Finding Fantasy Island

Get your compass ready, look up at the stars and come along to Fantasy Island. Fantasy Island is set in an Ionian blue sea, with softly fringed beaches, pine trees, rocky cliffs and hidden caves. There may be cannibals, there may be monsters and there are certainly goats.

I made landfall this morning and am looking around for some other shipwrecked souls. Is there anybody there? You’ll find me up the long beach, sitting under a palm tree wondering what to do next.

Hi Hipchick!

I’m over here, under the shade of a tamarisk tree! Got my factor 50+ in my bag and ready to go! I love the Greek Islands, nothing like the blue sky, sea and gorgeous bods to make you feel like life is still worth living!

Shall we wait for some others and then see what we fancy? I have a private jet so that I can fly between the woods and Fantasy Island…


P.S. I like the idea of a music festival, if there is one in the woods will you be able to pop over?

Already have my own TARDIS and can go anywhere, especially music festivals. I’ve had a look around and there’s an abandoned village up the hill. Looks like it fell down in an earthquake. Think I’ll see if I can salvage anything useful for my welcome party. A machete for chopping coconuts for pino colads would be good. Then it’s jsut finding the pineapples and rum.

Just put a few shrimps on the Barbie. Can’t stand that doll. Come on over, rafts, plane crashes, swim if you’ve the energy or luxury yacht, I don’t care. Welcome party this evening, Happy hour 7.00.

I’m just flying over your island in my private jet so I’ll just pop my chute on and float on down to you. I happen to have my pocket sized pimms machine with me so it can always be pimms o’clock. From up here I can see that the island has a ship wreck on the far side and it looks quite a bright fun boat…maybe some decks and music for the party?

Looking forward to the party!!

Sounds great, looking forward to a sundowner!

No I’m not there because I’m actually going somewhere better soon - Mawgan Porth in Cornwall. I have just booked two days B&B for my birthday, and we will take the dog to do some lovely walking along the coastal path (with a few pub stops along the way). Just can’t wait !.

Enjoy Lemongrove but maybe you’ll drop by on a pedalo later.

Hi Girls,
I have just been watching the fish swimming around the boat in the harbour while sipping my gin and tonic. Will wander around the market later and buy some melon to eat as the sun goes down. I fancy the music festival in the woods that sounds great.
Jane x

Just woken up after being bitten by the damned chemotsetse fly. Really fancy a swing in the hammock with a gorgeous…no, no, I mean really fancy a swing in a hammock sipping an icy cold marguerita and watching the sun set over the mysterious volcano, that’s just started to rumble gently, or is that my stomach rumbling gently? There’s no kitchen on this island as no-one’s managed to build one yet so it’s fresh snapper on an open fire for supper for me. In reality it’s leek and potato soup and salmon but in my dreams I’ll be on Fantasy Island. Enjoy happy hour everyone and pluck a freah mango for me.


I’m liking this happy hour thing. Can I suggest everyone learns how to change the time on their watches, phones and computers so it can always be 7.00!

Hipchick, we have had Pierce Brosnen hanging around the woods for weeks - ever since Mamma Mia was on the other week - and his singing is shocking! If you would like him to swing any hammocks, we can send him over. Can tell him to bring his mates if you like, anyone we should get him to ask?

Happy hour sounds good to me, we can flit between virtual hostelries!! x

(MG, d’ya think we could send Noel over? Poor sod could probably do with a hidey hole so his bruises can heal, and frankly we could do with the “i” word (“inspirational”) being banished from the woods for a while. Would the islanders notice? Perhaps they could lock him up in a cave that’s only accessible on the lowest tides?)

  • How about locking him in the cave with the highest tides?

Can we offer the services of Twisted Nipple to the music festival - we are totally cr*p but the pain in your ears takes your mind of BC for a bit. x

Excellent idea! We may need to explain that we have been using him as target practice. He might come in handy here if anyone has a bad day. They can throw coconuts at him…

Tinned ones

It seems to me that there are far too many Wooders who have escaped from the JM’s lock in!!

You should leave these good islanders in peace to swim and sunbathe WITHOUT NE or PB and I certainly think Twisted Nipple is a nightmare too far to inflict on this lovely paradise. Although…those pina coladas do look raaaather delish!!!


I’m here too and have my grass skirt on, I’ve always fancied Hawaii and doing the Hula Hula, now where’s the cocktails ?

Shh Wandy, I’ve got my hula skirt on and a couple of coconuts. No one had noticed!? x


I thought you were in a tent with PB??? Versatile lady!!