feeling really scared

I went to my gp a fortnight ago when I found several lumps that all appeared over a week in both breasts, I had been breast feeding my son for 18 months. My doctor asked me to stop breast feeding and return to her at the end of July, I have now completely stopped breast feeding and its dawning on me that as these lumps have not gone after a week of not feeding my son, they are unlikely to disappear and now I am feeling scared, I wondered if anyone had any advice on handling this better than I am at present and if anyone has had a similar experience?


Hi chattydawn,

Welcome to the BCC discussion forums where I’m sure you’ll get lots of support from the many informed users of this site.

While you are waiting for replies I have put for you below the link to one of BCC’s publications you may find helpful. You are also more than welcome to give our helpline a ring if you would like to talk to someone in confidence. Calls are free, 0808 800 6000 lines open Monday - Friday 9-5 and Saturday 9-2.

Breast changes during and after pregnancy:

I hope this helps, take care,
Jo, Facilitator

Hi thanks for your reply, I have read the leaflet whih was very interesting but I don’t think it is any of the breast problems listed as I had these appear whilst breastfeeding full time but I suppose it could be, there are several lumps in each breast. They have become more painful since I stopped breastfeeding however I expect that is relatively normal?!

Hi Chattydawn,

I haven’t had a simimlar experience as I’ve not got kids, but if you’re still worried, get back onto to your GP and explain how worried and scared you are and try to get an urgent referral to a specialist, it is only this that will eventually set your mind at rest should the lumps not disappear, it should take approx 2 weeks to see a specialist, which will seem like a lifetime and is not an easy call to make, but one you need to make nonethe less for your own peace of mind.

Most lumps are found to be benign and it is difficult not to fear the worst whilst you are in ‘The Waiting Room’ and not knowing what they are or what is going on. I could tell you to try not to worry, but it is human nature to worry and fear the worst.

I’m sure there will be others along shortly who may offer their advice who may have experienced similar to what you’re currently facing.

Best of luck for a happy outcome for you
Bev x

i would also say go back to your GP and say the lumps are getting more painful and you want to be refered for them to be checked out. End of July plus the two weeks for you to get a urgent referal is too long to wait. It would be longer if he is one of those doctors who would rather make it a non urgent referal

9 out of 10 lumps turn out not to be cancer especially in younger women, but some of those 9 which are not cancer are things that need treatment.

it might seem easier to ignore them and hope they go away, but it is better to get things sorted out, even if its for you peace of mind.

Why not ring the helpline up and descirbe your lumps to them, they are qualified nurses

Get yourself referred to the breast clinic as an urgent case (don’t panic about the term, it’s just to get you seen quickly) and let them have a look.

Fluid-filled cysts can pop up almost overnight, and as your breasts have been very active recently there’s every likelihood that cysts could be the problem.

Get yourself to the GP, stomp your foot until you get a referral, and then get on with looking after your small person without worrying too much (if that’s at all possible).

And do give the helpline a ring, they’ve got a wealth of knowledge.

Hi chattydawn I would say the same just go back to your GP & tell him/her how worried you are it could well be to do with the breast feeding even if its not listed in the info given atleast that way you can get peice of mind & if its breat feeding related the breast clinic consultants can give you a better idea of if to continue breast feeding or not & like has been said above end of this month is along time to wait & along time for your baby to be without breast milk & the bonding with you

Best wishes do keep us posted
Mekala x

hi chatty dawn just give it another week when i had milk in my breasts i had huge lumps into my armpits and they went eventually, but you are obviously fretting so go back if you feel that would put your mind at rest it does sound like it could be hormone related as in both breasts but i am no expert i hope you get it sorted soon tale care xxx

hi thanks for your replies, I wasn’t sure if to go back to the gp because she said while I am breastfeeding the breast clinic wouldn’t be able to do the checks properly, Im wondering if she said end of july so that theres enough time for the milk to go completely, ihey’re almost back to normal now and the lumps haven’t changed at all but the doctor did say that it could be a benign breast condition (can’t remember the name but it began with f) I don’t know what to do for the best, in some ways waiting makes sense but I don’t know how to cope with it my son seems to be coping well with being away from the breast so I am not worried about that aspect

I think I will wait until the doctor said to go, i’m sure she knows what shes doing. Im just scared and I think part of me thought the lumps would go so i’m only really now starting to take it in, do lumps normally change in size? these haven’t changed in the last 3 weeks.


