feeling really scared

Hi, I didn’t call the helpline in the end but it’s not long till the end of July now, I decided that the drs aren’t going to change thier schedule and that if I go back sooner I will end up in the same state I was after the other visits, it’s been 5 weeks since I weaned completely now and the lumps are still there so I am hoping they will pay more attention. Just trying to decide whether to go this week or next…the end of July is a very open statement :frowning: I just don’t want to be put off again.

Thanks for your ongoing support

Dawn x

i would go this week, looks like the end of july to me

I phoned the doctors but they didnt have any prebookable appointments so I have to call tomorrow.

Dawn x

hi i have another appointment for thursday at 10am so hopefully it will go well

Dawn x

i would sort out in your mind what you mean by “go well”

If you still have lumps but he says, oh no you are too young for cancer, lets leave it another month, will that have gone well because he is saying it is all alright, or will after a few days you be beside yourself with worry again.

Or if he says, I think this is probably not cancer but is cause for concern, will you be worried that something realy is wrong, but be relieved that it is being checked.

Whatever he says, if you still have lumps and are still concerned insist on getting it checked, and not just a mamogram, insist on being sent to a breast clinic where they can do all the tests and you can see a doctor who deals with breast everyday. Do not be fobbed off, insist that you want a referal.

90% of lumps are benighn, but you dont want to leave things any longer if you are one of the unfortunate 10%

Do you have someone you can take with you to the doctors. Someone who will help you fight your corner?

Hi I do want it checked properly, and I am hoping that I won’t have a fight on my hands, my husband is coming with me but he’s not very forceful.

you might want to ring the helpline before you go and check out your rights, they might give you some good buzz words to use so that he is aware you know what you are talking about without you having to be confrontational.

trouble with men is that it is there tendancy to hear good news and say–oh thats all right then, so he does need to know before you go in how much you want to go and have it checked.

hi dawn, how ya doin hun ? so you have an appt on thursday, well thats good , just show the doctor and then say, ive been driving myself nuts worrying about what mite be… and i want an appointment at the breast unit … and i want you to refer me NOW . i dont want to wait any longer, i myself am scared it may be something and i want answers, if this fails… go to your nearst breast unit at your local hospital and self refer… this you can do … in the mean time try to relax, i know its hard, but you have a young baby to care for , hope your ok xx

Hi Dawn … put your foot down love, tell your GP you want a referal even if he/she doesn’t think its needed, YOU know you want this over in a sense to know one way or the other, if you don’t get a referal you are just going to eat yourself with worry.

all the best of luck let us know how you get on
Mekala x

angiem-- I did not know you could self refer. how does that work? can you just walk in off the street and get an appointment?? Can you say its urgent and get seen in two weeks or do you have to wait longer?

at my breast unit yes you can self refer. they send you an appointment through the post,

How would I find out about self referral in my area? I live in somerset. I will phone the helpline later on today, and hopefully I won’t have a fight on my hands but if I do it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve had to fight for a result but it’s not normally for me!! I am feeling hopeful for tomorrow, I have done as I have been told now 3 times and waited till the end of July, I think they would be foolish to ignore this much longer. I know theres a chance they will try but I think if they do try to I will be in such a state emotionally that they will change thier minds anyway! fingers crossed!!

xx Dawn

turn up at the hospital … ask for the breast unit… tell them your dilema… im sure they will help you. angie

just about to get jack in the car ready to go to my appointment, fingers crossed they won’t put me off again. xx

All the best CD xx

All the best for today dawn xxx

Hey, back from the doctors, it went ok, she went through all the stuff about how my age and the fact I’ve breastfed means it’s unlikely that it would be cancer but she has referred me as a routine to the breast clinic and she said it should be end of august/beginning of september, so I am pleased that I will know one way or another, I would like to know why the lumps are there so hopefully they’ll be able to give me a reason. She did put on the referral form fybrodema or something like that, does anyone know what that means?

Thanks again for your ongoing support

Dawn xxx

yes thats a non cancerous lump. and she has not made it an urgent referal, otherwise you would be seen in two weeks. If they do get a cnacellation they may see you sooner. Another long wait for you—but at least it is moving forward now and you know you are in the system and someone will be giving you a propor exam

ah dawn … good news then eh ? if your doctor really thought it was anything to worry about they would of sent you as a matter of urgency, try not to worry 2 much, and please let us know how your doing xx angie

I am happy even to have a long wait knowing that I will get seen and will find out for certain if there’s a problem. I actually feel more relaxed now having a referral than I did when they were ignoring it. thank you for your support, I will let you know when I hear any more and to update.

Dawn x