feeling really scared

Pleased to hear that Dawn do let us know how you get on
lots of love
Mekala x

dont know how your practice runs but in ours its the receptionists who have an iron hand on the appointments. They have a list each day of emergancy slots. If you rang up and simply said you are realy worried about the lumps in your breasts they would probably fit you in straight away. Ours release the afternoon ones at !.30 and the morning ones at 8.00

I can see that some people are more comfortable with women doctors, but personally i have found the men fantastic. They seem so worried about someone accusing them of not understanding because they dont have breasts that they bend over backwards to get it right. it might be quicker for you to see a GP if you could cope with a man

Hi I have an appointment at 3 today, it’s with a different doctor as the one I had seen isn’t in, I’m glad i’m going back as this morning I have been having a lot of pain in one breast, I think it’s probably an infection so it’s a good thing i’m going but I will ask if they can refer me sooner,it’s worth a try! thanks for all your advice, I will let you know how I get on.


hi the dr said it is an infection causing the pain, I’m on antibiotics to clear it but they now don’t want to do anything else until the infection is gone :frowning: feel like crying


dawn, dont cry, i had similar to you when i breast fed. my boobs were hot lumpy and painfull too , i had to have antibiotics, you have only just stopped breast feeding , the milk dosent just vanish, if the pain your having is because you have an infection then the antibiotics will clear this up for you, as for the lumps mine were blocked milk ducts, i had them again with a later pregnancy, it was nothing to worry about, take the antibiotics have some paracetamol too, if your breasts are still lumpy go back and chat with the doctor try not to worry xx

Hi Angie thanks for your reply, i’m feeling a bit better today, I know I have to get rid of this infection I just wish there wasn’t so much waiting involved, I hope that the lumps disappear with the antibiotics but they’re still there in the breast which isn’t infected so I suppose it’s unlikely, I did ask the gp what chance there is that they will go away before the end of July when she wants to see me and she said she’s not sure but she’s hoping that they will. She made it pretty clear that one of the reasons she isn’t worried is my age, is that a normal response? I am 24. I’m taking 500mg amoxicillin 3 times a day so hopefully that will kill the infection quickly! I’m just going to try not to think about any of this until the end of July because the drs don’t seem to want to address it before then so I think if I don’t push it to the back of my mind I’m going to go insane! I’m on the antibiotics for a week so when I finish those my son will have been fully weaned for 3 weeks so hopefully that will be enough time to get a better idea of what is going on. I will definately pop back and update when the antibiotics are finished and if I have any panic moments inbetween.

Thank you for all your advice

Dawn xx

hi 4 of 7 days of antibiotics down, the infection seems to have cleared and I have almost no pain now which is good, still lumpy though and just the same as they were before :frowning:

Angie - how long did it take for your blocked milk ducts to go?

Dawn x

hi dawn … i breast fed my first child for 6 weeks… but it really did not suit the baby , she was always hungry so i switched to the bottle… i had milk comeing out of my ears… lumps everywhere… i went to the doctors as i was in pain i also had antibiotics… in the end i was naughty and took epsom salts… that got rid of the milk and the lumpy boobs eventually went away, but its 32 yrs ago and it was the done thing to take epsom salts then… not sure it is now… take all of your antibiotics… if your still in pain you may need more, or even a different type…

thanks Angie i’ll let you know how I get on

Dawn x

hi the antibiotics are all finished, I now have no engorgement but still have lumps and pain but the pains not as bad as before. I’m not sure what to do - should I wait till the end of July as the gp asked, go back sooner or phone for advice?



hi dawn, make another appointment for asap, you might find that the course of antibiotics you have just finished, need topping up or changing to a stronger one, and stop panicking… xx

i agree with angiem. any medical condition whatsover, cancer or not, needs keeping on top of. Your health is so important, especailly with small children. As she says , it could be that you need more antibiotic, or a different one. Go and get it checked again. You will kick yourself if you do nothing and come down with a raging infection.

This must all be very distressing. The cancer worry is still there in the back of your mind and all this messing around and tooing and froing to the docs just ads more stress. Keep at it girl. They are your boobs and you deserve to get them pain and bump free

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hi thanks for your replies, I will call them this afternoon, we’ve had a busy morning and hubby is now in work so I’m hoping for an appointment for tomorrow so it doesn’t wait over the weekend, I don’t know if it’s normal but the pain and tenderness is above my breasts now aswell, that started this morning, anyway I will nag the doctor :slight_smile: hopefully if I nag enough they will get a move on!


hi spoke to a different doctor again, they said that pain is normal following mastitus and that I shouldn’t worry because im 24. And to go back in 10 - 14 days…so basically the end of July…where is the brick wall so I can bang my head against it!! :frowning:

no pain now but still lumpy, lumps seem to have gotten slightly bigger, can’t believe how relaxed the gp is about it, there’s clearly something not right. But I don’t see a point in going back sooner, I’ve tried going back in and just feel silly now, they seem so relaxed I suppose that should make me feel relaxed but I just want to know what’s going on.

why dont you ring the helpline tomorrow. They are all trained breast cancer specialists and might throw some insight into your bumps and wether its best to wait or to jump up and down to be refered earlier

If I was in your place I would do as oldanlumpy says ring the helpline, or go back and tell the doctor that you are really worried as you know of cases of IBC sometimes mistaken for infection and ask for an immediate referal. If it is only infection that is great but at least your mind will be at rest. If the pain is subsiding that is good.
My symptoms were similar but I am much older than you -I was lucky my doctor referred me immediately to a breast clinic.

Hi there,

Could I also suggest that you phone the helpline here and have a chat with one of the nurses. The helpline is open again in the morning at 9.00 am - 5.00 pm (M-F 9-5 & Sat 9-2) Calls are free, 0808 800 6000

Take care,
Jo, Facilitator

Hi Dawn I hope the helpline where helpful, I know its hard to get pushy where the doctors are concerned but its YOUR health NOT their you need to let him/her know your not happy waiting this long & that you feel they have got bigger they have a duty to put your mind at ease sometimes we have to stand our ground ‘Listen to our bodies’ is what we are told & yours is telling you something don’t feel right it most likely nothing but why cause yourself stress when a clinic visit will probably put your mind at ease & allow you to breathe again

good luck hun keep us posted
Mekala xxx