Obviously its your decision. But even if its benign it needs sorting. and anyway 4 weeks is a long time to be feeling anxious when you have a small baby. If your milk has gone and you still have the lumps go back. You might be wasting your time if its all ok but then you will be reassured. You are not wasting the doctors time, thats their job

That’s true, it would be nice to know one way or another, the worry is making me feel really rubbish. do you think I should get an appointment this week or go for one next week, it will be 2 weeks on sunday since my son was totally weaned although prior to this he had been day time weaned for a further 2 weeks. Or maybe I could ask her to call me and then she could decide if to see me sooner? what do you think would be best?


Hi chattydawn,

I would also get seen sooner rather than later,

having said that I was told by my GP “a couple of weeks wouldnt make that much difference”,

I tend to disagree with that, the fact that you have just been breastfeeding, and that you have the lumps in both of your breasts does indicate that it is more likely to be the milk glands, dont you think?

But even so, get it checked out as soon as possible, you sound as if you are only going to spend time worrying about it and it isnt worth doing that when you can find out for definate whats going on.

keep us posted.

and all the best to you and yours Liz xxx

It is your totally your decision and you need to be comfortable with it, and I’ve never had kids so not an expert, but if it was me, I would at least get a GP appt sooner than end of July (and possibly later this week) and if things haven’t changed be pushing to get the referral date as soon as poss for your peace of mind, end of July does seem a long time to wait to see the GP, but she may have good reason.

I wouldn’t want to wait 4 weeks to see the GP, then wait another 2 weeks (at best) for an initial consultation with a specialist, should your situation not change.

GP - General Practitioner - whilst generally good, they are not specialists (as someone once told me), you know your own body and you should be able to get peace of mind without the added ‘stress’ and worry of waiting so long, don’t let the doc decide when to see you if this is really ‘twisting your melon’.

Hope you make a decision that you’re comfortable with and good luck and best wishes to you through this time
Bev x

if it were me i would get to see me doctor on the next available appointment. But that is me and my doctor.(his brilliant but very busy)

HOwever if you have a good relationship with your doctor and think they would talk to you on the phone that might be a good idea. only trouble with that is that it will be easier for them to persuade you that there is nothing to worry about it and that it is ok to wait, and on the phone you dutifully say “yes doctor” and as soon as you hang up you start worrying again. If you are there in the surgery they at least have to examine you again and see how the lumps are.

you seem to be torn between worrying about wether the lumps are serious and wether or not you will annoy the doctor by going back to see him when he said wait.

GP’s are not breast experts. They said what they thought last time, but now two weeks later you are still bumpy and worried. if they saw you now they might change their assessment.

Liz, I don’t think it is anything to do with milk because the lumps haven’t changed from feeding full time to totally weaned but I guess it could be anything, I really don’t know. I think you’re right, I will just spend the whole time worrying, I haven’t got any family history of breast cancer however my mum had cancer in her lip and cervix so I may be worrying because I know what she went through with those. thank you for your reply

Bev, I can only imagine that she wants to wait for the milk to stop but I know that with many women it can take months to finish producing completely, I think I will Make an appointment before hand.

oldandlumpy, I don’t really have a great relationship with this doctor, I chose to see her because I felt more comfortable with a female doctor. I haven’t seen her very much, however the surgery overall know me fairly well as I have a few long term health complaints and my husband and I also lost our first son to SIDS so I think if I explain that I am so worried she may consider seeing me sooner. I am worried that I am wasting her time though I think thats why I am unsure about going to see her sooner but I think I will make an appointment at the beginning of next week.

thanks for your replies


Don’t bother with the “I’m wasting her time” thoughts, it’s her JOB to see people who are worried, and that includes you!

In your position I’d be asking for an emergency appointment with whichever doctor is available to see you, and then I’d be stomping my feet demanding to have an appointment at the breast clinic, just so you can have your worries addressed and dealt with a lot more quickly than waiting until the end of July. Never mind whether it’s a male or female doctor, they’ve all seen and felt hundreds of breasts, and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about, they’ve seen it all.

Good luck getting a quick appointment, and keep posting on here for as long as you find it helpful to do so.

Thankyou chocciemuffin, I will phone the doctors tomorrow and see if I can get an appointment this week, i’ll let you know how I get on


Why not phone them today?