Cath - can I ask, did you have much weeping from your wound post-op (sorry, I bit gross I know)? My wound is weeping quite a bit - the hospital gave me some spare dressings but I only have one left and I don’t know what would be considered ‘normal’.
Lilly - good luck with you op - hope it all goes well.

Hi Sue
Glad everything went well with your op, I bet you feel relieved to have it over with. You will have to rest! How long do you have to wait for the results?
just over a week to wait for my op, just want it over with now. I have just come back off my holiday ( had a lovely time, was nice to get away with the family and relax) and I had a letter from hospital to go for a review ultra sound. Anyway I missed the appointment as I did not get the letter in time. They never said I would need amother ultra sound!!! Will av to ring on Monday and ask.
anyway hope you feel better soon.

Hi Lilly,
Glad to hear you had a nice holiday and that you were able to relax. I expect they want to call you in for another scan to do some more pre-op assessments - maybe get some more clear measurements. The 10th will be here before you know it and you can then be all sorted out and put this worrying time behind you. The surgery isn’t too bad at all. I feel much better today although I’m not telling hubby that as there is a massive pile of ironing to do
I should have my results by next Friday - I’m really hoping it was a fibroadenoma. My consultant showed me the pathology report from my biopsy which said the lump was most likely to be a fibroadenoma but a Phyllodes could not be ruled out. The evidence seems to point towards a fibro so fingers crossed - I don’t really want to go through surgery again.
Take care and try not to worry about next week. Let me know what happens about the ultrasound.

Hi Sue
Glad that you are feeling better - yes make the most of him running around after you! I hope all goes well for your results, at least it sounds promising (I have my fingers crossed for you)
yes maybe that’s why I need another ultra sound, would just be less worrying if they had told me that I needed another one. But never mind I will ring tomorrow and rearranged the appointment. I will let you know how I get on x
take care and make the most of your rest time x x x (back to work for me in the morning. Boo!)
lilly x x x

Hey Sue! I’ve been checking in for days now to see Jan update from you as I knew you were having your Op on the 31st. I couldn’t find anything from you but just found this thread! I’m so pleased the op went well and you are doing ok. Was thinking about you!
It all sounds promising and I will have my fingers crossed for positive results next Friday xx
Take care, rest up and keep smiling xx

lots of love
Sara xx

Hi there, sorry for the late reply, I’ve been laid up with a stomach bug for a week :frowning: Glad your op went well, hope the weeping’s stopped by now or you’ve got it sorted. I didn’t have any but think that if I did I would have called the doctors to get it checked out…
My results have come back now, nothing to worry about! :slight_smile: I have to go to hospital on Weds to be discharged (couldn’t go last week as I was so poorly and had to nag like hell to get my results over the phone!) I don’t know exactly what my lump was or how it showed atypical results but hopefully I’ll get that info on Weds…
Hope you’re recovered from surgery now, my scar’s healed ok although it’s still very visible (underneath the breast, so had to be careful with wired bras!) and there’s still bruising, but I forget about it most of the time.
Fingers crossed for good results for you on Friday Sue, and good luck for your op Lilly! xx

Thanks everyone for your ongoing support.
Lovely to hear from you again Sara, it’s so nice to know that there are such genuine people out there who really do care.
So glad to hear that your results were all good Cath. It must be such a relief to be given the all-clear. I was wondering if once you’ve had breast surgery if you are called up for mamograms on a regular basis or once you’d been signed off that was it until reaching 50. Could you let me know what your doc says on Wednesday?

Lilly - how did you get on with the hospital? Have they told you why you need another ultrasound?
My wound is much beter today - seems to drying out. Still very swollen so it looks like I’ve got 3 boobs at the moment .
Take care all of you,

Hi Cath
thats fantastic news so glad to hear you got the all clear. Thank you not long now for my op, counting down the days. Hope u r feeling better.
Hi Sue
I rang the hospital and spoke to the secretary, she said she would find out if/why I needed the ultra sound and call me back. She later told me that the breast clinic team were unavailable and the she would chase it up tomorrow and call me in the morning. Just hope its a mistake, done want it to delay my op. I will update u tomorrow. Glad ur wound is healing, hope ur feeling ok x x x
luv Lilly x x x

Hi sue
well finally spoke to the secretary just before lunchtime. She told me I need to go to the hospital at 8.30am tomorrow for a core biopsy. I was really confused to why. I was given the result of the fna on the 7th may - c3 and was told it was standard to remove the lump. The doctor filled in a treatment form and asked me to sign it. Apparently they had a ent meeting on 15th may and it was decided I needed a core biopsy which should of been done on the 23rd. Of course I didn’t receive the letter due to the incorrect postage. I was at the hospital on the 21st for my pre op and then never mentioned it - she said this is because it is a different dept.
i feel really stressed now, got upset at work. I feel like they don’t know what doings doing. I suppose I will just have to get on with it x x x

Hi Sue,
Back from hospital - it was fibrocystic mass, which is consistent with C3 ‘atypical probably benign’ results. There’s no need for any more frequent screening or anything, so that’s it - that chapter of my life is closed and I couldn’t be more relieved!
I hope you and Lilly have the same happy endings to your stories as I’ve had to mine :slight_smile:
Take care, Cath x